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  1. i can totally imagine you voice acting Bart, modoyko
  2. i can log any of the lovely couple of the year (no, not you and rizo)
  3. wts fireworks for 1 month anniversairy of rightful Aden owners
  4. trying to farm sympathy like from chinos or what?
  5. Sensei

    Macro table

    that must be 100% the reason!
  6. @Amorfius brother, I posted over 15 videos on discord of obvious bots and loop macros users, guess how many got actually banned. I don't even bother anymore, waste of time. In the past similar videos were finding response but now I don't know who reviews them...
  7. Just .... fix ... dat ... sh1t ... por favor! 2-3 years of oly not enough to finally fix?
  8. I would prefer if this option was turned off completely actually. I don't understand this idea of classic servers (they were showing the highest lvls also on skelth). What if people don't want their lvl to be public for their own reasons?
  9. ok, so Zp wished my family to get Jzoo (which he considers equal to corona), should I report that sob?
  10. there's no place for edgy ppl in your world :(
  11. I heard some ppl got chat banned for saying "macaco", which they deemed as a racial slur. Who is deciding here which words are getting banned? And where is the list of those words huh? Is freedom of speech a lie?
  12. indeed, grow up, you sensitive sjw
  13. Sensei

    WuKong Family

    Well said! check ban list and then all the videos I posted of china on loop macro. Literally 0 bans! Thanks for highlighting it for us...! (links are in bot section of discord)
  14. let's annoy Modoy, I'll spill the beans: You need to be near something to succeed activating Vengeance (mob, enemy, etc...). You will always fail it in an open field.