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  1. this video shows why people dont want catacombs
  2. ssb cost less than ss for kitty, so u will spend 500 adena instead of 450 if u kill it with SK as example, but it is such a low difference, cause kitty auto attacks stronger than DA or SK autoattacks so basically where is no difference, dont worry. IT is not like 5kk in a hr or 15kk in a hour difference it is so low that u wont even see.
  3. well u use more adena since of SS for pet, but u still get profit from pure adena drop, less from each mob, but faster, since u kill mobs faster and you level faster.
  4. DA is way better on solo pve than SK. Sk should cast skills, aka use MP, SK should rebuff him self with cubs, AKA waste adena on them + u need to get books on them. With Da is just so much easier.
  5. Donkihot


    well obs they can do somewthing with buffs, but the investment for them must be huge, and it doesnt pay off. If u invest as much as as u invest in your dagger, but invest in tyrant, pony u will be in such better place.
  6. Donkihot


    yeah but u can be naked solo farming with magnus in gc entrance, or with randoms inside GC without thinking about death, u dont need gear basicly. Daggers will die ez from mobs in gc, especially if healer is slacker + u need decent gear on him, which is impossible for new player as him. Even before 76, ponies are way better at farming, u dont need any box to buff your self. insane dmg with boxer, and then solo aoe with fish stews.
  7. Donkihot


    u could give him short answer. Daggers suck big stick. goblin in starting area > any dagger bellow 78 lvl. Aftter 78 lvl daggers can do smth with buffs, but even after 78 they are still trash. low pve dmg, huge req on gear. Meta now are Shreks, Ponies. Mages, but u need to lvl up him, and it is hard. p.s. I must admit daggers are deccent in 9v9 pvp's. but everywhere else, aka sieges, mass pvp they are trash
  8. WTB SOES + 10 / Demon Staff + 14 pm me here on mail/pm on "unsearchable"
  9. well EWB > tablet money wise
  10. imagine getting magic tablet in 17+ box PepeLaugh p.s. yeah 5 years are a lot. Tho Mount is kind epic tho, so idk
  11. It is sad thing that you think u are funny^&smart making those "mom jokes", "parents" jokes, and getting "likes" from same people who think it is high IQ jokes.
  12. seems like u give a fck if u check this forum SIKE p.s. imagine being so toxic to the person without any reason.
  13. This is real l2 classic server, not trash like Official l2 classic has no, and also it is free to play. no p2w. A lot of people in adena, billions of shops in aden/giran harbor. Check streams for club for sieges, etc. Baium fights.