2.0 Change Log

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- Fixed Elmoreden's Lady and Angel amon not having celestial effect while guards are alive.

- Fixed problm creating error on clan lvling options when requirements to level up clan were not met.

- Fixed not being able to take Quest of saggitarius.

- Fixed blazing swamp teleport from aden castle taking players to wrong location.


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- Spears and polearms not attacking multiple targets.

- Rechecked all raid bosses drops list to make sure they should drop sealed runes lvl 1 and fixed for the ones not droping.

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- Fixed achievement system agathion - dancer & singer to not stack dances and songs with other dances and songs from itself instead of not stacking with dances and songs from BD/SWS

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- Fixed Improved Enchant Scrolls to be possible to trade/sell as normal enchant scrolls

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(after next restart)

- Fixed Clan Entry information.

- Fixed clan unity disappearing after death

- Fixed causing mages to deal less damage with the blessed spiritshot then they should.

- Fixed some times some physical AOEs consuming extra shots and not applying shot damage on all hits.

- Fixed not being able to set up a buy shop.

- Fixed PK scrolls A grade to be possible to use after lvl 76.

- Fixed Freezing Flame cast time.

- Fixed WIT Values changes to better meat official values.

- Fixed some runes which were having wrong effect or wrong values on the desired effect.

- Fishing system enabled and level 20 requirement added


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- Fishing system back on with the lvl 20 minimum required.

- Fixed Overwhelming power from hat buff disappearing after dead.

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- Fixed Clan body and Clan soul giving % values instead of Flat numbers as shown on skill description.

- Fixed problm causing characters that die under a movement impairing debuff not being able to move after ress.

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- Fixed Excruciating strike to work properly instead of working as debuff on targets.

- Fixed (removed) trigger skill from dagger mastery skill.

- Fixed Game of Cards quest for items not droping on the cemetery monsters.

- Fixed some problms on Adventurar and Ghost Hunter Sagas.

- Fixed A grade Soulshot Rec not being able to be registered on craft book.

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- Fixed the problm allowing players to collect rewards from achievement system even when full inventory making items go to the world of Narnia (disappear)





- Fixed Crazy mechanic golem HP/SP/XP/SP.



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- Fixed problm causing Aeore Runes to not show the "EXTRACT" option to be removed. (requires updater)

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- Fixed the problm causing some items like Divine inspiration books to show all in one single stack without displaying the amount and making it impossible to move separately.

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- Fixed Talisman Crystals to be able to trade/sold on private store.

- Fixed Freezing Flame cast/animation/hit synchronization. 

- Fixed Fist Mastery lvl 46/47/48 causing a speed decrease on the user it self.

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- Fixed Hide to break effect uppon using vicious stance or potions.

- Fixed pk scrols from CH sellers.

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- Fixed problm causing the clan unity icons to not appear. (requires client update)

- Fixed soul breaker skill not ignoring shield defense completely.


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- Fixed problm causing some times uppon fail of levling Insolence Talismans to lvl V it would give nothing in return.

- Fixed problm causing some aden CHs to not produce Talisman crystal.

- Fishing Stew: Vampiric rage effect changed to have same way of working as normal VR buff.

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- Fixed Baium Talisman and Talisman of insolence VI not displaying the glow effect on right hand when equipped.

- Fixed problm allowing fish to start while player is on private store mode.

- Fixed Not being able to teleport to cities while on siege.

- Fixed multiple problms with new auto soulshot bar.

- Fixed Sigel Runes to increase the max HP only instead of increasing and healing it.

- Fixed problm causing error uppon fail on lvling insolence talisman from I to II where it would give no item back.

- Fixed cost for Wind Walk clan skill.

- Fixed Cast time for skill Immortal Life.

- Fixed Aden castle teleport to forbidden gateway.

- Fixed Aden NPCs not generating Cloak of Darkness and Cloak of Light

- Rechecked and fixed (if needed) the following Raid Boses stats and EXP/SP rewards:

  • Sukar Ratman Chief

  • Greyclaw Kutus

  • Kuroboros' Priest

  • Langk Matriarch Rashkos

  • Chertuba of Great Soul

  • Execution Grounds Watchman Guillotine

  • Sejarr’s Servant

  • Soul Collector Acheron

  • Evil Spirit Tempest

  • Lizardmen Captain Hellion

  • Leader of Cat Gang

  • Leto Chief Talkin

  • Nakondas

  • Road Scavenger Leader

  • Shaman King Selu

  • Wizard of Storm Teruk

  • Retreat Spider Cletu

  • Earth Protector Panathen

  • Flamestone Golem

  • Thief Kelbar

  • Timak Orc Ranger Captain

  • Archon Susceptor

  • Beacon of Blue Sky

  • Evil Spirit Cyrion

  • Fafurion's Henchman Istary

  • Iron Giant Totem

  • Shacram

  • Tiger King Karuta

  • Timak Orc Gosmos

  • Barion

  • Necrosentinel Royal Guard

  • King Tarlk

  • Karte

  • Ketra's Commander Atis

  • Mirror of Oblivion

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- Fixed missing lvls for the skills that can be learned by fishing.

- Fixed Summon Mechanic Golem lvl 10 calling same golem of Summon Mechanic Golem lvl 9.

- Fixed Core Ring not giving mental attack rate.

- Fixed Target limitations for skill scrolls from golden treasure chest. (grey explosion, slasher etc)

- Fixed some skill missing on Eva's Saint learn list after on lvl 76.

- Fixed Great Fury skill attack speed % bonus.

- Fixed Queen Ant Ring giving root resist when it shouldnt.

- Fixed Fast Run not disappearing from pet when character unmount.

- Fixed damage not displaying on screen when attacking char with transfer pain (it will still not break up the damage to char and pet, it will just show the full damage you deal before it splits.)

- Fixed Golden Treasure Chest to be tradable.

- Fixed Enhanced Orfen Earring and Refined Orfen Earring to give different % of mental resists.

- Fixed Bow/crossbow weakness/resistance for monsters in silent Valley location.

- Fixed problm causing reactivation of beast shots every time a spell was casted on pet or finished from pet.

- Reviewed some skills with stun effect to ensure all chances were correct and fixed on the cases where it was not.

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- Fixed clan unity buff and buffs from dance scrolls being overbuffed.

- Fixed Golden Egg not being able to be used or not being consumed while using it.

- Fixed being able to fish while on mount.

- Fixed Elmoreden's Lady sometimes not droping Energy or Insolence.

- Fixed An Arrogant Search quest to give 5 items instead of one when selecting the 1000 mobs path.

- Fixed Shot consumption of mechanic golem lvl 78

- Fixed Reward from Whisper of Dreams quest part 1 and 2.

- Fixed Fish Stew of normal buffs to display on normal buff bar instead of special buff bar.

- Fixed Color Title item not letting player choose the color.

- Fixed Break Duress to remove immobilize effects of paralyze type like anchor.


- Normal Experience penalties added to characters when dying during sieges on siege ground.


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