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Dear players!

In this topic we want to share with you some of our closest plans for the Project development

And the plans as for now are:

1) Dion update ( 2.0.2 + Classes Balance), more features and services. - complete
2) Talking Island update (Which will be a continuation of Hellbound path with opening of Tower of Infinitum). - in progress
3) Server's 8th Anniversary, which will include Forum contest, Event and Holiday Giveaways!
4) Halloween celebration with themed gifts!
5) 2 automatic Mini Events "Enchant Rush" / "Compound your Luck" which will keep running globally
6) Christmas and New Year celebration, which will include Forum contest, Event and Holiday Giveaways!
7) Considering Zaken update for Dion based on players progression.

Our future plans contains, but are not limited to listed steps
We will be monitoring servers progress and new Newbie QoL updates, changes and adjustments might be released at any point in the future.


The topic will be updated as we progress in our plans


Classic Team

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