Game chats Moderators Recruitment

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Dear players!

We are recruiting game chat moderators to monitor the game chats and keep them clean.
If you are a responsible person and you have enough free time and desire, then join our friendly team!


- Responsibility
- Big online time
- Knowledge of the rules of our project, which you can find by clicking on the link Ingame chats rules
- Discord (constant presence on Discord when you're in the game)

Application Form:

1) What is your nickname on the server.
2) Clan
3) How much time are you willing to give to moderating?
4) At what time of the day you can moderate chats?
5) Do you have moderator experience? If so, which?
6) Your Discord name (i.e. Kse#0347).

Application has to be sent via PM to Kse!

For diligence and effort active ingame moderators will get paid with ingame donation currency.



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