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  1. Stun your own bishop, top level new strategy. 11/10 IGN.
  2. Kure

    Starting Out

    Archers : easy but boring to pve (thanks to othel rune you hit crit rate cap with just pp)... about pvp... Very good on mass pvp cos 1) they are not MP dependant (autoattacks) so in long fight with current ressfiesta their value goes higher the longer fight is and 2) they dont care about hero grandeur (15 sec silence for all phys/mag skills) Small scale pvp (cp vs cp) currently not THAT strong unless played almost perfectly (good example could be former UchihaItachi pt here on server with their hybrid setup with necro inside for cc)... + phantom ranger on classic has one nice skill "fatal counter" ... With low hp its not a problem hit 10k+ dmg into robe... PR is glass cannon tho. Hawkeye more universal with tons of hp/cp compared to the rest archers SR is stun machine valuable to CPs, i wouldnt recommend it for solo player tho. Imho PR>HE>SR atm
  3. Kure


  4. Kure


    My deep apologies, after watching fraps again I´ve noticed more NF members indeed. 12 - Sayomi pt (nusprogesdiedas, afronus, malakian, katrana, pipiska, nansey, dmoretti, valeera, xavierwulf) + there was Shaylaa from Rizo pt and moonwight+tulwi from Pipenov pt. No idea inside which pt they were, but feel free to consider it as a second party. Or enlighten me please, check your fraps with adrenaline radar overlay included and correct me - im sure in that case your counting would be more precise than fraps of @lPcOo.
  5. Kure


    Out of the all lies i rly need to react on this one... Out of 60 ppl CC there was ONE nonfactor party and actually the least active one -so being far from leadership role. P.S. Lemme tell ya secret my dear, NF is officially disbanded since y-day, no need to kick dead body.
  6. Kure


    Fight at Baium was fun, thx for posting (not that i like your overlord pov but in general im glad someone recorded it). GF.
  7. Kure


  8. Kure


    Stiba is still Stiba?
  9. Kure


    I heard even Myrciu is looking for CP....
  10. Kure

    Passive Skill Acrobatic Move doesn't work

    Try to use search next time buddy.
  11. Kure


    TT byli silni pouze v momente, kdy vevnitr byla Ripwalkerova CP (ktera je mezinarodni). Krom tyhle epizody nebyli nikdy nic vic, nez meatshield.
  12. Kure


    Ehhh... Stiba..and PvPing? I dont believe that.
  13. Kure


    NF core is gone for a long time already.