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Spring Event: Milly's Little Piggy

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Dear friends!

Milly came to our lands for your help!


Her little piggy ran away, and now it is all alone, scared and hungry somewhere in the city! Please, find Little Piggy and feed her! But she is on a special diet and can only eat ap.pngGolden Apigas to be that shiny.

Also piggy is magical, each time you give her ap.pngApiga, she will reward you!

To get ap.pngGolden Apigas, you need to hunt monsters level 20+ and get from them app.pngGold Piece

Bring 35 app.pngGold Pieces to Milly, and she will exchange them for 1 ap.pngGolden Apiga!

Or you can just give her 40 app.pngGold Pieces and she will reward you with the appp.pngGolden chest!

When you have ap.pngApigas, find Milly's Little Piggy and feed her! But, please, don't scare her, everyone on Milly's farm is small and even for her you are scary. Every time you will feed Milly's Little Piggy, you will get appp.pngGolden chest!


Event reward lists are different for Talking Island and Dion servers and can be found when talking to Milly!


Event Duration:

21.04.2023 - 12.05.2023

NPCs will stay till maintenance on 15.05.2023

Client update is required in order to see Event NPCs and Items!


And Talking Island residents will be getting 2x EXP/SP Weekend!

It will run from 21.04.2023 till Monday, 24.04.2023 maintenance! 


Happy hunting!

Classic Team

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