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  1. When i see my old boyz doing the stuff... I miss those times when we had 3 CPs and random nolifers in clan. Q.Q
  2. What I miss Rune castle with boss, MoS, pagans temple, nobless quest. Mainly EE player here(yes im practically a boy, but theorically a girl, because only girls play EEs). Lethaling undeads in pagans temple non stop before clan activities in monastary ? Trance, erase summon, mana burn such a good offensive skills. OK Back in reality and speaking about club classic additional zone: I think adding Goddard from official is not that bad, it seperates people from Aden, making it less crowded, because high level people staying more in goddard. Elemental system is really good for players who are already 80, they would have new tasks to do, leveling their elements, but it shouldnt be so OP as it is. Official zones are mostly for solo players, so there happens main pvp for 2-3 vs 2-3. Opening some party zone as well would be nice. BUT Like this u kill all previous zones. Possible to make there chance for ppl to make 81+. Hard to say, Lineage after 80 sooner or later becomes clown fiesta somehow. Late game content always kills the game.
  3. Well I had some C items, if you have items there is no point to struggle with exp. If you dont have items, dont focus on exp too much, especially on archers, you need items. Well I made 67 with raid parties or solo hitting raids (was buying buffs near GK) Solo hitting raids>every evening raids spawns in FOM,ABG,Forsaken plains and SV at same time(21gmt+2)>just buff your self and hit boss with your box in party. U will get pretty good exp and good gear on you. (thats how stealing is done). Also possible: for example if u are 40, form party for 40-49 ppl, buff them and all together hit raid, u will get full exp all together.
  4. Go wtih sph,sps and sorc. Will be interesting
  5. Well dunno why ppl say 10 less power is no damage, ITS HUGE. on 1.5 i killed people with aqua from 35 lvl. Summoners are literally mages with transfer pain now. Well it depends on GMS, do they want to go classic style or their own. Because now they choosing classic style.
  6. U can call me crazy, but u know nothing modoy snow
  7. Enjoy this type 9v9 until summoners get nuke
  8. Thats good for yomama, he dont need to clean anymore. So now left only anytime and his shi**ing problems in the balcony.
  9. I hope Oren is more clean than it was before. After two weeks exactly one year Q.Q
  10. Is this running in middle of fountain and unable to target is official bug as well or only here ? anyone knows?
  11. ProGressive


    Back then when pony was just a pony.
  12. ProGressive

    siege 1/12

    So, black pigeons vs ginger alliens. Hm.
  13. Exactly, forgot about this -10% lol. 40-55 was how long? 1.5 month ? longer?