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  1. Ну как говорят, до 75 людей нет, мол потом уже какая-то игра начинается ) Но что-то я и там особо никого не вижу ))
  2. Когда-то давно играли SeekersOfLight, вроде так наазывались, хз как они там сейчас. На рб как-то видел персонажа Pulsatilla с титулом на русском про набор в клан, попробуй ему пмнуть ) Но вообще ты не тот сервак выбрал для старта) Тут даже вопрос надо задавать не про русскоязычный клан, а про вообще живой )
  3. https://dev.l2classic.club/account/reg/4646-1763
  4. Thanks for this great update. I know it's really hard work and your updates plan looks nice! But seems like new year update will come when there is no ppl ) coz this is 5 mins before 60 rbs and 70 rbs, looks like now here plays about 100 ppl ( maybe I dont know something and someone can share screens from hb with huge online )
  5. Sometimes I meet lonely players and this is a reason to open champagne )
  6. Hah, that's funny, i didn't know it )
  7. What has changed in general?) I still get n times more experience on rb than in loa. On rb in 15 minutes + -100kk, in loa it takes about 2 hours
  8. Hello. Official database this server is https://l2db.club/ Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot (A-grade) Recipe: Soulshot (A-grade)
  9. Why not Sylph if we should progress ? A lot of ppl afraid hard exp maybe should make auto exp ?
  10. Апчик вам, если еще живы-здоровы )
  11. The hardest exp among all summoner classes is until 70 lvl (or until 50 lvl because u can exp on daily rb and in this case it's equal to other summoners). After 70 it's the same as other summoners in exp. It is interesting in solo pvp/oly. Ban bot in mass pvp. If you are going to play casual style and don't want to own all server, phantom summoner is very good class!
  12. Билет вроде дается за квест на лунный сет