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  1. I like Rizos idea. with time limited things on epics from events, from events etc. S grade. I think it is to early to make S grade yet? Seems like people dont even have A grade +6, like most of people, and [A] grade weapons +10. Just my humble opinion, it is to early, with new update, it is easier to get gemstone A which was main problem to craft A grade weapons, soon people will OE [A] grade weapons, which is cool. RB's. Fck those rb farmers. IT is hard to balance that, from other side as u said Rizos, making limited time items will stop farmers to farm, but from other side, new people want to kill RB not just for exp but items as well, it is free 1kk-20kk depends on rb lvl and drop. What I would change instead of limited time on items is, if u get item, u can sell that item ONLY to your party member who was with you when you killed boss. And then BIND that item to you and your account. So it wont be useless entirely. What do I mean, it is like in WoW. For example. Boss dropped SLS, you picked, but u dont need it for example. YOu have 2h to sell that SLS to your party member. Your party member buys SLS from you. He is SK, he uses that SLS for farm, etc. He cant sell that item to anyone outside party, 2h ends and he cant even sell to his party member. He cant make crystalls out of it. But at lvl 52 he can use B grade weapoin, so basically SLS becomes useless. So what do I suggest is, at least make that SLS bind to account. You can send that SLS to your Alt, or something, like only from same IP to same IP. Bind to account item. I think it will be a lil better than just limited 50h. But idk, just an idea. Maybe it is hard to make or even impossible. p.s. Fck u rb farmers.
  2. I would come back to play club if they made new server with idea to merge it with old one. I have no fun playing old server now. But with new server, I would join new people. Make clan. It would motivate me. Great idea. I hope they are at least considering that. p.s. we all know one popular l2 server, which does that, they have 1 main server and each year they open new server with higher rates, after they merge it with old one. and Boom, main server is always populated as fuck. and never dies. stay safe people.
  3. guys forget about ABG's days. back in days we had PEOPLE, we had ONLINE, now we dont have PEOPLE.
  4. we are not talking about u with bellion + 69, full buffs, epics, bw + 10 etc Average farmers
  5. they can, they must make something which will makes us pvp for. as Rizos said, T-rex, ez example. Make it harder to kill, higher bone drop %, so 2 orcs and solo.
  6. The only people left here are the old people, high lvl people, who are 80+ lvl basically, and they made nothing new for them, if they leave, it will be just gg lol. They will wait new update, but new comers will come, see that aden is empty, who the hell will stay here then? oh well, I am not playing here anymore why do I even write here.
  7. bro, I know, so other people playing here for a long time, and u dont need to have 80 IQ to see that, people who made post here in forum and discord, they said literally the same shit he said. Thats what I am trying to point out. Basically, he just another guy who cries about that server is bad. No difference from noob6969 account and Rizos. cause same opinion, same text. edit: because ppl know that noob696 is correct cause people see that, and people see that Rizos is correct also, cause we see that and we talk about that, the only one who dont see is...GM's.
  8. random ass garbage noob, who will see that not all people are equal here, and only Ally leaders opinion matters to GM"s, but not hundreds of others. Which is btw literally the same opinion of me and his. And if new comer will see that shit here, if I was him, I would not want to play here. Even without starting to play, he will see that One side gets advantage because it has Rizos here, which opinion matters most among all other players.
  9. Bro, nobody is gonna take 1 week of vacation because event is happening in game :DDDD like wtf, bro wake up. Also I like the fact that, everyone in general chat (discord) is talking about patch, about server, pointing out all the garbage server has, no pvp, no good new pve location and bla bla bla, everyone fc**** talking about it. It is not something new Rizos said here. He said the same shit people talking about for a year now. Same thing on forum, people made shit loads of post here about server and its condition and made arguments, nothing new. But if this post will get special treatment (from gm's) above everyone else and changes will be made(or something, or topic will not be closed like others people) I will be really pissed and I think most people will be also. Edits: just fixing grammar
  10. 2 cервера которых вы назвали, там онлайн побольше чуууууточку чем тут, поэтому там и с 1 окном можно, ибо пати найдешь, а тут что ты будешь делать в соло окно с ппшкой? варком? БД? крабить мобов с бутылочкой хастой и бутылочкой бега ? ЫЫ ну удачи, удачи.
  11. where are different orcs, while randoms killing 1, kiting around whole l2 map, because some dagger aggroed RB, rb farmer will kill solo 2 rb's and take loot but idk how things changed now, I havent played long here.
  12. what fiesta at 20 cet? the ones where 1 orc killing all rb's ?LOL
  13. Кароче. Увидишь людей на 70+ лвл. Это ПВЕ сервер. Людей около хз 300 каких ? разные праймы. У треть сервера Б пухи 16+, БВ + 8, куча альтов 76+ лвл. РБ фармеры фармят рб 20-76 по КД для своей выгоды. Пати хуй найдешь на лоу лвл, так то либо крабить в соло придёться либо покупать качь. Решай сам. edit: придёться долго и мучительно играть что бы хоть чуть чуть приблизиться к пачкам которые тут уже 5 лет, в фулл эпики и т.д. и т.п.
  14. Wait wait, dont worry, let Rizos and his friends buy all mats and shit from giran harbor first, and then let patch notes go live ))) Thats how it always works. p.s. Ah I just realized you are newbie.