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Blood Fiend

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Name: Blood Fiend
Level: 21-26
Type: One-Time
Start NPC: Creamees
Start Location: Elven Village
Class: Any
Race: Any
Tips: Adena x2 good starter boost (solo quest)
Reward: 24000 ttoD99x.jpg

1. Quest starts at Elven Village Grocery Shop. Talk to grocer Creamees to get the quest.


2. Go to Elven Fortress, find quest monster Kirunak and retrieve Kirunak's Skull. You can use gatekeeper to travel directly to Elven Fortress. To do the quest faster, avoid fighting any of the non-agro mobs. You can see the quickest path in the video.

NOTE: Other than agro mobs you will have to kill, at the location you will find x2 quest monsters Kirunak, and x2 Kirunak's Escort, if you have, use crowd control and stock up on potions and shots before you venture, especially if you plan on doing the the quest on 21st lvl.   



3. Return to grocer Creamees with the Kirunak's Skull, and recieve 24000 adena.


This quest is recommended for first time players. It's easy and fast to do solo and provides a small adena boost for start.

Video link:


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24k adena. Worth!

Seriously, those quest are only for first day server live, otherwise better go to top hunting zones and pickup adena after ppl :P 

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