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Event: Cursed Monastery v.2 + Jack O'Lantern hunt

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Dear friends!

Very scary news has come to us!?
Old monastery got cursed and now nuns, which are living there, are in deadly danger! 
By someone's cruel spell, half of nuns were transformed into something.... scary and lethal... and now, completely wild and enraged, they are trying to kill pure innocent nuns!

As soon as Father Lucas, who is helping nuns to sell their craft all over the world, heard of what happened, he run to us and is asking for your help!

To help nuns you will first need to hunt 20+ level monsters over the map and find a8.pngTeleportation scrolls

As soon as you will have good amount of those, find Lucas


Lucas will give you Curse immunity buff, which will keep you immune to Cursed Nuns, and will send you to the monastery, where you need to find Nuns and give Teleportation scrolls to as many as you can find so they can escape!
And you need to hurry! If you won't save the nun in 1 minute, she will get killed!


Each saved Nun will give you a9.pngNun's ring as a thank you for saving her.

Remember! You can stay in the monastery only for the time of the buff - 20 minutes! 

Bring a9.png Nun's rings to Lucas, and as a reward for each 25 Rings he will give you one of a10.png Nun's Gift Boxes!



Oh! And who is that suspicious man called Boris lurking around Lucas and calling you?


If you are venturous person, you might like his offer.
Boris will offer you to gamble. And bet Nun's rings for each game. So if you are lucky you will get more, but if you are not.... you will loose what you bet.
Interested? Then Boris will give you directions of where to find "Gaming trio" Gilligan, Gerold and Gavin, which will offer you to play Bingo, BlackJack and Slot machine.
Good luck!



By the way, have you met Jack O'Lantern??


You can meet him at night!
He might look a bit scary, but he is a nice guy!
Visit him and take a candy. His candies are tasty and have a very nice effect. You will like it for sure!

Don't want to go in game to figure it's effect by yourself?
Ok, i'll tell you!
Eating candy will give you 3% EXP/SP gain for 1 hour!
But longer you wait - better aftertaste it gives! In 1 hour % will increase to 6% for 1 more hour! In 2 hours - 9% for 1 hour and in 3 - 15% for one hour!

You can eat the candy only once every 12 hours!


And if you thought that's it, you are totally wrong!

Every 3 hours (0:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 Server time) Jack O'Lantern will be appearing on Giran Square!


But he won't come alone! Cursed Nuns and Berserkers will come and try to kill him, so it's our duty to protect Jack O'Lantern!


Every time 10 minutes prior to event start, you will see system message informing you about it! So don't waste any time and head to Giran!


Talk to Jack O'Lantern and get from him an Evil cutter


Equip it and you will get skill ff.png Holy attack. Use this skill to kill all enemies!
You will need to use the skill 5 times to defeat each Cursed Nun, and 20 for the Berserker

Do not let enemies attack Jack O'Lantern! He can only take 50 hits


If he will be killed, the mission will fail and no reward will be granted, so you will have to try again in 3 hours.


But if all the Evil will be defeated, Jack O'Lantern will reward you!

Talk to him within 5 minutes after all enemies are defeated, and receive 10 Blood Coins + 1 a10.pngNun's Gift Box + a chance to get cosmetic Halloween themed items listed below.

Blood Coins can be exchanged for Holiday themed cosmetic items at a standard Jack O'Lantern NPC, which is only appear at night time.

You can get following items:



Event rewards chances were buffed for better items!


Event duration:

30.10.2019 - 20.11.2023

NPCs will stay till 24.11.2023


Plus, every player will receive a Halloween Gift on their characters!


In order to see Event NPCs and items, Client update is required!


Best regards,
Classic Team

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