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  1. I agree, Finnish form of word "kurva" is based on latin word curvus... it appears in lot of languages indeed, even in english. I see nothing worng with naming your character same as some random bended stuff but for all i care you can name it as you like.
  2. cuz czech is spread all around the world compared to finnish right :D
  3. wts samurai long sword +10 or wtt for yaksa/aoba/dmg ++ similar pm.
  4. lol edit: on a more "serious" (if thats even possible in this case) note. If the word somehow offend you in your native language doesnt mean it is its only meaning.. in the case of "kurva" it has completely different meaning in czech and finnish for example. If it still somehow bothers you, i have some tragic news im afraid... internet is not a palce for you.
  5. I already know it, but thanks. The thing is I purchased last tablet like 5 min before siege started so i didnt have time to test it. :P and since i mostly check only debuffs and not buffs during action i havent noticed it didnt activate at all...thats why i got confused
  6. Now i feel stupid, i have my guess where mistake could be (hint: inbetween keyboard and chair). Thx.
  7. fail vengeance? you mean interrupted that 0.5 sec casting? doubt it, i casted it in front of the doors into throne room and rushed inside afterwards (towards throne - that respawn point when you tp to castle and then i got evaporated there. Too bad i didnt fraps or screen, maybe someone else did? (our second raid into Dion, like 25 minutes before end of sieges, inside were like 2-3 chinese parties...)... i know i was checking dmg window after that during rebuffing and i couldnt believe it (even complaining on that dmg on TS). Only thing that i can think of is i got cancelled somehow, but that doesnt explain those 300 dmg inbetween those crits... no idea honestly, but im not lying (at least not intentanionaly)..
  8. ehmm... I got excited today cuz I got my vengeance spellbook so I tried yolo rush into mages in sieges... boom, boom, boom... 4.2k, 3.8k, some minor dmg inbetween, 3.2k, to village. (ofc shield deflect magic didnt proc... :D ). If you consider 3-4k criticals into 5.3k m.def "alright" or "pretty strong" we are playing different game. Im not saying its broken or bugged, just stating the fact that even after the fix nukers are still borderline OP in terms of pvp.
  9. Kure

    Aktivní CZ/SK Clan?

    CZ / SK komunita je roztříštěná, nejvíc "pokupě" je klan wanaliho.
  10. Paladin is good enough nowdays, any boost will be pointless. Dont make the server full retard mode by even more interferring with classes that dont need to be adjusted. I guess custom changes to pala that are in play now are solid.
  11. M.atk of weapon itself affect healing (no matter what grade... so if some D +16 has same m.atk as mirracle, you will heal the same with less cost for shots), not m.atk of character (that only very slightly). Thats why empower etc on bishops is in most cases overbuff. Afaik it works correctly.
  12. Kure

    WTB twilight knife

    WTB twilight knife. msg me here
  13. Forget about questing, there are very few of quests worth doing (i guess only one in Gludin is Moon Knight)...Better to straight up farm and dont bother...