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  1. At the very beginning, the tirex appeared randomly in 5 places (without an announcement, without anything) then someone cried - the administrator consoled the suffering ... and Tirex became a solo respawn in 1 place --- where solo farmers are waiting for him for which the admin did everything ... if admins want they can do Tirex the same way --- like Knoriks there would be a desire. ha account of single farmers - that's the reason why you want a pvp location - come to kill and not get karma somewhere I understand you - you want an adrenaline rush of entertainment and so on but there are other people like me - I'm a sociopath - a loner ... (I don't care about your pvp at all) as I was already told that I can delete the game because I am an idiot and do not understand lineage
  2. do more quests for beginners - to quickly swing up to 60+ new giving a lot of experience 40-60 level 60-70 level
  3. That's just funny from the very beginning everything was perfect then they started crying about Tirex - and they made it as convenient for the top clan there is no way to make it like LOA (so that with a small chance - it appears from a killed monster - in a group of more than 4+ people -) which would be perfect Further pvp - make the entire pvp map a zone ALL - so that it is convenient for you. zaken's island - the same problem ,,, because of the crying, they killed the location - there was only the quest Zaken's cape and the experience scrolls - and again you want to crash and this ... where only top players can live
  4. ooo how wrong you are, I often saw there how the monster was driven in circles just around the teleport and as soon as someone jumps to the island ... the driver of the monster reboots - and after 1 second the monster beats the one who has already jumped which for PP EE and many other classes = death with 1-2 hits monster running speed is crazy and if you made a big mistake jumping to the island without buff .... you are 100% dead
  5. Although I don't like this shit - but this is part of the game ... --- that the administration does not want to remove in any way
  6. 8000 pvp deaths - probably someone overflows clan points
  7. and for whom to introduce updates? for 25 82 + or for 60 players 81+ lvl? and yes, add new locations that can only be accessed by 80+
  8. there is a more interesting way to take adena out of the game remove the scroll from the drop (or reduce the number of drops to a minimum) enchantment armor grade D add to luxor at the price of 100k adena I can think of something else ... although this will take many billions out of the game in the end
  9. as I cried earlier on the forum! Remove bosses lvl 75 at all - they are not needed - there is a Giant Cave (good exp) Remove dark knight altogether. add daily quests for beginners - with a good amount of Xp. at these locations there will be pvp and so on ...
  10. Elemental stone Good afternoon . I would like to discuss prices with a Pona merchant. which stands next to the luxor ... Prices there have generally risen by about 20-50% that's ok ... but 1 item has increased in price by 5 times. I understand that you should withdraw money from circulation as there are a lot of them on hand .. but don't punish newcomers ... elemental stone used in 3 things 1 Toi that everyone has 2 Talisman from the Island ... which is made mainly up to lvl 4 and is almost for everyone ... 3 and transform based on this, we ask you to reduce the price by the previous one + 20-50% as for other goods. No need to punish newbies .. who still have to spend a lot of time and adena on perfecting.
  11. there is 1 more opinion add an aura to bosses (and a very huge radius) if a player is 10 lvl higher, he gets silence and a ban on skills and spells ... the duration is 10-20 minutes and then if the boss is killed in less than 5 minutes - - no drop, no 2nd boss ... and he kills everyone around ...
  12. in principle there is nothing to discuss ... Sano has already made a decision! --- and it was clearly balanced and deliberate .. All due to the fact that (many) (Abuse) the dropping of things which negatively affects the state of affairs ... and online servers ...
  13. Amorfius

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    Но это же просто баф ...