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  1. yeah. tip: sell your second kidney and donate, u dont need 2 anyways
  2. yea, I do agree, there are lazy people, but in the end, if u are poor guy and u join Dubai elite party, it will take u some a while before u will reach their level of richness. So it is kinda sucks anyway. But again, GM"s must see statistics, and so they now better. In the end idc.
  3. Donkihot

    Easter Event 2021

    U can read all event posts, ppl always talking about low rates drop, and then KSE will write here in forum post that they have inscreased drop chance. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  4. Donkihot

    Buffs duration

    Agree, when I buy buffs from PP in Aden, I waste 5 mins by just going for a spot.
  5. if Rizo is merciful, we need gladiator for him to end this
  6. Damn, wish I had that spirit ! p.s. if he is so soft, l2 isnt for him, imagine he levels up to 70 lvl, and then someone starts feeding him with dicks in TS lol. Better not even start.
  7. It was suggested thousands times, Gm's want us go blind or smth idk
  8. We are just tired of texting a lot of "words" each second day to people like u who will join server, play 1 weeks, see that they suck dick, they see no ppl in ant nest and leave cause they see everyone in red bellions. It is gm's job to provide info for newbies anyway. read others topic, u will find everything, dont be lazy.
  9. Guys, someone of us really need to write wall of text, then copy paste to .txt document and paste on every topic like this one lol
  10. Simple is that. Delete 21:00 bosses or cut down exp to the ground. Nerf rb 20-70 drops. so farmers will suck a cock and wont exploit it. And as @MoDoy add something like quests or 4h buff for exp so people will be "forced" to stay and farm instead of going 30 min rb fiesta.
  11. Ok, lets talk about it. First of all, I dont give a fcking shit what is happening here, just wasting my time at work reading some drama. But, gonna give few words. I can understand the struggle for new people. You come to the party, u are naked trash ass garbage human, while people near you are glowing in golden, blue, red colors like a 80's disco. When he asks him self: Do I want to stay at that party? Or Do I go find trash ass garbage naked human party where I will be as everyone else? Most like he will be more comfortable with other party, cause everyone are same + - right ? Instead of going into elite party, where nobody gives a shit about u. Some people dont care about end game content as you all might think, some people want to have fun leveling aka to have adventure to lvl 80. Instead what they have now is afk until rb spawns, kill, afk, for rb fiesta, kill, off etc repeat. Make party for loa?gc? Well if it is not a prime time, good luck finding someone. Last time I saw someone doing GC parties from randoms are summoners party, I think it was Vilen back in days? Nobody else. Loa parties? Never see them. TOI ? Never seen one's. This is why at end game we see same people, few newbies who reach lvl 76+. Because most of people who join server, they leave at lvl 50 or w/e, cause they see no people at low lvl zones. So this is stick with 2 sides. Old fags dont want to leave server cause they want to rmt their gear if they decide to leave server, they donated decent amount out of money and they are lazy and want to free farm. And there is newbies, who want more action, more parties, more casual plays, be happy having fp set +3, instead of seeing people running around with bw + 8 fp + 10 everywhere, with bellions + 69 and soes + 12222. in the end; Idc, but it is upto GM"s, they see statistics, how many new people are coming, how many are leaveing, how many are staying. They decide.
  12. I dont think that will be a problem if we had this implemented. Only few randoms use group search for groups, for raid fiesta, and some gc farms. Most of the time it is not used at all. Time to time ofc u can see rb party for boss, but again, it is not common nowadays cause of rb farmers.
  13. Lets be honest, Rizos has EU prime alive, Im like 99% sure that Rizos is getting paid by GMS so he can make people play the server. Where is no chance Rizos put so much work into that server for "fun" if he does, he is stupid. So ofc GM's will help, if they dont, Rizos leaves, Ally dies, EU prime dies, server dies bla bla bla. You are not the kids, use brain. Edit: p.s. it is practice in l2 community, that servers paying sides to play on their server.
  14. Donkihot


    u are not. there is no logical explanation, why would server have more new comers. This is boomers game, kids dont even know about lineage 2 existence. So in theory, ppl get older and they get wifes, kids, they stop playing, and since we dont have fresh blood, l2 community numbers are going lower and lower, day by day. So only reason online(new comers flow) might get higher is, that some random boomer would get tired of hf 5 server and he will switch here. But again, the amount of time I played here, and did low lvl rb's they there only box'es of already 70 + players. p.s. and most important thing is, if u see new comers at lvl 10/20/3040, it doesnt mean anything, what means the most is, if he will play up to 76+ lvl. Cause before that he doesnt exist. He doesnt change anything. Doesnt add anyting to server or remove from server. At 76 he can join sides, + more active player, bla bla bla. Then u can feel difference.