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  1. Sensei

    WTB Karmian parts +8/9/10

    UP! I'll make you rich
  2. Sensei

    Event Winter attack!

    I have to figure out if its worth opening first before i can brag to my heart's content
  3. Sensei

    Event Winter attack!

    Anybody wanna post their event results?
  4. Sensei

    will free 100%bres be cancelled in 2.5?

    They really cucked themselves there But anyways, what has been done cannot be undone at this point. If i had to come up with a newbie-friendly solution........ Maybe add at some point an event for low lvls only to balance things out in the consumable department (non-tradeable event items).
  5. Sensei

    will free 100%bres be cancelled in 2.5?

    Right. And we had something similar here for a while... I remember losing 2% at 78 but they "fixed" that back to 4% later on.
  6. Sensei

    will free 100%bres be cancelled in 2.5?

    And don't you think that makes pk'ing pointless too? Why pk someone if you are both going to spend the same amount of adena? Anyway, on the b.res part...For example I have b.ress'es for easily 2 years, but how do you expect to fix that? Delete the b.ress'es that ppl paid huge loads of adena to obtain? Without b.res grinding 78+ becomes frustrating and one of the main reasons that is, is the dumb idea that a 79 guy gets same xp reduction upon death (-4%) as a 50lvl guy. Good luck taking back that xp if you get bishop ress every time...
  7. Sensei

    New update suggestions

    Being able to see buffs/debuffs is absolute bs, go play ertheia if you are into that.
  8. Sensei


    Neither does denial. Perhaps its intended, or sph has 0 chance vs OL/WC/DA/necro
  9. Sensei


    haha chill it's not about the range, its about the obstacles
  10. Sensei

    WTS +15 Demon Staff, Avadon Rb.set +6

    Bump. Also selling: - BW hvy set - Othell runes 8, 9 - Improved EWC
  11. Sensei

    WTS +15 Demon Staff, Avadon Rb.set +6

    as much as your jewels
  12. Sensei

    WTS +15 Demon Staff, Avadon Rb.set +6

  13. Sensei

    Road to Hero - Draca

    ^ thats on
  14. pm/mail "JulienBlanc "Nansey (better mail) or forum message