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  1. ProGressive


    In that tunnel I made 2 levels, 0.33 per rebuff 😄
  2. ProGressive


    Ye nostalgia is big. Those everyday farms as a student, to get that sweet 5% per day. holy moly. L2 classic club - box fun no. Orc no dumb. - YouTube
  3. Music is really good. Also nice bow gameplay, I think HE would perfom better anyway, kekw.
  4. Because in different servers there is different stuff going on. For example - aoe with pole works differently, leeching works differently. So instead of prophet you go SE. and so on.
  5. Will omega stupid question. But i think when 1.0 started we had to pick up adena from the ground. Will adena auto pick up ?
  6. @San0 Will we have accurate database exactly for that chronicle? You, as dorf fellow could help with recipe and spoil locations 😛
  7. Playing together in one alliance with people you hate - best feeling.
  8. We dont go to play to this server, not because of farm or smthng, but it is way different feeling from when you fight for Cruma Tower, Dragon Valley, Tower of Insolence, Antharas Lair just to improve your character. 1.0 was insane hardcore, it was my first server where i had to farm with no soulshots, and I will never forget it. Most people did not like it tho. On the other hand, its 2022, game is mega old, I dont know how many people want to farm that much every evening. If i remember correctly fisher in 1.0 farmed like half of year to reach DV end?
  9. Anyway, Sano and Koll consider with team making new server. 8 years is enough to show that you care and can release a stable server, that everyone would be interested in.
  10. Im sorry for your -10 also. KEKW. Rip is my best friend - YouTube
  11. Back in my day we pvped