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  1. So many big names in this post
  2. Show some war videos, easy to evaluate
  3. Still three sides? China, Murica, Evropa?
  4. So how are you doing boyz? How is Sano, Koll? How is the toxicity, I hope its at the top? Which side is strongest? Feels really good sometimes to join and check how u looking
  5. Modoy is right, those bosses gives way too easy high end game. Thats why there is no pvp from 40-76, because there is no spots to contest. You just come 21 h, make bosses, and then u can literally log off.(speaking about twinks 40-76) Imagine there would be more people stuck between 50-70 levels, abg pvp and so on would be a thing.
  6. 4:20 there is some bug while in shadow dance killing war or ?
  7. I dont kike that ES op as well, but on the other hand, it was low tier how long? 1.0,half of 1.5 Its like 2 years?
  8. Now here ladies and gentelmens we see the problem with whole lineage community and genre->dualbox. Mmorpg idea is to make friends while leveling, because with them its easier to do it. Yep l2 is old game with the problem that it is impossible to play some classes withouth party(almost all classes). Thats why people choose eso, gw2 etc etc etc. But adding GM buffs for ppl to reach 80 and leave server, nope, not interesting. Leveling prophet to 58 takes like what? Month? If month is too long for u, wrong chronicle. Would be more cooler a server withouth boxing at all, but then we face problem of no income for f2p private server... All in all mmorpg genre is too hard for todays gaming society.
  9. Sooner or later adding something new - items - will lead to insane stats. Its impossible to avoid it - you can delay it but not avoid. If u leave eveything as it is, ppl will get bored and start leaving. For good propoganda, increase pdef mdef and atk stats but not hp, so ppl wont understand
  10. I think this fits here
  11. Well back to the point, probably its easier too boost some class instead of nerfing all others? Faster and less resource from staff needed. Just add to bow mastery +p atk and some range Also checked these triggers, if they are like on H5, rate increasement is needed.
  12. Well as i said, i cannot exactly say whats bugged or wrong, but it feels that heavy users are way stronger which brings archers/daggers to suck ballz, and community even more to play mellee. Not only because of bosses and farming zones, but as well as spamable skills with insane damage, easy gapclosers and so on. Well mage things not changing from 1.0 I guess. Strong, simple, cheap. Yesterday saw sjeks movie on sorc, nothing more to add Even tanks burning.