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  1. Sensei

    WTB Karmian parts +8/9/10

    pm here or "JulienBlanc in game
  2. Sensei

    wts/t +15 Demon Staff

    50% after +15 for fighter weapons according to my sources
  3. Sensei

    wts/t +15 Demon Staff

    According to my sources, after +15 for mage weapons it's like 33% chance. If I click it anyway, you can safely assume I'll be high on shrooms.
  4. Sensei

    I got frisky ... again

    1,4* never saw that prick again
  5. Sensei

    I got frisky ... again

    Hah, of course and thanks for the condolences man, but it's cool rly Made my demon staff +15 right after. I couldn't sell the damn dagger or even get a decent trade... Probably ppl thought "it's weak cuz D grade", but the dmg output was more than fine. Oh well... I've got a bunch of crap to enchant over the next days, so look forward to more.
  6. Sensei

    wts/t +15 Demon Staff

    I'd like to trade this and adena for Demon Staff +16/17/more
  7. Sensei

    I got frisky ... again

    dagger crystalized
  8. Sensei

    Dagger oly movie

    whats wrong with playing oly, as long as you get a kick out of it?
  9. Sensei

    Dagger oly movie

    i think he needs a +19 CM to take hero
  10. Sensei

    I got frisky ... again

  11. Sensei

    Archer CP lf BD 74+

    We wanna see how we are doing on our own as full cp before we decide on a side or w/e
  12. Sensei

    Archer CP lf BD 74+

  13. Sensei

    Archer CP lf BD 74+

    can close thread.