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  1. there is a more interesting way to take adena out of the game remove the scroll from the drop (or reduce the number of drops to a minimum) enchantment armor grade D add to luxor at the price of 100k adena I can think of something else ... although this will take many billions out of the game in the end
  2. as I cried earlier on the forum! Remove bosses lvl 75 at all - they are not needed - there is a Giant Cave (good exp) Remove dark knight altogether. add daily quests for beginners - with a good amount of Xp. at these locations there will be pvp and so on ...
  3. Elemental stone Good afternoon . I would like to discuss prices with a Pona merchant. which stands next to the luxor ... Prices there have generally risen by about 20-50% that's ok ... but 1 item has increased in price by 5 times. I understand that you should withdraw money from circulation as there are a lot of them on hand .. but don't punish newcomers ... elemental stone used in 3 things 1 Toi that everyone has 2 Talisman from the Island ... which is made mainly up to lvl 4 and is almost for everyone ... 3 and transform based on this, we ask you to reduce the price by the previous one + 20-50% as for other goods. No need to punish newbies .. who still have to spend a lot of time and adena on perfecting.
  4. there is 1 more opinion add an aura to bosses (and a very huge radius) if a player is 10 lvl higher, he gets silence and a ban on skills and spells ... the duration is 10-20 minutes and then if the boss is killed in less than 5 minutes - - no drop, no 2nd boss ... and he kills everyone around ...
  5. in principle there is nothing to discuss ... Sano has already made a decision! --- and it was clearly balanced and deliberate .. All due to the fact that (many) (Abuse) the dropping of things which negatively affects the state of affairs ... and online servers ...
  6. Amorfius

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    Но это же просто баф ...
  7. Change Duration (Summon Cubic) from 15 minutes to 20 minutes all buffs work for us for 20-40 minutes Increase the cost of your Cubic + 30-40% ore + 30-40% mana after all, it's very inconvenient when 1 ends and you still have 5 minutes of buff ... Everyone will thank you. Изменить время действия ( Summon Cubic ) c 15 минут до 20 минут все бафы у нас работают 20-40 минут Увеличте стоимость вызова Cubic +30-40% руды +30-40% мана ведь очень неудобно когда 1 заканчивается а у тебя еще 5 минут бафа ... Все вам скажут спасибо .
  8. opening a new server .... they will kill the old one .. it's like shooting yourself in the foot to spite your enemies
  9. Spoil Много много спойлить ...
  10. Amorfius

    Buffs duration

    support classes - here and so in full ... they are only in pvp groups ... and we won't change anything.
  11. Amorfius

    Buffs duration

    buff pp will soon be partially 40 minutes warcraer running 40 minutes - in principle, I don’t know ------------ but with BD and SVS - I would very much like 5 minutes
  12. and in the end ... No new server needed. as I said Boss ---- Evil in the Flesh. and this became clear to many. although it came to mind ... only after they themselves have reached the desired level ... you need a new lobby for all 65 + lvl bosses - remove (delete) (erase). ... Instead, make quests (tasty) that will make people play for the location and be in the game ...
  13. and this will kill 2 servers and old ++ --- +++ and a little later new --- total 2 servers will die
  14. twitch sollclassic ----- not long ago this question was raised there! the answer is simple -- 1)% 70 players when changing the server will quit the game. ------- they will not go to the new server. 2) there is a lot of pvp х10-50! go play there 3) Talk to the Admins let them diversify the game so that they somehow give a chance to catch up with old players Agree Old players don't help new players! And they will not allow competitors to develop! I agree that new players are just fun for old players but such is fate! I am against the new server.