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i'm new to this server. i played a lot in the past. i belive i had 5k+ hours (up to C6). official+priv. mostly SR but also lot sws-ing.

i don'n want DD atm. so here are a questions:

1. is it a good idea to do bd, sws or pp main?

2. i would prefer tank as main (TK). what lvl i could expect to find an RB party?

3. where i should go after reaching 20+ ?

4. is any party matching tool working?

5. is it working on low lvl?

6. is shouting available? if not how to ask/search ppl globally?

7. what time is population peak?

8. any advice on selecting a good clan?


thx in advance

and see you in game!

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1. BD yea, but u can be driver. Sws yea, btu u can be driver. PP, no.

2. Forget about TK, u want to play either DA or PA, nobody needs SK or TK at 76+, cause they are dogshit. For low lvl rb's u can use any tank or just Tyrant LOL (no joke.)

3. dude u said u have 5k hours and u are asking where do I go after 20 lvl? bruh.

4. Yea it is, but 1-60 leveling is dead, cause people lvl up fast here and nobody goes aoe or something especially now, in summer. most ppl are 76+, some randoms getting up to 76.

5. Yea it is working on any lvl.

6. /yell is working, idk, ask Heros to post your msg, they always kind. or open match making group to farm duo or something if u want.

7. We have 3 primes. EU, CHINA, BR. So peak is different.

8. ANy box clan for +% exp and clan unity. Plenty of them. After lvl 70+ try finding and talking with decent ppl and check clans politics.

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Thx Don


I played several privs where people gathered in the same places like exec ground, entrance to cruma, giant cave, entrance to antharas etc.

anyway not enough low lvl ppl so the question should be removed.

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Well, ppl go match making and then find ppl here for GC or Dino Island. TIme to time u can see LOA as well, but not as often. It is kinda outdated unless u are farming adena with spoiler.

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