2.0 Change Log

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- Couple of changes made to baium instance.

  • Fixed Baium go back to sleep action not reseting instance timer. Now every time it goes back to stone mode, the next person coming in to wake him up will have again the normal 2 hours to do it.
  • Fixed Baium go back to sleep action not reseting Baium's HP. Now every time it goes back to stone mode, his hp resets.

to sum up. when Baium goes to stone mode it fully resets the 2 hour fight.

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- Fixed problm causing skill Immortal Life to not work properly on Olympiad. Now it should prevent match loss if fatal damage is taken while buff is on. (please let us know if the problm still occur in some situation) 

- Fixed Olympiad weakly points not being given to characters electable on the same time of matches reset but on fridays instead. From now on the 10 weakly points should be added on the same day that matches reset. (meaning 1st day of the month and every week after that on same day)

- Added new NoShopZone near aden GK and rest of npcs.

should be something like this:


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- Fixed Talismans of guard and benefaction being removed by cancel skill.

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- Fixed Lightning Strike cast sequence. Before fix the paralyzing lightning was being cast and begin of animation (wrong), now paralyzing lightning is being cast at end of animation (correct)

- Fixed Chain Strike "mini bash" effect. Before fix chain strike was leaving a mini 1 sec debuff on target not allowing target to make any actions during this time, now this does not happen and chain strike is just a pull.

- Fixed pet soulshot/spiritshot being tradable.

- Fixed celestial shard being tradable.

- Fixed soulshot behavior when switching weapon with shots turned off, now it will not activate shots when putting new weapon if you had shots off with previous weapon.

- Fixed Deadly strike debuff going through guard talisman and heroic berserk.

- Fixed Ring of Core not removing deadly strike debuff effect.

- Fixed Aggression and aggression aura skills "consuming" guard talisman resist charges.

- Fixed Death sting skill damage.

- Fixed Over enchanter D and C grade weapons not giving correct p attack/ m attack bonus to the character when comparing weapons with same status. (FE: D grade weapon OEd with same p attack as B grade weapon, but character getting more p attack from b grade weapon.)

- Remove sleep animation from offline shops.

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- Fixed the problm on chain strike skill causing skill to be casted slower then intended after latest fixes.

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- Fixed sealed runes level 1 not being able to put on cwh

- Fixed item drop from player when they die to a raid boss or epic boss. From now on players should not drop if the death is caused by a RAID BOSS or EPIC BOSS. 

- Fixed issue causing a problm where sometimes when changing weapons the pets stop using shots.


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- Fixed Chain Strike effect working on target with immunity skills such as heroic berserk, guard talismans, infinite power - protection, etc

- Fixed Guard talisman effect not applying to servitors when the owner uses it, now the effect will apply both to summoner and to the servitor.

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- Fixed latest problms found on guard talisman with damaging debuffs not dealing damage while guard effect on.

- Fixed refined core ring skill not being able to use to clean lightning strike and anchor.

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- Fixed Skill from hero fists removing heroic berserk debuff resistance effect

- Fixed guard talisman latest issues where talisman was counting both debuff resisted by user and by target.

- Fixed Refined Core Ring skill to remove all debuffs from user instead of one debuff only. (cubic stun and doom not included)

- Fixed problm on Refined Core Ring making possible for second stage of anchor to still activate even if you clean the first stage.

- Fixed Block chance problm against dagger skills such as back stab, deadly blow, mortal blow and lethal blow.

- Fixed Scroll of castle blessing to have a 20 minute reuse instead of no reuse.

- Fixed tyrant skill raging force lvl 2 (on lvl 77 char) not charging forces till the lvl they should.



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