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  1. maybe even 15k online, during the events!
  2. Christmas time recruitment!
  3. Про онлайн: Все впорядке, это самый топовый онлайн классик сервера. Про кланы: Кланы живые, даже СНГ кланов несколько штук. Про игру: Нравится Классик, умей заводить окна и фармить в долгую. Тут все скупают как уже сказали выше - показатель здорового сервера. А вообще для думабщих людей, тебе даже на русском форуме Евро сервера отвечают люди моментально, попробуй напиши на оффициальных серверах на форуме и получи ответ Ответ по теме - Тир/ПП для старта игры, Спойл/ШЕ - для хрюканья.
  4. Amazing update, very good impression and balances! Thanks to a great team. @San0 @Koll @Kse
  5. Have a few more slots now!
  6. I do not want to go into a lot of details about historical evidence of the successful server collapses but in case you are interested - the only way for any server to survive is updating and adding fast tracks for the newbie players. The fast track for newbies is done. Now mid-high end players need new content to digest. It is a natural cycle and if broken will cause very predictable results.
  7. I suggest to admins in order to stay competitive in the MMO market to start thinking of the Update ideas. New World and recent changes to Essence servers are impacting the server online. We need a fresh patch. I fully understand that it will require additional funding, hence I suggest some crowdfunding in order to implement additional changes of a high quality.
  9. Hi all! I hope this topic will be useful. Is there a chance that Bracelet lvling system would be reconsidered again ? - Natural limit for 28 coins per day max. Points: - It is good for casual players but there is no extra reward for players aiming to high end game. - Good level players are struggling to play and join server to bring new fresh big war game. They feel the unnecessary barrier to farm knowing they are in disadvantage. - You did well for start players. Which is good for casual players and useless for more advanced. Low level bracelet limitations: - Ability to farm better in PvE( no extra p/m atk.). - Olympiad - a person with ability to hold more talismans win. - High-end pvp ( evasion talisman, baium, FI talisman, olympaid talietc.) P.S. You added extra bracelet in game which gives nice boosters but might not be worn due to slot limitations. As 4% from White talisman is essential. Solutions: Either of those. - Additional quest which just gives Daily Coins as a reward - New bracelets embedded in client which can be bought for L-coins. -Mobs with Daily Coins rare chance drop (like you changed for Proof of Blood) I guess this should be also considered in anticipation of the update where "Meta" is changed and new popular classes might appear again. Thank you.