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Ingame chats rules

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In common game chats (all / !shout / +trade /  %Hero) is forbidden:
1. Disrespectful speech or defamation to the address of the project administration or the project itself.
2. Appeals to racism, incitement of ethnic hatred, sexism.
3. Commercial advertising, advertising of other projects, referral links.
4. Offensive statements about other users, all kinds of provocation.
5. Publication of any information about other users, including names, etc. without their permission.
6. Discussion of "bugs", "bots","hacks" including situations bearing the same meaning.
7. Calls to leave the server or messages, informing other people of you leaving the server.

In ALL game chats is forbidden:
1. Pretending to be administrator of the project/GM (game master).

2. Real Money Trade offers
3. Commercial advertising, advertising of other projects, referral links.

Administration does not satisfy any claims about rules violation in private chat – you may always stop unwanted communication using /block [nick] command. Exception - Commercial advertising, advertising of other projects.

Violation is punishable by a long-term chat ban/account ban/HWID ban.

Violation in Hero shout will be punished harder than in any other chats.

Rules of communication in group specific chats (#party, @clan, $alliance) are established by the leader of party, clan or alliance respectively.


Party Matching  has to be used for party matching only.

Trade messages and messages not related to party matching are forbidden and will be punished with character ban. 


* You are automatically agreeing with the Rules during the registration of your game account

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