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Vanquish Remnants

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Name: Vanquish Remnants
Level: 21-30
Type: Repeatable
Start NPC: Leopold
Start Location: Village of Gludin / Gludio Territory
Class: Any
Race: Any
Tips: Adena x10 reward very high (solo quest)
Reward: Red Cross Badge GKVJZ7d.jpg 100 adenattoD99x.jpg each
               Blue Cross Badge Pm8H90I.jpg 100 adenattoD99x.jpg each
               Black Cross Badge wHChPiH.jpg 120 adenattoD99x.jpg each

NOTE: NPC will inform you that you need to collect 100 badges to activate the quest Hunt of the Black Lion, but it is not required on this server.

1. Quest starts in Gludin Village close to the grocery shop with NPC Leopold. 




2. Quest will take you to Abandoned Camp to hunt following mobs:

For Red Cross Badge GKVJZ7d.jpg hunt Ol Mahum Guard, Ol Mahum Patrol and Ol Mahum Recruit








For Blue Cross Badge Pm8H90I.jpg hunt Ol Mahum Straggler, Ol Mahum Officer, Ol Mahum Supplier, Ol Mahum Shooter









For Black Cross Badge wHChPiH.jpg hunt Ol Mahum General, Ol Mahum Commander



3. All collected badges you can return to Leopold in Gludin and he will reward you with adena and will ask you if you would like to continue or end this quest.



This is one of the best adena quests for lvl 21-30. Abandoned camp is not the only hunting location for this. There is an area close to south entrance to the Wasteland in Gludio/Gludin territory called Ol Mahum Checkpoint where you can hunt Ol Mahum Officer and Ol Mahum Shooter. This location is best for leveling spoilers 21-30 lvl and in combination with the quest Sense for Business.



NOTE: There are more Ol Mahum types. Some of them are a part of a quest Hunt of the Black Lion (Ol Mahum Sergeant, Ol Mahum Commander), but there are a couple more that shouldn't be a part of the quest Vanquish Remnants like Ol Mahum Novice, Ol Mahum Support Troop and maybe more. If anyone is interested testing if these mobs give Marks as quest items, please post in reply and I will update the quest and personally reward you with some COL.

Video link:


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100 adena from 1 mob seems to be not very high. I think better to focus on more profitable quests. And L2 is not about quests but grinding mobsxD

Any way you did a good job creating this guide 

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100 adena from mob not profitable, when usual drop is 300 adena from mob (not from each, btw)? You must be kidding. Ofc, it's easier to take a bow, find random party, kill RB and sell a rune - so you farm faster and more. But for those, who lvl-up in a classical way - its a good profit.

P.S. you don't have to bring 100 badges to activate a quest "Hunt of the Black Lion" at the Mercenary Sophia in Dion on lvl 25

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I am talking about 20th level characters and it is not only 100 adena it is 70% chance of drop 300-400 adena + 70% drop of the quest item that will reward you additional 100-120 adena. I agree on the raid bosses thing, but you have to have additional people to be able to do it and that money guide does not belong in quests.

Anyway thanks for the tips, I will fix the 100 badges thing at once. 

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