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  1. Budesca

    WTB OL Books

    Only miss Seal of Disease ! Thank you very much !!!
  2. Budesca

    WTB OL Books

    UP !
  3. Budesca

    WTB OL Books

    Good News Everyone ! I need the following Books: - Seal of Disease I pay 10kk for each book. Mail to Mixeta. Thank you!
  4. Budesca

    Pirate Treasure Hunt

    I killed tons of mobs and I did not get any single piece. I think GM should check it.
  5. Budesca

    Death Knights

    Hello everyone! I have been hunting raids (killed like 20) and I did not see any death knight. Someone saw one? it should be 15% to spawn and I do not think that i am so unlucky... Also vampiric rage is not working fine in raids (for example in Nurka's Messenger or Breka Warlock Pastu). Thank you for you answer!
  6. Budesca

    Drop rate of items

    The drop rate on our server is 1/2000 (0.005%). On web the drop chances are diferent because are for new chronicles.
  7. Budesca


    You need to use an account created some time ago and his old password/pin.
  8. Budesca


    Hola! Si hay hispanos activos. Si no recuerdo mal el clan HDM es hispano y también hay un clan llamado black cats o thundercats que es hispano. Ah i también el clan Comadrejas. Te recomiendo que entres al discord para preguntar en la sección hispanohablante. Yo personalmente juego en un clan internacional. Espero que te animes, suerte!
  9. Budesca

    WTB Baium Talisman

    I want to buy Talisman of Baium. Pm or mail Mixeta in game, Thank you.
  10. Budesca


    There is no pets, only summons and agathions.
  11. Budesca

    Donate bug?

    Same problem for me
  12. Budesca

    Editing system messages colors

    Also multiple select Also will be nice to: select multiple messages and edit them all at once. The option to order the msgs by color or by alphabetical order on the "simple" skin. Save your personaliced colours. Btw very gj and thank you very much for this !!!
  13. Budesca

    How to make Adena

    Welcome newcomer!!! If you need adenas there is a easy way to do it: go to silent valley (Aden). There some ppl kill mobs and dont pick up so you can get his drop and make adenas easy and fast. Also there is no agressive mobs in silent valley. Like this you can easy get enought money to buy top D gear in 1-2 days. Good luck!
  14. Budesca

    WTS TOI6, Othel6, EWX, Eminence+8

  15. Budesca


    I buy Improved Enchant Armor (D-Grade) for 1,5kk. Trader Maduixa buy them in Giran Harbor. Thank you !!!