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  1. Hi all! I hope this topic will be useful. Is there a chance that Bracelet lvling system would be reconsidered again ? - Natural limit for 28 coins per day max. Points: - It is good for casual players but there is no extra reward for players aiming to high end game. - Good level players are struggling to play and join server to bring new fresh big war game. They feel the unnecessary barrier to farm knowing they are in disadvantage. - You did well for start players. Which is good for casual players and useless for more advanced. Low level bracelet limitations: - Ability to farm better in PvE( no extra p/m atk.). - Olympiad - a person with ability to hold more talismans win. - High-end pvp ( evasion talisman, baium, FI talisman, olympaid talietc.) P.S. You added extra bracelet in game which gives nice boosters but might not be worn due to slot limitations. As 4% from White talisman is essential. Solutions: Either of those. - Additional quest which just gives Daily Coins as a reward - New bracelets embedded in client which can be bought for L-coins. -Mobs with Daily Coins rare chance drop (like you changed for Proof of Blood) I guess this should be also considered in anticipation of the update where "Meta" is changed and new popular classes might appear again. Thank you.
  2. Awesome farm... long memories
  3. Hi all, international clan recruiting active const parties and solo players 76+. We provide: - Epic competition - Raids - Fun/PvP/Sieges - Farm and Chill - Olympiad - TeamSpeak3 Pm on forum or Discord Xanaks#2875, BaKfutt#0686, Kerosene#0507.
  4. This event is mostly for a fancy Mount, all drops are not really worth it. I suggest to improve the drop from the event to make it more valuable for top CPs. Transforms, exp boosters, Bres, etc. Something that a top party will be willing to buy the vent items for. So lowbies/solo players can benefit from selling while tops will do it for better pvp/olympiad/farm experience. Just an opinion. Thank you.
  5. Xanaks

    NoMercy CP

    Hi all, A group of people with prime time: 21.00 GMT+3 +++ are looking for: Tank - any level, we provide help with some agreements EE/SE - any level, we provide help with some agreements DD - any level, we provide help with some agreements PM Discord Xanaks#2875, in game - Paracetomol Russian or English speakers - welcome.