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  1. Night mode for forum

    +1 switch button for lights off
  2. classes rarity

    That's because people are thinking about themselves nor do they think outside the box. Many raids can be done melee with proper tank+bishop etc. But thats just my oppinion
  3. classes rarity

    Everyone forgot Bishop

    WTB Akat longbow without +++. 4-5kk PM in game/forum Singina/Gwydion
  5. WTB Spellbooks.

    Up, still looking for Death Whisper
  6. WTB Spellbooks.

    WTB Spellbook: Haste
  7. WTB Spellbooks.

    Hello, looking to buy: Death whisper SB
  8. new player looking for clan/group (EN/FR)

    I will write in your fashion. Welcome to the server, MsStabby. For a chit chat or small talk - SpoiledPunk/Gwydion
  9. Global discussion

    are you supporting me on what I said or against me?
  10. Global discussion

    Yes, obviously, but it was like this since Lineage2 and private servers were created, people still didn't learned to enjoy what they have and stop whining over everything? We are having FREE fun, so what that we are behind? we will go to that damn 2.0 at some point. Is it about the patch or about the game and friends we are playing with? more than 10 years should have tought people not to QQ about such things because it doesnt change anything and makes community toxic.
  11. Global discussion

    then i dont get it, why the hell people complain so much? Im playing here for like two weeks, having a blast, i dont see many empty zones, grinding is fun, making money, gearing up, a lot of english speaking people. Why so much hate and complaining about our server? The only negative thing i noticed, people are unfriendly to each other.
  12. Global discussion

    so pretty much for europe this is the only server?
  13. Global discussion

  14. Global discussion

    Cause you know, my biggest concern, is not big or small community, but concern is longevity of the server. I want to achieve things and have fun. What's why im asking and such topics... they make you stop and think and instead of breaking your nerves just to quit lineage2 in general.
  15. Global discussion

    though, which server is most popular generally speaking 4eugaming, l2classic or russian official?