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  1. I was kind enough to lighten the mood while everyone is cringeing at your post, and you hit me back with the good'ol gtfo?
  2. This is the kind of man i would glady offer my daughter's hand.
  3. if your 9-man party lost to solo players we are deeply sorry for your incompetence. Better luck on your next project.
  4. There's still blood and flame
  5. The things you can take from this convo are: 1) If you want to protect the server from turning p2w - you hunt RMT like a mfker. 2) If you want to make money go work in china/korea and come back to europe only for holidays. 3) Even when you completely dominate, there will be always butthurt plebs like the one above denying why they failed. Now excuse me, as I wipe my tears in these waterproof Baium and Zaken jewels.
  6. I'm so busy winning that I can't even spare a tear for your period blood.
  7. I agree, its exactly the same Party Return cp of 2 years ago that needs a babysitter to wash after their poop. Perfect example of average EU ally player that is waiting for a miracle to hit them instead of proactively make changes. In terms of passive ppl, this is the saddest community I've ever met. I wish you guys would make the server look a little more competitive but I'm asking too much looks like. Take an example of what happened after I left and pushed epics. Complete disaster for EU who fell apart quickly, you tend to lose morale in a single fight. How did you expect Sung etc to stick around and carry your sorry ass? Get your siit together and stop looking for excuses because you got upset I offended your foolish pride. You should thank me from the bottom of your heart for speaking facts straight in your face and use that rare chance to improve something in your gameplay. You are very welcome, ungrateful boy.
  8. Busy winning. The last part sounds just like Encube and u know what happened to that guy...
  9. @Rizos Oh you got bored NOW? Why now? Didn't you kill the server the day you decided to unite all EU prime for the shake of Baium farm? What happened to your "dream" of 4 cps side back in NF days? Did you mean 4 clans perhaps, cuz that you made it come true (RS, RF, HOM, GW). Is it too much for you now that enemy is pushing epics even at number disadvantage and you are losing control so you had to make a crying call about the server being at fault? You know, I'm very glad the game is so unbearable for you, cause it gives you a chance to self-reflect on bs decisions. Mad props to Pole who made the move and left the sheep-pack. Don't waste my time reading your hypocritic whining about newcomers and the Messiah that needs to come to earth and save it, do something about it. Let's be real. You simply don't like the fact that rmt going out of control invited so many asians that you don't feel any excitement fragging. I'd say for starters work on your eu cps that are literal leeches (diviriksas/insomnia lol) who log only when its time to farm something. Remember why Skynet and Cigans left? Remember why Encube left? Imagine how different it would be today if these cps were here and actually fighting in EU prime against each other. In the end how will you possibly counter the claim that you sold yourself for epics? You cannot. You are not the pvp player you want to look like. You are just a fragment of your old videos when server was actually fun and full of wars. But it's fine, right? You can still log 2 days a week to play oly and justify your hard-earned epics. Facts. You want newbies? Open 2nd server and merge the 2 later on. Yes it will be a fiesta of old players migrating to farm more epics, but hey, at least you give newbies a hope to catch-up some day. There is nothing else you can do.
  10. the server was going on for years without any msg. maybe add npc buffs and d/s while you re at it...ffs.
  11. Why is any message so important? To awaken the sleeping beauties?