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  1. ProGressive

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    That means 9v9 soon?
  2. ProGressive

    Is maining a Warcryer worth it on this server?

    @Huellas Old but gold
  3. ProGressive

    Is maining a Warcryer worth it on this server?

    What u mean own bishop? Gottcha 😘
  4. ProGressive

    Is maining a Warcryer worth it on this server?

    In new update with this skill people making stun. If u have this shit triggered on you, auto attacks and skills has a chance to stun enemy. Equip no grade dagger>loop macro attack bishop>go drink coffee.
  5. ProGressive

    Is maining a Warcryer worth it on this server?

    OH BOY A TOPIC FOR ME, NEED TO DESTROY IT. @Huellas First of all, you need to ask yourself, are u ready to be a true warcryer? If yes, then listen. A true warcryer never levels up with dual box, never. Solo with good items you doing perfect. Small @MoDoy stick( I mean dagger) with othell is one of the best friends to rape those mobs. Adena problems? Just go to low exp spots. And dont forget, you dont like competition, so you have to destroy those shamans in fom till 60, after that, god, who knows? Started thinking about party? Thats even BETTER! Those 8 people just cant ressist to do everything for you while u playing tinder/messenger on phone. Suddenly want some action? Oh boy, just turn off loop macro and press that F1 with assist macro till u get bored and again switch for afk mode. And dont forget, hitting with shots means adena waste>less money>less girls u will get in game. Afraid to get rekt 1v1? **jokes aside please** Last but not least, Tier 1 support never has problems in our server. U will recruit WC when i die .!.
  6. ProGressive

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    ProGressive going for chill mode: 1)Rizo becomming leader 2)New ally 3)Elfy disband 4)Scam 5)MoDoy and Rizo starts working irl 6)scam 7)Half of SM core in perkunas 8)Stiba comes back in forum 9)scam 10)Pistolas in perks 11)Anytime becomes 30 years old Whats next ? 😮 Waiting for future expectations.
  7. ProGressive

    One And Only

    Same like wc stun
  8. ProGressive

    About Talisman of Insolence

    Im so happy that u want to fix bug only now. Otherwise rizo already droped toi 6... If u want your cp bank to get rekt, recruit rizo.
  9. ProGressive

    POV PALADIN / small scale pvp in toi

    Bishop Knight? Phoenix Cardinal? Polish Malaka?
  10. ProGressive

    Gameplay Questions

    50 k one hour?
  11. ProGressive

    Gameplay Questions

    wtf, why do you even need this? Make all three quests at the same time it will take like 4-7 hours. If u cant invest 4-7 hours into quest, classic is not for u.
  12. ProGressive

    Perks vs BlueZerg TOI PvP (NA)

    Wait wait wait wait wait, is that BW light ?
  13. ProGressive


    Holy moly. NF so useless but nobody goes 9 v 9 even when we have mixed parties
  14. ProGressive


    Very accurate.
  15. ProGressive


    Its just discusting to put anus ffs