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  1. show siege videos LOL
  2. nixuja cia nera, eik miegot. sitas forumas turi daugiau online nei server.
  3. YEAH. Noice. now I will be lvl 70 with wooden set. Thats the real dream guys ! Dont miss the chance !!!
  4. bad idea. you know why? Because people like me had 20+ stores, to sell shit that I had. now if I could I would put 100 of them if I knew I would not need to log them them after every RR and put shop, put prices etc. if they made this, everyone will shit tons of toons to sell things, which will lag even more. if it was limtied to 2 accounts fine, that would be fine
  5. nah they are jsut milking the last cows, cause they know server is dead.
  6. bruh, I think they dont care) last forum post they made is - donation bonus. without any reason, usually this happens on christmas and other holidays
  7. Well. Ok, lets talk facts. First of all, I dont play here, thats a fact. second. lineage 2 server is business, not a charity. You are saying YOU DO understand that those new patches wont bring A LOT people to the server, with new sides, cp's etc, cause server as old as mammoth shit. Question: isnt it better to open new server? Wipe server or open new server AND merge with older one? From business perspective it will bring people. People = money. Money = happy San0 GF for new Balenciaga shirt. Yes, you have told us that YOU WONT WIPE SERVER cause it is your RULE. Time has changed. You already proved us that you guys have balls not to WIPE server after 1 month or even years. You succeeded to sustain server for 5 decent years. Last year is kinda dead, lets face it. Everybody knows it. In lineage 2 server community we do have few servers who is older than this one, and they are alive. Question, how? Well yes, people prefer C4, Hight Five chronics more, BUT even then, those servers open NEW server and then MERGING with old one's which makes main server always be alive. I won't name the server, but you know, that recently 1 server opened, and they are planning to merge with old server and later one move to diff chronics. Have u seen how many new people came here? I saw like half club names on discord and ingame who left club and moved there. Why u just let those people do that? they could stay here, on club, and bring EUR here, instead of different server. smh. I really don't understand.
  8. Guys u are not the first not the last one to ask for this. They wont open new fresh server, u can chill.
  9. he cant spell word " world", I wouldnt trust him
  10. Nah, EU and China. but china/2 so EU + China vs China. It is complicated but it dead server anyway
  11. u sock duck cuck butch. BR numba 2 Russian Numba 1 Let the world war begin. cash out bois and buy cans of food EZ KEKW
  12. I like Rizos idea. with time limited things on epics from events, from events etc. S grade. I think it is to early to make S grade yet? Seems like people dont even have A grade +6, like most of people, and [A] grade weapons +10. Just my humble opinion, it is to early, with new update, it is easier to get gemstone A which was main problem to craft A grade weapons, soon people will OE [A] grade weapons, which is cool. RB's. Fck those rb farmers. IT is hard to balance that, from other side as u said Rizos, making limited time items will stop farmers to farm, but from other side, new people want to kill RB not just for exp but items as well, it is free 1kk-20kk depends on rb lvl and drop. What I would change instead of limited time on items is, if u get item, u can sell that item ONLY to your party member who was with you when you killed boss. And then BIND that item to you and your account. So it wont be useless entirely. What do I mean, it is like in WoW. For example. Boss dropped SLS, you picked, but u dont need it for example. YOu have 2h to sell that SLS to your party member. Your party member buys SLS from you. He is SK, he uses that SLS for farm, etc. He cant sell that item to anyone outside party, 2h ends and he cant even sell to his party member. He cant make crystalls out of it. But at lvl 52 he can use B grade weapoin, so basically SLS becomes useless. So what do I suggest is, at least make that SLS bind to account. You can send that SLS to your Alt, or something, like only from same IP to same IP. Bind to account item. I think it will be a lil better than just limited 50h. But idk, just an idea. Maybe it is hard to make or even impossible. p.s. Fck u rb farmers.
  13. I would come back to play club if they made new server with idea to merge it with old one. I have no fun playing old server now. But with new server, I would join new people. Make clan. It would motivate me. Great idea. I hope they are at least considering that. p.s. we all know one popular l2 server, which does that, they have 1 main server and each year they open new server with higher rates, after they merge it with old one. and Boom, main server is always populated as fuck. and never dies. stay safe people.
  14. guys forget about ABG's days. back in days we had PEOPLE, we had ONLINE, now we dont have PEOPLE.
  15. we are not talking about u with bellion + 69, full buffs, epics, bw + 10 etc Average farmers