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  1. Do it right now... Remove EXP from bosses - completely. the fact that you reduce it will not change anything. just EXP farmers from bosses -- they will not kill 1 boss ------ but they will kill 3-4 --- and it won't change anything ... And again there will be MANY MANY parties of 1 player farming bosses and then monsters in Giant Cave and beyond
  2. и убрать опыт из всех боссов вообще . dell exp. in all boss. all exp
  3. Amorfius

    Dion x3. On the horizon

    will play a lot many are waiting for the patch summoners do not offend soulshots DO NOT DELAY !!!
  4. Amorfius

    Dion x3. On the horizon

    summer will begin just in time
  5. this is that feeling - when you still need to work and make a patch - at least a little like the one you need ItemName_Classic-eu.dat --- the only useful file add to below patch Home Classic 1.5 - Dion X3 ( Opening 14.01.2023 - 16:00 CET ) Foreign Languages Pусский собираем патчи по кусочкам) sum up patch from another version of the game does not match ours there is something to finish
  6. find a match? screenshot of the database from the site and drop spoiled the patch
  7. there are a few remarks 1 aggressive monsters should be made pronounced (red) 2 Spoil (alert system - in the center of the screen so that it can be seen and not peer into the quickly running text at the bottom left ...
  8. упало 8 книг сакрифице из 8 выпавших вообще... ... в горгулье 4 вида книг у всех по базе шанс дропа одинаков это каков шанс дропа 85 % а остальные по 5 % ну смешите мои тапочки
  9. he's probably talking about the attack speed of the bow Noble Elven Bow aspd normal emic - aspd slow P atk nothing to compare emic top
  10. you may have fun - but I had to buy a new logitech mx 518 such a drop chance should not be...
  11. I know that they fall - they even gave me some, laughing at the same time from what a loser I am
  12. when the 4th book fell to me, I wrote to the discord - they ignored me when 5 fell and then 6 the book wrote again - again ignore after falling 8 books - I was torn and I went to sleep then he wrote to Sano on the forum in the mail and he said that the chance is normal and everything is fine . - although in fact ---- all this is complete nonsense Spellbook: Death Whisper - 0 Spellbook: Sacrifice - 8 Spellbook: Shield Deflect Magic - 0 Spellbook: Stigma of Shilen - 0
  13. You did not understand me ,,, Gargoyle can drop 4 types of books what is the chance of getting 8 Sacrifice Books from 8 dropped books... ------- others didn't fall at all. Here I am also kind of tormented by the question of chance ... 1 book 1/4 2 book 1/16 Book 3 1/64 ,,,256,,,1024,,, 8 book 1 / 65 536 it's not even random - but a complete mockery ..