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Found 3 results

  1. MoDoy

    Olympiad Stream

    First of all, i dont need referral link, coz its not like i am going to hold them fequently or anything and they are not really aimed to bring people to the server rather than for people who are not near olympiad manager but still want to see some olympiad (they can farm while having stream on or when they cannot have the game opened at that time for w/e reason). i have scheduled SR and tyrant matches for this friday, first ~10 games should be SR, after that tyrant, maybe somewhere in between i might watch some other interesting matches and do some commentary about some mistakes or gameplay/maybe talk about some hard match ups / usage of talismans / positioning / find out some of my hacks i use in olympiad etc. (maybe if you have some questions about olympiad and would like to know someones opinion i might answer those). we will see how it will go and if it goes good, might do similar streams in the future. Stream should start around olympiad starting time.
  2. shinobisan

    Silver Ranger Questions

    Hi I am lvling up a SR and i was wondering what does this mean? It decreases my chance to do a critical? Also what is the best between thes 3 sets for SR in your opinion? +6 Plated Leather Doom light BW Heavy
  3. MoDoy

    Archer CP lf SR 62+/EE

    Archer CP (62-63 lvl) is recruting positions that we need.(either your character around 60+ or we can provide our char): Silver Ranger (62+ lvl)Multi-language cp, we can deal with ESP|RU|ENG So about prime time, it is: 18-00-24:00 (GMT +3) (u should be able to play whole prime every day) Voice communication (mandatory):TS3 You must be able to listen to commands properly. We are CP and we have the Leader. What can we offer you: CP in one of the server sides;sieges;castle;ch;help with equipment;funny and relax companyWhat we expect from you: ACTIVITYFor more information you can leave here your contact information: ingame nickname, skype, ts or pm/mail in game Asmov, Assiriy, Rizo