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Returning player - performance issues/advice

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Hi all,

Returning to the server that L2 classic started for me, after EU fail-botting-crap.

4 years and the server is up and running like a boss. The only L2 server left out there for me.

Anyway, I'm going to play casually but I face the following issues and could use some advice please:


1) The long everlasting brightness issue with L2. I got my screen and GFX setting set to a bit dark/lower brightness which I love. When running L2 my screen is ruined to ultra bright and only L2 is normally playable which I hate and makes me not wanna log. What can I do about that? Tried messing with .ini file but with no success, because yes it is changing in-game's brightness etc but not the ULTRA brightness that the rest of my desktop goes to.  To fix this I have to restart my PC and not log in L2 again :D Sad thing is that while playing in the EU-crap-server-offi I did not face this issue.

EDIT: This issue is fixed upon while playing on Full-screen mode, which is a no-no for me :(:(

2) Got a brand new comp a few months ago, and it really surprises me that the game becomes choppy when in Giran harbor. I can't turn anti-aliasing on because it get even worse. I know that L2 is crap when it comes to how it was built, but any ideas here? (Same here: EU-crap-server-offi runs smoother for some damn reason :( )

Being in harbor everything is smooth as long as my camera does not face those 1mil shops. Please haaalp !

PC Specs:
ASRock fatal1ty B450k or sth like that ;d

Gigabyte Geforce 1660 Ti

Ryzen 5 3600 

16GB ram

Intel 512GB M2 SSD


Last note, I really do not like the offline shops - makes the searching and market kinda hard and dead.

Would be nice if there was a poll for this.


Could use some help guys!

Thank you in advance for the advice.


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Use alt tab to fix brightness. 

Nothing to do about shops, i am sure its the same on every server, when you turning camera on big amount of people. 

La2 uses 1/1.5 cpu cores even if you have 16 of them, old engine. 

Nothing hard. Use shop search option in alt+c.

Welcome and good luck

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