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Add 1-2 solo locations for levels 75-80
most players leave the server at level 76-78, because there is no further development, except to join the Chinese group, you need a mid location with a good drop like in FI, but better, at the beginning for solo, further for group farming.
giants cave randoms do not farm almost, because there is no drop, except for exp and it is very difficult. In the heine it's possible, but it's more for aoe farming with the group. Need a solo target location, specifically for 75-80.
You need something in between with less exp and a better drop. It is possible to change the drop from the Kariks in the Antaras lair and make them 78 levels, with a drop of top B weapons not 1/20,000 and add some experience and resources to them, spoiled. Everyone loves this location, but no one farms there anymore. Because it's easier to stand in a silent valley with the same chance of dropping weapons and without paralysis, i.e. the antaras lair is empty.
It is possible to add catacombs of 50 levels, 60, 70, 80. With a mid drop, experience and average difficulty of monsters, so that you can stand both solo and in a group of 9 people.



Add in the few locations, where you can add rare items in the drop. Let's say it's a forgotten shard, with a very low drop chance. Which you need to collect 5 pieces and use in the instance zone with your friends to summon a boss from which valuable items can drop, as it was during the event, only permanent. And only people from the clan in the CC can go there. This will give motivation to farm mobs with regular mobs in forgotten locations. Drop with top ls, weapons rank A
armor with a 1/100 chance of all types for example.

Add locations for solo Shrine of Loyalty and Imperial Tomb for 9ppls.

introduce the cursed weapon zarich
which appears 2 times a day and works for 3 hours
increases the characteristics of the character, it is impossible to teleport with him, farm epics and raidboses above level 70, for pvp and farm ordinary monsters

introduce the ability to craft say 1-5% for rank B-A rar weapons and armor
with increased characteristics, for example, armor gives each of 4-5 parts of 5% resistance to fear, mental attacks, stun, hold. And weapons have a chance to passively deal additional critical damage, trigger for the whole group +10% p attack, as it works for archers. Or let's say 1% to create weapons of B grade, A grade of chaos with + 15% resistance to all types of attacks. This will resurrect the spoil and farm of normal monsters and will create competition in mid-high tier locations.



Imperial_Tomb, mob.jpg

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Love the idea of Imperial Tomb for next patch, also make Lair great again.
Armor/Weapon upgrades sounds good, the Artifact thing was awesome on some srvr i played once.
S grades i believe are coming soon.
You REALLY don't want catacombs here, the moment they appear its a countdown. Farmers will do nothing else in the game, just farm endlessly gems etc. Depressing place that will probably increase the suicide rates of clubbers.

About current zones, they re not bad at all, just difficult for low/mid gear ppl. GC gives massive xp. Heine is crazy good if you make a proper aoe group, and you can even solo 1by1 there for drops/xp (MJ,NM armors, Gems). Very underrated spot.

Zariche is a hilarious concept :D I would accept it for comedy purposes, but it feels like a trash server after a while.

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