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  1. Who do y'all think you are morally judging the great Biz? I bet you haven't deleted even 1 enemy's epic in your entire life, irrelevant plebs.
  2. Bump. Kurwa.
  3. You can chat after lv 21. This was to slow down rmt spammers.
  4. @Sneaks I'll speedrun this. - It's going to be impossible by normal grinding to make adena/gear unless super lucky. Either you donate a tiny bit at start (premium account/auction gear) or you make spoiler (Dwarf Scavenger) and spend a few days on it until you are financially comfortable. Focus on a good weapon whenever u hit a new mastery checkpoint (D-grade at lv.20 / C-grade at lv.40 / B-grade at lv.52 / A-grade at lv.61), armor can be less of an issue in most cases. General tip: try to farm mobs that you see white, as that means they are in your lvl range. - Quick farming classes can pick up the pace from there (once u get weapon) and u can forget the spoil cancer after that. Atm those classes are Tyrants/Destroyers but I guess melee DDs get the job done as well. Tanks are viable for that too, but def. slower. - Start from any clan with xp bonuses/skills if you can find one, there's plenty actually. The ones with war are only end-game anyway, you will meet them at 76+. - There are no instances, just raid bosses and grinding mobs. - Very few but good quests (25 lvl Moon Knight quest is a must almost) for decent armor set. - Don't be too trusting of ppl you see around, classic has the mechanic that you can drop items if you die to mobs, and others might stun you or sabotage you in any way they can, so be alerted. -It's not going to be very exciting until you are 60 or so because nowadays ppl grind pretty fast, so don't expect to find parties unless it's for Raid bosses. Even so you can always click Alt X -> Party to check if some party is to your tastes. - Finally, my personal tip: if you have a friend or meet someone in game that can give you some basic info, this will ease things a lot. You don't wanna waste your youth trying to figure out how to do class quests as a newbie. Google l2wiki classic when its time for quests (you will get pop-ups at the bottom right of your screen when the time comes) if that friend never shows up and you will eventually get it done. Cheers!
  5. You guys nowadays, have the knowledge to xp and make adena fast from lv.1, and even if you don't, the forum/discord pros will tell you everything you need to know. Still this isn't enough for y'all. You want to farm 100kk your first day, log out 40 lvl with quest, and have A set+6 in 1 month. In the end what were your criteria when you chose this server? Some newbie asked me a few days ago all those how-to's, saying he does not like the idea of donating (respectable). But when I suggested him to make a spoiler and sell mats he felt almost insulted. I lowkey hope he is playing some lolo x5000 right now. (If you want to grind with RBs alone, this will not be a fun experience for you.)
  6. that like does not exist anymore! What did you do to her??!
  7. @DrunkAngel you know the saying "you are the sum of the 5 ppl you spend most of your time with". Now the word "puppet" coming out of your m--keyboard is giving shivers even to a Huge player like me.
  8. great speech Biz. next topic pls.
  9. ^ "besides memes" includes this guy spamming ruski like anyone is going to translate
  10. What was the point of this post besides memes? What did you want to suggest exactly? You already farm all the RBs, no?
  11. There is a char called laxzp in one of my accounts but the only mail I will probably receive is one with death threats
  12. Angel on the right shoulder: If someone makes such a post, it implies good intention to return items. Devil on the left shoulder: If someone makes such a post, they probably want to either humiliate the other player for making a -lets all admit- dumb mistake or is simply a call for attention, it's hard to stay lowkey every time epics are lost. They don't have war since over a year afaik, so I don't know if I buy that "war excuse", and as I wait for confirmation on that, let's just say your asscrack of an ex-leader had beef with them and that influences your thought process. Asking cuz you need opinions on a public forum? Fk yeah hommie, an ancient player like you really needs and depends on the opinions of 50 random forum masters to make an ethics decision. Wait, what char was this mail sent to? No way I want to assume you made nicknames similar to your old enemies hoping for a day like this, aye? You guessed right, I want to side with the right shoulder guy!