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  1. Donkihot

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    So if ppl have 1 dd + box pp, they still gonna farm same places as they did before zaken patch? Or run through all the mobs and die before they can RR and get into solo zone at DI ? edit: but first pls, better fix CC loot system, it is so trash now
  2. Donkihot

    Class change service update ideas.

    my point is, if u move sps and sorc out of 4th group, even less ppl gonna play them and more and more sph/necro will be around. edit: (to avoid spam) I think what we have right now- balanced, don't change anything.
  3. Donkihot

    Class change service update ideas.

    @MoDoy, so it will make things even worse? Tyrants/destro wont be able to change to SPS/Sorc, only sph/necro. And as far as we know, sph and necro top mages, so I would change places,if someone wants to play OP mage go play him from the begginng, but if u choosed pve machine, choose sorc or sps
  4. Donkihot

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    Right now, random CC can get 1, if they are lucky, because most of the time, those rb's are buffed, already attacked, so we get rage in 5 mins, deviate comes, kills some HDM, ppl get scared, they PR, bla bla bla.Alteast that what happened yesterday. Edit: Also, it is game right? So all people should have accesses to new content (Im talking about a grade weapons and armor). TOp clans will ahve +6 +8 +10 anyway, matter of time, while most of the people will get [A] + 0. Im not saying that you should get it in 1 month right, you should work hard to buy cloth piece or farm it, craft it or get lucky with rb's for [a] to equip. So I don't see any problem here. And main boost are epics anyway, even if random ppl get [a] they wont have AQ,Baium,Zaken, So they will be weaker in mass pvp anyway
  5. Donkihot

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    Well, Ncsoft though that GC location is to farm [a] grade while DI to farm cloth pieces? GC main purpose to farm [a] grade + bonus cloth piece time to time. em, yea, true. But who gets those [a] grade? Only Deviate. So how to compete Deviate? Here goes GC where u can farm [a] grade, so other top clan who is fighting Deviate, can farm [a] and gear up a little.
  6. Donkihot

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    I might be wrong, but getting cloths should not be hard, getting [a] grade it self should be hard, since u can spoil parts in GC only right? IF people wont farm GC with 70+lvl spoilers u your cloth worth nothing? So non cp ppl will farm cloth while top clans gonna farm [a] grade in GC and sell for 100kk each?
  7. Donkihot

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    DI is small zone, if top clans want to take control of DI they totally can. Not many places u can farm horrors there. so I still don't understand why they don't do that yet...
  8. Donkihot

    Temple Knight & Shield Bash

    as MoDoy said, we are private server and following new patches is so wrong, look at NCsoft how hard they ruined l2 classic lol... We just can take few things from there and there, boost and balance some classes.It will be fun for people who are playing as Pala/sk(other classes) and it will be fun for other people fight against new classes Lets face it, we all tired of Necro's, DA's, running around, we want to see water spells, *pew pew* fire spells *pew pew* in mass pvp, we want to see paladin YOLOing in mass pvp, we want hawk running around etc. You got it. Atm it is game of orc and humans.
  9. Donkihot

    Temple Knight & Shield Bash

    If we will look at the game, mostly all classes being played, except TK,Paladin, Sorc mages(haven't seen them for a while). So why don't we boost them a little so ppl who enjoy their fantasy can play. edit:: will other people lose anything if TK will get a stun? DA or SK will cry about that? no. nobody loses anything.
  10. Donkihot

    the best wc or pp ?

    With zaken patch, u can easy get lvl 76 with wc have your own COV, how cool is that?:))
  11. Donkihot

    Fist days of Zaken

    Dude, did I quote your msg?
  12. Donkihot

    Fist days of Zaken

    U dont waste 2h now for 4%, Devil isle,20 mins 20kk exp solo with buffer, so yea )) it easy to exp. dont forget about 47854 rbs lvl 65+
  13. Donkihot


    Бывают, как часто? Рандомно. БУдет ли Хеллоуин? НАдеюсь
  14. Donkihot

    Лагают соски

    SS lagging for everyone, mages, dd's etc. Go fish )
  15. Donkihot

    Server still down??