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[Class Transfer] Trial of the Seeker

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Name: Trial of the Seeker
Level: 35+
Type: Solo, One Time, Class Transfer
Start NPC: Master Dufner
Start Location: Town of Giran / Giran Territory
Class: Rogue, Elven Scout, Assassin
Race: Rogue [Human], Elven Scout [Elf], Assassin [Dark Elf]
Tips: SoE, Potions, and Adena for teleports. Here you will want to use any Special Town Scrolls of Escape to shorten the time and save adena
Reward: Mark of Seeker u6JcIxO.jpg

1. Quest starts at Warrior's Guild in Giran with NPC Master Dufner

2. Master Dufner will send you to help Master Terry in Dion Warrior's Guild.

3. Master Terry Will ask you to kill Neer Ghoul Berserker in Dion Execution Grounds

4. Once you obtain Mysterious Spirit Ore IYX0FBb.jpg return to Master Terry in Dion Warrior's Guild.

5. Terry will ask you to kill 4 different mobs to investigate strange mutations. Ol Mahum Captain, Turek Orc Warlord, Ant Captain and Turak Bugbear Warrior
Ol Mahum Captain - Fortress of Resistance
Turek Orc Prefect - Orc Barracks
Ant Captain - Ant's Nest
Turak Bugbear Warrior - Gorgon Flower Garden




6. When you have all 4 quest items, return to Master Terry in Dion.

7. Master Terry will send you to Hunter's Village to visit Weapon Merchant Viktor at Weapon's and Armor Shop
He will ask you the name of the Hawkeye that sent you, the answer is Altebar Kerrios.
After this he will tells you his services are not free, you tell him you have the money to pay him. He will mock you and ask a favour.

8. Wepon Merchant Viktor will send you to kill Medusa, and collect 10 Medusa scales YAYxg7c.jpg.

9. Return to Weapon Merchant Viktor, and he will send you to visit Magister Marina in Ivory Tower.

10. You will find Marina on the 2nd floor of Ivory Tower in Human Mystic Guild

11. Magister Marina will ask you to deliver a letter and pick up an item from Blacksmith Brunon.

12. Return to Magister Marina in Ivory tower. She will send you back to Master Terry in Dion Warrior's Guild.

13. Return to Master Terry and he will give you your next task.

14. Master Terry will ask you to retrieve Dark Bezoars from these monsters:
Ant Warrior Captain - Ant's Nest
Marsh Stakato Drone - Cruma Marshlands
Leto Lizardman Warrior - Plains of the Lizardman
Breka Orc Overlord - Breka Orc Stronghold




15. Return to Master Terry in Dion, and he will give you Terry's Report.

16. To finish the quest take Terry's Report to Master Dufner in Giran Warrior's Guild and he will reward you with Mark of Seeker u6JcIxO.jpg




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