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  1. Donkihot

    [DnD] LF...

    You will find pvp activity at 70+ lvl. below 70lvl, ppl do not pvp.
  2. Donkihot

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    The worst insult u have faced playing this game was - monkey? LoL
  3. Donkihot

    siege 1/12

    and red Bruce Lee against all
  4. Donkihot

    siege 1/12

    Looks like I'm different type of person.
  5. Donkihot

    siege 1/12

    I think u miss understood me. You can pvp and kill everyone u want, but it is so disrespectful to talk about that on forum.. I suck, Im noob, I lost because i'm 2head etc, I lost, thats all, gg wp, good fight, see u next month this is how it should be done
  6. Donkihot

    siege 1/12

    idk whole drama about that but, stop being so edgy We there winning, you there losing... now u are winning, we are losing, so what is the point of trash talking each other? In the end of the day it depends if u had fun right? Why people can't live in peace ;( and just have fun
  7. Donkihot

    WTB Drake boots +8

    Drake boots > Modoy. You have been defeated by pair of leather boots...
  8. dude, just make dwarf and send him half trash u have in your bank.
  9. Donkihot

    WTB Bellion +7-10 / Othell 10

    pm here on ingame yolumadami
  10. Donkihot

    Grand opening!

    Nothng wrong it is l2, u can do what ever u want.
  11. Donkihot

    Grand opening!

    looks like u just tired from l2, burned out )))
  12. Donkihot

    Grand opening!

    I don't have any enemies (well, at least yet). and also Idk about what pk are u talking about dude
  13. Donkihot

    Grand opening!

    maybe I used wrong word, but I mean randoms, ppl who start in SV 70 lvl raids and coming to 75 lvl's to leech some precious exp
  14. Donkihot

    Grand opening!

    I'm going to ask a question from all zerg people. How soon u will pk us so u can overboost your ppl for exp/loot?
  15. Donkihot

    wts demon dag +10

    wts demon dager +10 pm here.