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  1. Clan Chilli recruiting

    Hi i have LVL 40 becoming OL wanted to join clan too if needed i mostly play few hours a day but weekends i am mostly off because IRL activity Edit: OL quests done already
  2. cannot join

    Hi i cannot join server. I try to log on server everything works nicely but when trying to choose european server nothing happens ??? i restarted cpu and tried again now launcher is giving error that cannot load nothing ? Is there some issues on servers ?
  3. 2.0 failed initialization error 0xc0000142

    i have same issue, is there anything to fix it ???
  4. L2.exe don't run

    i have xp and i try to use it and this come, is this because XP ???
  5. 2.0 Update! 24.10.2017

    i only see 2.0 client and patch are they enough to download or where i find new updater ???
  6. Targeting dead mobs

    ok soon as server will get up
  7. Targeting dead mobs

    yeah well mine wont target that dead mob i click like hell and nothing
  8. Targeting dead mobs

    I cannot target dead mobs for spoiling and shift + click doesn't work can anyone give advice ???