6th Anniversary - Let Celebration begin!

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Dear players!

As you all know, this Sunday we are celebrating project's 6th Anniversary!

To not break in your Weekend, we will be delivering gifts a little bit in advance!

With today's maintenance every character in game will receive 

 image.png Anniversary Gift Box, which contains:

  • x1 Pom Poms 30 Days Box 
  • x30 Large Firecracker
  • x5 6th Anniversary Cake
  • x3 EXP/SP Rune - 30% for 3 Days Box
  • x1 Death's Deal Certificate 80% for 30 Days Box
  • х1 Primeval Talisman - Scout 5 Days Box (inside you will find a Scout  Talisman (5-days limited) and a box for next 5-days limited talisman level (Searcher). This Box will also contain a Talisman (Searcher) and a box with next Talisman level and so on all the way till Leader Talisman (Leader Talisman included).


Plus, let the Weekend start with 

Double EXP/SP bonus!

From Friday restart till Monday restart, enjoy x2 EXP/SP Weekend!


And that's not it!

Snoa has come to our lands!

Who is Snoa? Find her in every city, and she will introduce herself, and will present you a gift!



Stay tuned and follow our news and announcements!
There is more!


Classic Team

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