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  1. so we dont need to speak "ni hao" to join ?
  2. wc for cov, bd. if u are not planning level wc for cov, go pp.
  3. I like how u made Strong rex beefy and no just copy paste the top one
  4. I mean... this T-rex is already useless. Like nobody still killed sailron. we will stack with lvl 4 talisman anyway.
  5. Are u winning son? NO dad... they all PR
  6. what do u mean free farm bruh? we free farm with 52 necro's as well. with mains at least we would compete with main's chinese chars which are 80+ lvl with red weapons.
  7. it will take u ages to kill rb with your mains. and if u send epics to your destro, u waste time, then u gate, we gate also, we fight, pew pew. someone loses, someone wins. It would be more fun than now.
  8. Nothing is gonna change, nothing matters as long as we stay on low pop server. My macro list is full of ee/bishop names from china and br. and guess what. I dont add anything for a half year already, cause no new I just want a lil more pvp before server completely dies
  9. забей. если я был бы новичек, я не начинал бы играть. А так как тут я долго и есть че терять, играю 2 часа в день в прайм.
  10. idk why people are so mad, but it would actually be good idea. atm ppl log their necros and kill orfen in 3 mins. But making rb 75 lvl for example it means ppl will have to use their mains to kill orfen. Will people level their necros to 75 to farm rb as soon as his spawns? ofc not. we are lazy, we dont do that. So I see only positives here. p.s. this server already has no pvp. This one will make ppl fight for Orfen and other epics. EU vs China if it spawns early in eu time, EU vs Br if spawns EU late, BR vs China etc. p.s. u think randoms will steal your epic, that means u dont deserve that epic so stop crying
  11. blue wolf heavy, duals. if u are going solo
  12. you cant balance game. What are u gonna give sorc, sps? they are useless. What are u gonna give hawk and sr? nerf puri for their stuns? that means people will play more necro's and da's with tyrants ;D cause they are still much more better than hawk's and sr's
  13. someone is jealous because u need 8 paid boxes to farm same amount of dino tissues
  14. but do u realise that only 5 daggers on whole server has that boost? and shadow step skill CD is 1 min :))))) so they cant jump around and clear movements req spellbook + it is 10 min cd.
  15. paladins are buff box, what are u talking about? nobody wants paladin as active player. Pala gives pala buffs, leave party, DA joins and they go pvp lol