[WTB / WTS / CRAFT] Reaver shop.

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Item 1867.jpgAnimal Skin  - 750a

Item 1882.jpgLeather - 5k

Item 1875.jpgSoP - 20k 

Файл:Item 1880.jpgSteel - 10k

Item 4042.jpgEnria - 90k

Item 2437.jpg Drake Leather Boots


All kind of B keys.

Item 5126.jpgDual Weapon Craft Stamps. -1kk

Item 284.jpgDark Elven Long Bow +3 - 90kk

Item 243.jpg Twilight Knife - 25kk

Item 92.jpg Spirit's Staff - 25kk

Item 110.jpg Doom Shield - 10kk

Item 2417.jpg Doom Helmet 30kk

Item 2417.jpg Blue Wolf Helmet 35kk

Item 2398.jpg Blue wolf tunic 60kk

Item 441.jpgDemon's sets

screenshot_290.pngWild Magic Spellbooks


pm or mail  "reaver


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how about Cetus ?

just ask for reference :)

​I think to craft it in nearly future

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