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  1. ^ Exactly. Since there is 0 pvp with the bullsh1t you did and all primes are united, I suggested to make T-rex stronger, so I don't have time to kill it in 1 zealot before i get jumped by 1-2 cps. Literally sacrificing myself for the server's good, but I guess the tyrant nerf will take care of it kappa!
  2. Hero list December 2020. Abyss Walker (Ghost Hunter) - Rizos [EU] Bishop (Cardinal) - Vlado[EU] Bladedancer (Spectral Dancer) - Rennie [EU] Bounty Hunter (Fortune Seeker) - Starikan [EU] Dark Avenger (Hell Knight) - Mosan529 [WK] Destroyer (Titan) - Daahak [DF] Elemental Summoner (Elemental Master) - Lafi [EU] Elven Elder (Eva's Saint) - Masha [EU] Gladiator (Duelist) - zhttty [WK] Hawkeye (Sagittarius) - Jlamepka [WK] Necromancer (Soultaker) - lBraimDamage [WK] Overlord (Dominator) - Kgr [EU] Paladin (Phoenix Knight) - QuelDroma [EU] Phantom Ranger (Ghost Sentinel) - Blut [DF] Phantom Summoner (Spectral Master) - iEtheri [EU] Plains Walker (Wind Rider) - iSng [EU] Prophet (Hierophant) - Krystynka [EU] Shillien Elder (Shillien Saint) - xzp [EU] Shillien Knight (Shillien Templar) - Nerve Silver Ranger (Moonlight Sentinel) - IquiverI [EU] Sorceror (Archmage) - Spyro [DF] Spellhowler (Storm Screamer) - J4cKDan13L [EU] Spellsinger (Mystic Muse) - HaoguSpeller [WK] Sword Singer (Sword Muse) - Fortuna [EU] Temple Knight (Eva's Templar) - lPerseu [WK] Treasure Hunter (Adventurer) - ChenHaoNan [WK] Tyrant (Grand Khavatari) - Angerfist [EU] Warcryer (Doomcryer) - Laerel [EU] Warlock (Arcana Lord) - AntiFun Warlord (Dreadnought) - Warpole [EU] Warsmith (Maestro) - Darling EU - 18 heroes Wukong - 7 heroes DarkForce - 3 heroes Randoms - 3 heroes
  3. So you re saying better make it look like something that is... too ez? I say make T-rex great again, a true king.
  4. I've been training ppl with daggers for years, how am I not a master?
  5. All he does is boring auto hit, and doesn't even hit that hard. It's just a mass of HP meat. Pterosaur is way stronger and he has skills on top. Maybe he is the real" Dominator of the Wild"? Oh, and he is not even aggressive! How about we add some skills to Tyrannosaurus like he has on other chronics (aoe stun/aoe fear/target removal)?
  6. voila... The mentality that has led to free farm in all primes!
  7. Sensei

    Healer or dancer?

    silver ranger is amazing this patch!
  8. Listen man, this is a very unfair thing to say. It took your healers years in this server to have that hard-earned equip, don't make this guy's life miserable.
  9. I'm watching FI now 4 ES at 4 different spots 1shotting aoe Deinonychus kekw
  10. Speaking of Chain Strike, even if it's "resisted" it still interrupts every casted skill/consumable (with the exception of immune status), and that seems weird to me.
  11. i guess i got the sh1tty bugged spot!
  12. there are spots that 2 pteros spawn together with 4mins cooldown. Pretty OP considering the drops
  13. what an achievement! even Judi got that one...
  14. Edited and up. lf DA or Paladin and Bishop or EE