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  1. Tbh I just randomly clicked on recipe and later on I spotted that {noName] mob LOL
  2. I found a bug or maybe Im to noob to understand. P.S. People who made that are MVP, this will help newbies a lot
  3. I mean as much as I love this server, i want to vote for hardest and most boring class to level solo for San0
  4. I think u are just mad because ES was nerfed and u quote me for no reason because I had no hate in this msg at all and wrote it just for the memes. talking about topic: I liked subclass thing a lot. Having 1 main hero and just play different classes on it, without making pepega1 pepega2 pepega3 nicknames for my destro archer and sps. Also it was cool in fights, since u never knew, if that orc is bishop or wc or mage or anything else, ofc as time moves on u will know, but I have played on populated server and most ppl didnt even bother to remember who was who. @Lafi I love u ❤️ #noHatingU
  5. Just buy for 20 $ 76 lvl any class u want fastest EXP Kappa
  6. as Fryderyk posted above, l2 is a BBoomer game actually at this point.
  7. no, Kappa. now imagine how many chinese farmers beeing lazy to do quest on their 78 fishsher human fighters, and now they can just buy on all their 10 alts second class transfer lol. 50 cols is nothing, it is 10kk, 30kk in total isnt much at all for end game player..........................................
  8. and also give tyrants hide ability
  9. You guys have to donate more so they will fix things faster Kappa
  10. well ofc EU / NA killed him more than twice, but compared to chinese baiums kills it is same as 2/10 PepeHands. Cant agree on fact that 80% of all baiums are chinese... jezz.
  11. well yes I know u china +dv8 was back in days, but wtf u are talking about LUL, most baiums are chinese. face it. OR PROVE ME IM WRONG LUL
  12. Chinese clan killing baium for 4 years in a row, while EU/NA prime has killed him twice KEKW ( close to that tbh) Zaken beeing farmed by all primes atm. Giant Cave most top sides finds spot there. Devil Isle, china. So bassicly u are right, this server is to old for new players, but meh, no choice ..
  13. I think he have posted video recently, so I guess we can see dyes here when he opens his bags LUL, it is so silly, I wish he could hide what armor he wears LULW
  14. must be so important to hide +4 con dyes ;(