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Valentine's day Event!

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Dear friends!

February 14th... Time of Love!!!

We couldn't skip this holiday and happy to announce Valentine's Event!

Every monster level 20+ will have a chance to drop 1 out of 9 puzzle pieces.


Gather all of them, bring complete puzzle to Rosalia NPC


In exchange you will get image.pngValentine's Gift Box.
Full list of rewards can be found at Rosalia NPC


And that's not it!

Rosalia will be happy to present all of you Cupid's bow!



Use dddddd.pngCupid's Bow on other players (or yourself) outside of town, and charge them with ssssss.pngOverwhelming Love! The buff, which will increase player's EXP/SP gain and will get stronger every hour for the next 4 hours! But next buff can be only taken in 6 hours after previous buff is over!



And NPC Nostalgia got something for you as well!

During 2 weeks (12.02.2024 - 26.02.2024) you can purchase from her Lovebird cloak and use it yourself or present to your loved one!

cgfnbv  xfg.png


Event duration:

12.02.2024 - 26.02.2024

NPCs will stay till the maintenance on 02.03.2024


Happy Valentine's day!

IMPORTANT! Client update is required to see new buff and items!


Best regards,
Classic Team


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