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  1. NWD

    Crush of Doom

    i want immortal life on pr
  2. NWD

    Event: Summer Feast

    will be a referendum with next president elections
  3. NWD

    Event: Summer Feast

    since the cloth piece was removed - can the drop rate be increased or total amount of items required for box reduced? 200 items for 1 box seems shitty
  4. NWD

    Gludio Siege

    bring back real hip hop
  5. NWD

    klanas lietuviams

  6. NWD


    If i would need to bet 300 dollars, I would bet the patch is not going live in next 3 months
  7. NWD


  8. now reward is 10 col? its a value of 1 euro, so better is nothing than that. If decent full guides would be made it would attract more people to server as they google for stuff and find it in this forum so it would be win-win. IMHO for a really good topic guide maker should be awarded something like 300 col + cloak/hair accesory. And those who add more details to the guide to make it complete should get 10-100 col.
  9. NWD

    WTT orfen WTB aq

    WTT orfen to aq2 or offer other deal
  10. You must decide what char you want to play and no one else can tell you that. Hardcore solo fast newbie guide who want to get lvl fast and do not depend on others (but cost some euros): create 3 chars. Main + Buffer + secondary support (se,ee or bd depends on main). LVL up to 20, make 1st prof For example PP+BD+PR Buy 2 premium accounts Buy 2 top D bows from shop + akat LVL up all chars on raid bosses to lvl 60 (PP,BD can be lvled up to 58 to be decent buffers) easy with same speed as 1 char, and then you can decide what you want to do next.
  11. NWD

    New server one day

    ketrawars is waiting for you
  12. NWD

    may 3 pvp prsha)

  13. NWD

    New server one day

    why need a new one while this one is active?
  14. NWD

    may 3 pvp prsha)

    man you really speak about game addiction in lineage forum? :D
  15. btw you can reroll to any of these classes for 20 euro