NoMercy Clan Recruitment

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NoMercy | International | 18+ | COMPETITIVE | HARDCORE | ACTIVE | PVX | 
Community Leader: Hannibal Igor#6660 ||| Xanaks#3276 
Size: Small - Medium - Large 
Time-zone: World-Wide (Primarily European CET)

[Why NoMercy?]

• Experienced Leadership in handling large scale PvE and PvP content.
• Organized PvP with years of experience in Sieging, Zerg Busting and controlling end-game Raids.
• Competitive Raiding: Organized and scheduled raiding.
• Applications: Keeping track of in-game economy, Reward system for attendance and activity at Clan events.
• Economics: Organized logistics for crafting & internal trade prioritization.
• Defined Roles: Member, Officer, PvP leaders.
• Active Roster: Daily Gaming Sessions to build cohesion, train new players, develop strategies with experienced players

[What We’re looking for]

•Meta/Min-Max players Players who strive to be the top of their class.
•Players interested in participating in small and large scale PVP.
•Players who have stable amounts of play time or players who are able to efficiently manage their playtime.
•Players who are able to handle constructive criticism and prioritize the guild. 
•Players who are interested in doing mercenary type work.
•Crafters, Streamers, Experienced MMO players and Versatile players who are willing to fill roles within pre-made groups.

[About Us]

The NoMercy is a Skelth EU Official Server 7+ year old MATURE (we do not tolerate inmature conflicts or excess emotions) international gaming community of experienced MMO players with a focus on Player vs Player content. We are a highly organized and competitive community who have played and dominated on multiple Lineage II servers and have played almost every MMO there is. If you are looking to join a guild who puts its community first while maintaining a strong end game PvX focus, open recruitment is going.


English language (any level) - welcome.


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