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Mouse/Keyboard macro regulations

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Dear players!

We have had a lot of discussions about situation with players, who use mouse/keyboard macro to play on more than 1 computer and came to the following conclusion:

If a player uses mouse/keyboard macros or any other tool like that, it is forbidden to loop ingame macros with it!
Reasoning is simple: it automatizes game process and is allowing characters perform actions by itself. So from now on it is considered FORBIDDEN just as a use of bot, and it is a reason we will never have ingame loop macro or auto farm. Players should play by hands, and not with soft doing it for them.

Players are still allowed to use mouse/keyboard macro for fast switch between windows, bind ingame keys to mouse/keyboard instead of pressing preset keys, but are not allowed to make it so your macro is looped and/or controlling your character for you!


Classic Team

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