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  1. Im also waiting for theese changes to be aplied for some time go, go
  2. Kure

    Mage cp LF people

    So basicly bunch of nukers LF full support anyway, gl.
  3. good luck with exping on 1.0 40+ when both DV (2 entrances) and Cruma (1 entrance) are on lockdown
  4. Kure

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

    Greek taunts are the best anyway...
  5. Kure

    Baium fight 26/10/19

  6. Kure

    Deviate squad

  7. Kure

    Couldn't sleep so i made this

    the most cool-looking weapon ingame... arthro nails carried by orc male.. like from me.
  8. Kure

    Saga of the arcana lord

    I dont know how you found it but i dont care. Thank you sir!
  9. Kure

    Saga of the arcana lord

    Yo, Since removal of class transfer quests on official they decided to delete step-by-step guides on their l2wiki. This means i need to follow the ingame guide and actually read NPC dialogues... Well im stuck at the very first stage of this quest.. the NPC is sending me to Goddard to find his cat... Help from someone more experienced would be good. Cheers
  10. Kure

    Temple Knight & Shield Bash

    @Valeera !!!!! 😯😯
  11. Kure

    I want an Event

    october 2k15 4 years, wow.. that was is one hell of a ride...
  12. Kure

    SWS 78 lf chill

    it means EU evenings except those when im banging your mom. Anw mods close topic please.
  13. Kure

    04:00am 9vs36

    once i did... plaing spoiler at H5 was hella fun
  14. Kure

    SWS 78 lf chill

    78 lvl EU prime (not every day) shitty gear (scam scam) renewal song (if that still matter) zero experience with zaken patch "HIVpositive