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  1. Good points overall. Owl for 76+ chars should at least be able to receive from 70 rb. Pterosaur Talon needs +% droprate. The Fang-to-Talon ratio is silly. I was farming only pteros for the last few days, the results were dissapointing; sometimes I would go 3h straight without a single Talon drop. Also slight increase in Bones/Tissues/Shells makes a lot of sense. Priests lvl up, meh not really, randoms can barely kill them now before frenzy, don't make their life even harder. Zaken/Antharas priests sounds like super custom server. AQ/Core/Orfen are a joke. Mechanics of those epics favor the defender, you can send ponies outside the pvp zone to aoe anything, plus the ridiculous INSTA-AGGRO of minions if you hit with melee char. Yikes. Ridiculous also to think that you have to use 2-3 tanks that can get bluffed/shadow-stepped by daggers and die from ants that hit 2-3k dmg, pushing ppl to not log their mains cuz they lose tons of xp at 82+ if this takes a long time. Very dumb concept that 1 tank is not enough. It's SO bad that it makes the old low lvl system look brilliant. Literally 2 ppl can completely stop AQ. Antharas system, can't agree more. Zero pvp concept behind it, just mindlessly run it for days. Lilith/Anakim runes, same thing with FI, someone sucks at math.
  2. after your 5th covid injection -not only conspiracies- you might as well start seeing peace in Ukraine.
  3. Love the idea of Imperial Tomb for next patch, also make Lair great again. Armor/Weapon upgrades sounds good, the Artifact thing was awesome on some srvr i played once. S grades i believe are coming soon. You REALLY don't want catacombs here, the moment they appear its a countdown. Farmers will do nothing else in the game, just farm endlessly gems etc. Depressing place that will probably increase the suicide rates of clubbers. About current zones, they re not bad at all, just difficult for low/mid gear ppl. GC gives massive xp. Heine is crazy good if you make a proper aoe group, and you can even solo 1by1 there for drops/xp (MJ,NM armors, Gems). Very underrated spot. Zariche is a hilarious concept I would accept it for comedy purposes, but it feels like a trash server after a while.
  4. The coins are already ruining the weapons market, take a look at shops; its way too obvious. Armors are not even 20% relevant compared to weapons. A newbie will start with a damage dealer class 9 out of 10 times, as long as he does damage, he is super fine with basic +0 set. We get it. You want to defend the new patch to not disapoint ppl so early, but you will come to regret it later when more RB-speedrunners like me show up with red Star Busters... Even now, you think randoms touch 70+ RBs? You are out of your mind! Instead of disqualifying this guy's thoughts its probably wiser to come up with a way out of this dark future.
  5. I like the idea of removing the option to add runes to those weapons as someone said on discord. About new server, I don't have an issue with it. But it would create extra source of epics for top allies.
  6. If you spend some time observing this coins situation and get your calculator ready, you will probably fall into a state of depression about the future of the server. This system (coupled with removing RB drops) was initially supposed to help newbies make gear and get rid of low RB farmers. Supposed to... Well, lets look at the situation after over a month in this patch. Did newbies make gear? Yes, a little bit. Why only a little bit? Because for farmers this is even better right now than before. A lvl 70 RB gives to each participant of the last hit party 4k coins, thats 36k in total for a 9-man pt. Now farmers are more motivated than ever to farm those RBs for coins since they can effectively enchant B shadow weapons forever until they are top geared and if they wish so in the future they can sell those accounts for good cash. Also let's not forget that 70 RBs offer the chance to spawn 75 Death Knight, thats a nice little extra for the farmers! 1,5 month or so in this patch and a couple of chars like the one below have appeared. Just food for thought: is this the beginning of the end? Is the economy of non-shadow weapons about to be broken? What is the best alternative, delete this system and brainstorm again how to protect newbies?
  7. they dont have time to do that,i s/d in town, port to event place and kill in 1 zealot
  8. was nice event, boss was giving in duo as much XP as a priest and died in 1 zealot (yes you could break the party after u summon the boss and remake) . Imagine if I knew about this abuse, ez 84
  9. Hello! Cpt.Obvious here. Why on god's green earth wouldn't you give Destro the OPTION to lvl up Destroyer's Roar at 82 like other classes?
  10. I was kind enough to lighten the mood while everyone is cringeing at your post, and you hit me back with the good'ol gtfo?
  11. This is the kind of man i would glady offer my daughter's hand.
  12. if your 9-man party lost to solo players we are deeply sorry for your incompetence. Better luck on your next project.
  13. There's still blood and flame
  14. The things you can take from this convo are: 1) If you want to protect the server from turning p2w - you hunt RMT like a mfker. 2) If you want to make money go work in china/korea and come back to europe only for holidays. 3) Even when you completely dominate, there will be always butthurt plebs like the one above denying why they failed. Now excuse me, as I wipe my tears in these waterproof Baium and Zaken jewels.
  15. I'm so busy winning that I can't even spare a tear for your period blood.