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Items drop rates. How does it work

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Dear friends!

We are seeing a lot of posts/reports, that there is something wrong with drop rates, for example:

I killed 500 mobs, which should drop book X with 1% chance, but got none, and I had to get around 5 already.

So in this thread I want to talk to you about drop rates of the mobs and how does it work.

Every mob in game has a drop list with an exact % for each item. It is static, not dynamic. And it is not being randomly changed out of the blue.

As an example, let's take a mob, which should drop a book X with 1% chance.

This 1% chance means, that every time you are killing this mob, there is 1% possibility, that after it's dead, you will see the book X on the floor. And 99% possibility that you won't. Not more, nor less.

System doesn't count the number of mobs you killed, it works for each mob separately. 
So any conclusions like "kill 100 mobs, get a book", are wrong. 

By killing 100 mobs you are getting 100 separate 1% chances to drop it, and 99% to not drop it. 

After killing 1 mob with 1% of success, and not getting it, next mob will still have 1 out of 100 chance, and so on.


Best regards

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