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  1. because a video of Core 3 failing is important after all these years I guess...
  2. Sensei

    Dagger /4/

    Worst part: "with respect to our enemies" ...meh Best part: EU butthurt enemies who are saving the like button only for their 5 different povs of same video by their side KEKW Good content, we want more!
  3. Fresh Summoner CP on the rise looking for Swordsinger 70+ OR Bladedancer. Prime: 20.00 - 00.00 (most of us play out of prime as well) Message me either: - here on forum - discord Nansey#6968 - pm/mail "Glance in game
  4. It's just an overplayed topic imho, but has remained for too long. Not that ppl actually disagree.
  5. You answer the question I asked first, and then you might get an answer as well. That's how it goes with me Also, don't get mad, you won't grow pubes faster.
  6. "If we're gonna keep pushing ppl out off oly, what will be left inside? Only stacked old players and ponies?" ^ Goldfish memory I guess, but I'm here to remind you ^
  7. Oh, did mythrandir use merrow vs you? sorry i didn't notice. to somehow answer your silly point seriously, they're a problem to any non-OP class that stood a fair chance before the boost. If we're gonna keep pushing ppl out off oly, what will be left inside? Only stacked old players and ponies?
  8. did you really, @MoDoy ? ma dude just showed us the winrate of all the feeding summoners or the random garbages who don't even use talis!
  9. I'll wait a bit so you can re-edit this weak-ass comment (perhaps the shock of DMs leaked by strong personas of club), so that you don't look like a bitch in your own topic.
  10. biggest respeck on club is when u beg zp to come and help u "fack up nansey in gc xD"
  11. Long story short, guy above would pick epicless DA over epicless pony any day. That's the kind of ppl I waste my life dealing with every day for the last few years...
  12. what's the hot bet here? If modoyko can make better score with DA 77 than SpellG?