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  1. NWD

    Healer or dancer?

    as a first char in server you should go for dancer, will be hard to find parties with healer
  2. NWD

    WTS CLAN 6lv

    Price 2kkk
  3. NWD

    WTS CLAN 6lv

    6 is the same as 5, just different number. I just tried to click on level up clan and got -7500 rep pts and extra lvl
  4. NWD

    WTS CLAN 6lv

    why not
  5. NWD

    WTS CLAN 6lv

    WTS 6lv clan with over 120 000 rep pts worth of skills
  6. for some its a game, for some is more than game, and for some - even prison
  7. imho cross out "not making party mathing rooms yourself" because -It is just basic gameplay, uless you invite ppl with +6546 weapons and high buffers for mob farming. -95% of rooms you will find will be "rb xx" -will make stream more enjoyable when you will farm with newbie randoms
  8. C1 start.... farm 3 days on talking island, reach lvl 20~, use ship to go to gludin -> take wolf quest -> waste all farmed adena on teleports to make quest, -> choose wrong answers in quest dialog - > drop items on gludin squire - > delete l2, thats how i got introduced to game 15? years ago...... it still hurts. Sweetest thing - > PR critical hit sound when hitting some lame ass karmian mage. (C6)
  9. NWD

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    event item drop chance is like in helloween event? Lower level mobs has lower chance to drop?
  10. NWD

    klanas lietuviams

    up. kam reik invite - jungiamės į discordą
  11. Jei nesi pvp servų fanas tai turbūt geriausias servas iš visų private, jau nekalbant apie global su visom nesamonėm. Tarp kitko lošia labai nemažai lietuvių. Jeigu yra noras pasijungt į LT klaniuką su gerais clan skillais tai yra tema lithuanian section'e.