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  1. Budesca


    I think it's russian patch or some similar language. If you find it in english share it plz.
  2. Budesca

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    The pot calling the kettle black
  3. Budesca

    Arena with obstacles maybe?

    marriage custom quest would be OP! making a hard and long quest for it will be so cool and funny. It will be nice to gather all the materials along the map to create your dressing, to mine the gold to make your alliances at the dwarven mines, to save the ceremony priest from the elven ruins and then get a full CC for the marriage!!!
  4. I think having test server is very helpful and will be nice to have it again. About Zaken I'm sure they will fix it if there is any problem and for sure they have been working and fixing his behaivour all this time.
  5. Budesca

    Sweetest Venom drop rate.

    they changed recently and now works with party, did u try it in the las week? maybe now works for you. BTW i made the quest with an overlord killing 1 by 1 so i know ur pain. Just need patience...
  6. Budesca

    Sweetest Venom drop rate.

    Not true....
  7. Budesca

    Sweetest Venom drop rate.

    If you one shot this mobs they dont give quest item (only happens on class change quests). Make sure that u hit them at least twice before they die.
  8. Budesca

    Max Critical Rate

    max rate on stats is 500 critical. Depends on position and level the "real" critical chance, in front is like 50% and increased from sides and behind.
  9. Budesca

    Enchant Rates

    The teorical chances i found some time ago where: To + % 1 100,00 2 100,00 3 100,00 4 66,67 5 33,33 6 25,00 7 20,00 8 16,67 9 14,29 10 12,50 Keep in mind this values are for a big number of items. If you enchant few pieces, luck >>> enchant rate.
  10. Budesca

    Saga of the Doomcrier

    Opened ticket. ID: FRZ-269-1586 Thank you
  11. Budesca

    Saga of the Doomcrier

    The NPC from the quest is not speaking after killing the quest mob so I cannnot continue the quest: Thanks for help !
  12. Budesca

    Saga of the Doomcrier

    The NPC from the quest is not speaking so I cannnot continue the quest: Thanks for help !
  13. Budesca

    WTB OL Books

    Only miss Seal of Disease ! Thank you very much !!!
  14. Budesca

    WTB OL Books

    UP !
  15. Budesca

    WTB OL Books

    Good News Everyone ! I need the following Books: - Seal of Disease I pay 10kk for each book. Mail to Mixeta. Thank you!