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For all Greek players using Vodafone internet provider

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Dear players!

We have found out that majority of players from Greece, who's internet provider is Vodafone, are having lags in game.

Before you read further, you must understand that your inaction and no participation/cooperation with us harms you and will not solve the problem. Remaining indifferent means less chance of solving the problem. You must understand this and actively work with us on this topic, and then together we can solve your problem with your provider.

One of our team members has contacted Vodafone to try to solve the issue, but they say that their customers (and we are not their customers) had no complains.


So we ask all Vodafone customers from Greece to contact us so that we can jointly collect all the data of the tests and write a detailed letter, which each Vodafone customer (personally with their data) will send to their support team.

You can do it by writing to me in Discord Kse#0347 or write to the Live chat here on the forum



We want to stress again, that alone we can not solve it for you. Without the fix from Vodafone, lags will continue happening, and not on our servers only, but in other servers and in other games as well, because packet loss starts right on your provider.
And in case of deaths caused not by our side, we can not support you and accept your claims for items/exp return.


Classic Team

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