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  1. 1. can we search for players in the group search?

    • yes
    • no

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Party Matching  has to be used for party matching only.

Trade messages are forbidden and will be punished with character ban. 



I propose to introduce an amendment so that in Party Matching you can search for players to join the clan. the "clan search" function is of little use,

a large number of clans are dead.

and the top clans will not recruit unknown people without an interview. Thus, new players will be able to look at Party Matching, find people and immediately discuss their opportunities and prospects with them.

why not a forum? why not discord?

I believe that a large number of players, especially new ones, pass by the forum and discord, go straight into the game to evaluate rates, gameplay, and so on.

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I confess. yesterday I broke the rules and created a group in the evening to search for people in the clan. 7 people wrote to me during the night. this is a better result than I have seen on the forum and in the discord.

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I dont think that will be a problem if we had this implemented.

Only few randoms use group search for groups, for raid fiesta, and some gc farms. Most of the time it is not used at all.

Time to time ofc u can see rb party for boss, but again, it is not common nowadays cause of rb farmers.

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