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  1. Sensei

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    @Missavrora You went ahead and called everyone who bothered to answer you "dumb", and yet they all gave you valid arguments and suggestions. Now if your problem is that SV does not drop ENOUGH adena, or bots pick up, or you don't have buffs to xp, i reach to the following conclusions: 1) you're impatient 2)you haven't realized that these bots can be outplayed, since they have delay in pick up and you can move to the closest adena first (or even make a low lvl pk char with no grade bow in the same account and clean them) 3)you ignore the fact that you can buy Event Beers as a buff source after dedicating some time in SV Only real argument i could give you, is that these few days in SV won't be very fun. Other than that, yeah, don't even think about grinding on higher lvls, cuz you will start crying about ressing/pkers/stunners/blabla... there, a few more suggestions, want us to chew your food more?
  2. Sensei

    Event PvP

    when war with BRAVO accidentally triggers...
  3. Sensei

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    before you get defensive, just imagine playing on x1 rates with competition for every spot since lvl 20 and -10% per death
  4. Sensei

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    @Missavrora Did u even try to make your own party before coming up with wimpy excuses? All you weaklings who can't take initiative on x3 server with XP scrolls and free adena to pick up in SV should go back to your x500 servers and play with your lightsabers.
  5. Sensei

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    ok... So there's 10 ppl left alive on earth after a nuclear disaster. 4 of them are psychotic serial killers. In a time of crisis like this, everyone should be included in the rebuild of human civiliza-- ugh! --AHHH! -- stop! ----urghhh.....
  6. Sensei

    Can you fix RB bug's once and for all?

    and then you will dominate
  7. Sensei

    Flames of invincibility

    etze The Great Investor was so excited for a second. He thought he will not have to buy talismans ever again!
  8. Sensei

    bsoe / mounting casting

    u can tell how bad they have it when the kebap breaks character...
  9. Sensei

    bsoe / mounting casting

    I suggest to add cooldown to war canceling also
  10. Sensei

    PVP event

    3,5%/day at 79 without enter chat, c ya!
  11. Sensei


    You guys are so cruel throwing newbie-friendly comments around. Yeah sure, let's open new server, so that newbies will be able to compete with allies for the first 10-20 minutes at Keltirs. We will never go back to 2004, snap out of it.
  12. Sensei

    PVP event

    it is sjeks driving DA in the video, the only extra thing I do when I play is to spam aggros on modoy/angerfist between IC's. Like here:
  13. Sensei

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    That's easily the dumbest argument of 2k19 and you should feel ashamed. the "haha" part got me though
  14. Sensei

    weird heal behavior

    My guess is you are using the shitty one