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  1. Today I got 1 part over 180 Thunder wyrm. (expected 4'5 parts) The part droped on the wyrm nÂș 57.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been killing thunder wyrm (https://l2db.club/?show=npc_info&id=20243, https://l2db.club/?show=npc_info&id=20282) The mob drops 5 parts of weapon at 1/200 chance. So the chance that a mob doesnt drop any its (199/200)^5 (something like 97'52 %) Yesterday and today I have been killing this "lovely" wyrm and I get 0 keys. I killed more than 120, when they should drop a key every 40 wyrms (on average, you know ramdomness can be luck/badluck). But the chance of not getting any key on 120 mobs is 5%, which means at 95% you should get at least one key. Dunno if it's something wrong with my pony, the way I kill, the rng that hates me or God wanna make me suffer (except the day I killed three salamander and two of them droped me a mid D weapon, wtf(?)) but I feel like something is not working, maybe because I do not understand the mechanics of the "randomness". Can you help me to solve this mistery? Thank you for your work and the great server. PD: My sumoner is 53 and mobs are 54 lvl
  3. Hello everyone! I'm farming in cruma for long time and killing Dark knight which are supposed to drop: The point is I got from drop like 10-20 recipe of demon's boots but only 2 keys of them. It cannot be bad luck, smthing is not working. I'm killing with ES with nuke skill since I was 47 and now i'm 51 (still green). Thank you very much! PD: I want those boots!
  4. I miss the screen with the windmill. That screen changed my life ^^
  5. Welcome everyone! I want to ask if the account name of the Dion accounts will be the same as the ones we have created on TI, I logged in my account and saw that there are alredy created the same accounts on Dion server. You will change it? Thank you very much for all the effort!
  6. Summoners also are lvling up the nuke skill after lvl 40. This will be changed?
  7. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/77272-dion-x3-classic-15-server-description/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-237997
  8. who said that? have anything to prove this?
  9. If does not work like this its bugged. The p.atack of the weapon and the type is what tells you how strong it is. It has no sense than a katana and a samurai long sword have same p.atack but the samurai gives more stats to the char. If so, the p.atack of a weapon would be a joke to lie on begginers.
  10. Epics doesnt affect. What you need to check is that every +1 of over enchant has to give double p.atack than every +1 on safe enchant. In this case is giving x3 that amount so that its wrong. Also weapons with same p.atack must give same p.atack to the character. (Always if they are of the same type, because a char can have masteries for blunt and not for dagger/fists).
  11. Hello everyone ! My friend @Sensei told me that the weapons A grade were giving more p.atack than B. Then I show him how BOP+5 and Carnage +2, two weapons with same p.attack, give the same amount of P.atack to the char. After, he demonstrate me how a Carnage +10 was giving more p.atack to the character than a BOP +14 which must be false because the p.atack of the weapon BOP +14 is greater. Then I made my own experiment: So I tried many bows and I did the following table: Bow of Peril Carnage Bow Ench Weap P.atack Char P.Atack Increase for+1 Ench Weap. P.Atack P.Atack Increase for+1 5 456 2089 0 440 2026 6 472 2153 64 1 448 2058 32 7 488 2216 63 2 456 2089 31 8 504 2279 63 3 464 2121 32 9 520 2343 64 4 480 2216 95 10 536 2406 63 5 496 2311 95 11 552 2470 64 6 512 2406 95 12 568 2533 63 7 528 2501 95 13 584 2596 63 8 544 2596 95 14 600 2660 64 9 560 2691 95 15 616 2723 63 10 576 2786 95 16 632 2786 63 11 592 2881 95 17 648 2850 64 12 608 2976 95 18 664 2913 63 13 624 3071 95 19 680 2976 63 14 640 3167 96 20 696 3040 64 15 656 3262 95 - The p.atack of all the weapons grow on the same rate. (+8 p.atack on safe enchant and +16 p.atack on overenchant). - The bonus on the BOP is as intended, giving char p.atack on the enchants on +4 and above. - The Carnage bow, when it is enchanted by +4 or more, is increasing the char P.atack by more than intended. Every enchant is giving 95 p.atack to the char when it is supposed to give 63 like the BOP. Every enchant gives the same amount of p.atack to the weapon and so to the char. - So a Carnage +10 now is giving same stats than a BOP +16 when it should give less p.atack than a BOP+13. - That means that for every +2 OE on your Carnage bow is like you make a +3 on your BOP. Conclusions A-grade over-enchanted weapons are giving more stats to the characters than intended.
  12. Did u count that FP set gives you +5% p.def? And did you unseal the helmet to be heavy?
  13. Also for me was hard. One week trying to drop Phantom cubic SB. I get all the full drops x3 and x5 life cubic. Was desesperate, but at the end it droped.Books are very hard, specially if you need them.
  14. Hello everyone! I was farming the new event and I saw that the event item looks like varnish (a brown ugly bag) I know is it possible to make the event shine more by changing those textures !!! I feel so happy when i kill a mob and I see that it dropeed something brilliant and cool (example enria, blade from a weapon or event item with unique aspect like we got on past events) I think is a great idea to make the event items look unique even when dropped on floor. So if you can and is not so much work, change the textures of the event dropped items. Thank you very much !!!
  15. Budesca

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    Santa is free now at Giran !!! BTW the blessing is increasing each hour like in halloween !!!