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  1. Alpina

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

    @Kse @Koll can i trade apigas yet somewhere? I forget event end. The NPC always stayed longer.
  2. Alpina

    Never stop exploring!

    and my question is why would u waste time and resources on live server if u can go test server where u can teleport with simple clicks and turbo speed running. tho gz on 1, 3, 5 screens i dont remember those locations or they re past gracia where i lastly played
  3. Alpina

    Rune disappearing from weapon

    in any case of missing rune u just make restart. if u send by mail or withdraw from wh
  4. Alpina

    Waiting for the moderator confirmation

    ofc, nobody find if is not searching
  5. Alpina

    Waiting for the moderator confirmation

    read rules, 72h
  6. Alpina

    when u think it's boring to play support

    coz it is. BD is not support, its top DD
  7. Alpina

    horror, lightningstrike, fear skills

    dont worry, those who plays those chars to use OP skills are pussies dont be pussy, play other char
  8. Alpina

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    copy formula of Tali to Circlet and fix again Tali ;-; profit
  9. Alpina

    Bracelet of Duty

    u fixed bracelet of duty, deleted report thread before, good move. the question is if u checked if anybody were actually exploiting it? Gotta say easy adena for so long time.
  10. Alpina

    Dagger video

    so far i learned about daggers u are supposed to do blow, step, blow not just braindead spam skills after shadow step. u know exacly that l2 client has shty communication with server, u need fix ur position every time. or its same feature as blessed soulshot lag for mages. prolly all other test did same like video above.
  11. Alpina

    Missed me?

    U just confirmed what i wrote
  12. Alpina

    Dagger video

    can somebody tell me whats behind this magic quote of daggers: "shty landrate" using in every single dagger topic? in short, what is supposed to be landrate of 4k-8k dmg (values taken just from this video)? Like 90%? So each blow deals 4k dmg every 2sec cooldown. Dagger is supposed to miss skills, bcoz it deal highest dmg right, or no?
  13. Alpina

    Missed me?

    that guy is reincarnation of soil, everybody laugh at him, piss at him and he just takes this as a good praise lawl
  14. id been always saying, if u want play dagger, go play official. Theres no simple private server where dagger works as supposed, its unfixable character, too many mechanics that comes from somewhere not obvious as other classes :v