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  1. NWD


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  3. NWD

    Event: Cursed Monastery

    still better than event that give 2k bress or 100 EWA and cause imbalance to the game
  4. NWD


    Hi, not sure if its reported or no. When using PK scroll on cooldown it display funny remaining time Also cannot exit provisional CH - lauren hall. After pressing exit the blank window opens.
  5. NWD

    Problem with questing

    In addition to that only the one who last hit get the quest item. It makes very hard to make quest with support classes.
  6. NWD

    Baium PvP

    congratz in breaking this retarded ally and gz for baium win
  7. NWD


    as I said soon HDM will drop their gear and wont go there nice carpet. BTW I really overreacted when i went there and see no one farming when it was always full before fix. Later I went for myself and its completely doable even solo
  8. NWD


    dagger+bd+wc soloing on party mobs? maybe not in this server
  9. NWD


    thoso solo mobs is waste of time, only good to make the quest. HdM will soon stop farm there when they will drop some gear
  10. NWD


    At this time was ton of chineese farming there. Lets wait and see if anything changes in a week. I am sure its farmable in some smart party setups and few classes can solo there with box buffers, but the question is if its worth to do it.
  11. NWD


    One fact is for sure - DI "the new zone" is now empty. Very nice fix
  12. NWD

    Help me to choose

    donate 2 euros, buy mid C, izi xp
  13. NWD

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    WTS unsealed mj ring +0 300kk
  14. NWD

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    cloth piece normal price in zaken update 40kk max, gogogo
  15. NWD

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    idk if that fast midnight nightmare respawn is right, but it is still better than like before when cloth piece cost makes A grade sets useless (except mj) unless it is +6. However Hekaton cloth piece chance is a bit funny compared then.