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Dear friends!
We stand on the threshold of a Great event. With increasing forum activity due to start of advertising campaign our team will need Forum Moderators.

Main requirements:
1) Forums moderating experience (preferably).
2) Good English.
3) Ability to maintain objectivity and impartiality.
4) Daily online on forums.
5) Iron nerves and patience.
6) If you wish to participate as a moderator in one of Foreign language sections, good it's language knowledge.

The application must be made in the following form as a reply on this post:
1) Age.
2) Languages knowledge.
3) What time window you have available for moderating?
4) Your experience (If you have any).
5) Why you want to become a moderator?
6) Which ways of communications do you have (Skype/Discord)?
7) Additional information you would like to share.

We will contact selected applicants through private messages.

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