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  1. NWD

    Class for a starter

    You cant really go wrong with DA/ES - they are generally strong classes, both can solo/aoe/rb. Dualboxing always makes less dependent from others. For both of these probably prohpet is best choice.
  2. NWD

    Players cams in Raid Boss spots

    cameras are only basic level, look at this beeek who take all 70lv raids and use bot to alert them when rb spawn
  3. NWD

    the best wc or pp ?

    Ok ok when it gets CC It can be tolerated even if it is human.
  4. NWD

    the best wc or pp ?

    WC has cov, has gate and most importantly is ORC
  5. NWD

    the best wc or pp ?

    tyrant + wc
  6. NWD

    Wtb aq 1 2 3 g. Pata +16

    I thank you very much for your kind tips, but a guy bought aq3 for 1,4kk recently. Theres also a guy selling for 1,5kk. IF you got a buyers who wanna buy for 1,7kk please share the nick, I would love to make extra 200kk in one minute
  7. NWD

    Wtb aq 1 2 3 g. Pata +16

    Wtb aq all levels 350 per ring
  8. NWD

    Give restart a longer notice

    *Zaken update has just been postponed for 2 more month*
  9. you can do that whenerver eating sleeping or taking a piss
  10. 10 000 mobs x1s = 2.8 hours of hitting, ~4-5 hours of farm. I rather pay that 5kk :))
  11. why ppl talking about how expensive are shots on 2.0? I taught such topics closed with 1.3 update
  12. NWD


    Zaken october 24, Antharas @ february, ez
  13. NWD


    just chill and enjoy summer and see what the autumn bringzzz
  14. NWD

    WTT Core 1 to Orfen 1