Elemental stone

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Elemental stone
Good afternoon .
I would like to discuss prices with a Pona merchant.
which stands next to the luxor ...
Prices there have generally risen by about 20-50%
that's ok ... but

1 item has increased in price by 5 times.
I understand that you should withdraw money from circulation as there are a lot of them on hand ..

but don't punish newcomers ...
elemental stone
used in 3 things
1 Toi that everyone has
2 Talisman from the Island ... which is made mainly up to lvl 4 and is almost for everyone ...
3 and transform

based on this, we ask you to reduce the price by the previous one + 20-50% as for other goods.
No need to punish newbies .. who still have to spend a lot of time and adena on perfecting.

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there is a more interesting way to take adena out of the game
remove the scroll from the drop (or reduce the number of drops to a minimum) enchantment armor grade D

add to luxor at the price of 100k adena
I can think of something else ...
although this will take many billions out of the game in the end

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