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  1. ProGressive


    Nu kas dar losiat
  2. ProGressive

    Daily PvP

    Still brushing toi floors Probably u know it better than I know cruma tower
  3. ProGressive

    Decar 19/07

    Actually its not true, I have payed license for some windows ( costed like 30 eu included ms) and now bam i need to active windows, cant find fuking envelope and the one from internet gets denied.
  4. ProGressive

    Decar 19/07

    I think your intro template is a bit too much on the left. Deviate symbol looks not in the middle.
  5. ProGressive

    Just let us farm for freaking sake ...

    Silver knight would have done more damage. GDE bow?
  6. ProGressive

    irrelevant randoms with colored titels

    After so many years finally cp got what deserved. Mob drop rmt sucks on this cp. 1/999999999 This had to happen 1.5 year ago.
  7. ProGressive

    Tips for new players

    Malaka Shhhh. Most people just make enter chat option holds W and with right mouse button controls view.
  8. ProGressive

    Tips for new players

    Holy moly u have way better movie, had to put that one #8 I didnt make myself, took from some guy.
  9. ProGressive

    Tips for new players

  10. ProGressive

    WC Oly

    1) Domination is a hard word 2) its not ru, its eu official 3)WarCryer while sleeping pet and FF summoner, never awaked it on this server. Same like u can sleep monster and FF him to death, he will still sleep. Could find something older but too lazy. 4) Eri nab. ❤️
  11. ProGressive

    WC Oly

    WarCryer oly 😮 😮 😮
  12. ProGressive

    where i s he ?

    Its a feature.
  13. ProGressive


    This summer might be the biggest activity i ever saw on club. Keep the pace server.
  14. ProGressive

    Forum Warriors Multi-POV promo movie

    I think not on club
  15. ProGressive

    Forum Warriors Multi-POV promo movie

    MoDoy Thor. Eta prosta pizdec. Its like calling PW top class.