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PayPal Donation Bonus!

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Dear players!


Starting on 31.03.2022 at 00:01 CET and all the way till 23:59 CET on Sunday, donations, made by PayPal will come with 15% Bonus!


Enjoy your game on!

Your Classic Team

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Dear players!

We have decided to prolong donation bonus for a week.


It will be finishing on April 10 at 23:59 CEST


For the ones, who is speculating on reasons (especially people, who doesn't play here anymore, but seems to care too much) i will clarify it.

Donation gateways we use to accept donations, have stopped working with bank cards with unclear reasons and no ETA of when it will be available again.

We have many people, who want to donate using cards, but are not able to.

The only viable way to do so at this moment - PayPal donation. Bank card needs to be linked to PayPal account, and while making a donation, card balance should be chosen instead of PayPal balance. Or just charge PayPal balance from the card and donate using PayPal balance.

For players, who is not using PayPal, it is an extra trouble to make extra steps. That is why we have decided to add a bonus to make it up for everyone, who if facing difficulties using bank cards.

At the same time we are searching for new donation gateways we can work with, but it takes time and not all of them are open for us as we are not an official company, but just a private server.


Best regards,
Classic Team

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