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  1. WTS>

  2. WTS>

  3. WTS>

    1 ^^, im selling the one i got from you too once i hit 52 for doom
  4. WTS>

    WTS> FP Armor 3KK FP helmet 3kk x2 FP shield 500k Divine tunic 1.5kk EAC x6 580k Discord, Ithilaer - Gwydion. IG: Gwydion, Ithilaer, Claria
  5. Buff Scammer be carefull

    Always buy from Gwydi. +1 for punishment.
  6. Custom pets

  7. Night mode for forum

    +1 switch button for lights off
  8. classes rarity

    That's because people are thinking about themselves nor do they think outside the box. Many raids can be done melee with proper tank+bishop etc. But thats just my oppinion
  9. classes rarity

    Everyone forgot Bishop
  10. WTB AKAT

    WTB Akat longbow without +++. 4-5kk PM in game/forum Singina/Gwydion
  11. WTB Spellbooks.

    Up, still looking for Death Whisper
  12. WTB Spellbooks.

    WTB Spellbook: Haste
  13. WTB Spellbooks.

    Hello, looking to buy: Death whisper SB
  14. new player looking for clan/group (EN/FR)

    I will write in your fashion. Welcome to the server, MsStabby. For a chit chat or small talk - SpoiledPunk/Gwydion
  15. Leveling a Prophet

    Yeah, that, i have written in my thoughts. But my biggest question is once you ding ding lv 40