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  1. Well it is pretty much same as in WoW. Any Plate armor could be changed into another plate armor, doesnt matter what lvl requiment for that. Bassicly you could make look 80 lvl warrior look like 10 lvl pleb with 10 lvl plate trash items and pencils in your hand, differrence is that it just looks and u will smash hard as u would wear dragon slayer +16
  2. so u want transmog like in WoW ?
  3. Upgrade them with coins ? How much ?
  4. Donkihot


    Farm adena harder bro Kappa
  5. if u are playing in cp and u know one of your dudes using bots, it means u are trash u have no right to play this game and u must be burned like witch back in who the fck knows then
  6. Bois, it is time to calculate how many triies u need to make tallum boots +8 2Head
  7. there is quest npc's in gh ? :O ok then
  8. what do u mean \by that? lol. NPC aka teleported, wh dwarf, nostalgia? so how do we tp back? if we move away from GH somewhere in the forest near by, it is bs and it will be pvp zone.
  9. AnD ThEn ThEy ShOuLd delETe ShOpS anD inTRodUcE alT + B AuCHIon RigHT ? They should introduce ID registration, so kids like u wont reply with stupid things like u. It is solution for a problem. It is not about potato pc. Nobody would lose on that, only win.
  10. The better solution for this, is move stores in "africa". You will be teleported who the hell knows but it is place away from everything. Underwater in the cage in north west. YOu will be able to access that with TP only. make this place with different teleport options. Imagine market place as a square. If u need to buy things, you click option - Sell markets, it will teleport u to 1/4 square where ppl selling stuff, same for buy store, if u need to sell bones, click Buy stores, click TP, and it will teleport to to another 1/4 square where u can sell your mats to dwarfs.
  11. Giran would not work on siege time.
  12. Fuck, why do I even pay for Netflix? When u can get free entertainment here on forum LULW
  13. Donkihot

    PvP lottery!

    thing is, even if they got 1k eur in one day, it is not long term sollution, everybody will forget about it in one week, but the option to gamble will be there, and they are risking everything. They do generate $$$ from donations, it is steady income, maybe it is not daily 1k eur but still, better than losing verything.
  14. Donkihot

    PvP lottery!

    I dont own any server, but as a customer, if I were a new person and I just saw this server and that this server has some kind of gambling, like, real money gambling not adena, I would leave instantly, because it makes expression like this server doesn't care anything else beside money, money and more money. Milking cow, for a 3 months, and then re open. etc. Idk, I think thats a huge risk, considering this is gambling and in many countries online "casino" is forbidden, so it is matter of time until other server will report our server and it will get flagged and sh1t will happen. Just add more "shiny things" hats, cloaks, etc into shop, make ppl buy 1/2st proffesions for morey. Im pretty sure chinese fishers aka 76 lvl's fighters will be happy for that.
  15. Donkihot

    Macro table

    u know those "pro players"... they want to macro every bishop/ee from every cp so they can target focus him )