Partner program

Invite friends
Get 10% of their deposits
The partner program gives you the opportunity to receive a stable income and pleasant in-game bonuses, you only need to invite friends and share your referral link on social networks, sites, videos etc.

Participating in the program you and your friends can get:

You will get 10% of
all referral deposits
on your balance!

Agathion White Maneki Neko
When your referrals donates
over 100 EUROS

Rare and unique JET BIKE mount
When your referrals donates
over 1000 EUROS

+10% EXP/SP

All your referrals
will get Zaken's Hat (15 days)
And 10% Bonus on first deposit

As well for streamers are provided additional bonuses:

Streamer coins and Premium account. More information on the forum
Become a partner

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is partner program?

After registration on you will get partner link and referral code that you should place anywhere and get bonuses on the balance on our website. If your referral deposit money - it will be shown in your master account and you will receive a percentage of the amount.

Where is allowed to place the referral link?

Your website, groups or pages in social networks, top lists, video sites -, etc. Also you can use any streaming platform like,, etc.

Does Streaming Campaign still working?

Yes, follow the instructions and get additional bonuses for streamers.

I gave my referral link to many people, however I did not receive any money.

Whoever used your referral link already had an account on the site or had used the link of other partners. Each user can only be connected to one referral link.

What’s a bonus for referrals?

After registration by your affiliate link or code activation, referral will automatically receive The Zaken's Hat for 15 days in the game and 10% bonus on first deposit. The Zaken's Hat gives +10% EXP/SP bonus for 20 minutes every 4 hours!

Spamming your referral link or code on our social networks is forbidden!

Your partner program account can be banned on for spamming in our social networks.

How can i claim a reward item?

Log in on the site and choose Partner Program from the left sidebar, there you will find out the button below statistics.

How much Jet Bikes can I get?

Since the update of the program you can get Jet Bike for EACH 1000 euros donated by your referrals. And a little bonus for you, Jet Bike is tradable.

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