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  1. ProGressive


    Back then when pony was just a pony.
  2. ProGressive

    siege 1/12

    So, black pigeons vs ginger alliens. Hm.
  3. ProGressive

    A New Low rate server from the beginning 1.0

    Exactly, forgot about this -10% lol. 40-55 was how long? 1.5 month ? longer?
  4. ProGressive

    A New Low rate server from the beginning 1.0

    First two guys summoners russian were controlling server (both banned for illegal software later). Then server was controled by Pride I think, one russian CP of people 52+ with adamantite stuff. Everyone was getting pked in CT. Also back then u could use scrolls in farming location, so u just kill everyone. Clean karma, clean counter. Then server population dropped to such a low amount of numbers that everyone thought it will 100% fail. (they couldnt solve 9 ppl party bug and innova started) During that time Reaver with one archer cp 58+ locked DV and people had to pay adena if wanted to farm there. Aka vigillance. Later whole server was vs Reaver boyz, we managed sometimes to push them out. After that they added more locations and it wasnt so bad for casuals.
  5. ProGressive

    We share DI you share SV ok?

  6. ProGressive

    New player - Solo class suggestion

    Elemental summoner Warlock Phantom summoner I my self started here 19 days ago, playing ES solo. 67.
  7. ProGressive

    Event: Cursed Monastery

    Imagine 4 year ppl asking same question. "I bought PA but still cant log my third acc". You get the tone
  8. ProGressive

    Event: Cursed Monastery

    Why nuns give rings but not earrings/necklaces. I dont think they have husbands
  9. ProGressive

    Adrenaline allowed?

    As a plan B you can live with yomana i think.
  10. ProGressive

    Baium PvP

    Hm still not a single video with stacked double seeds. Would like to see those tyrants with 20 k + hp. Wondering if that bug is even reported
  11. ProGressive

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    Sounds like malakia
  12. ProGressive

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    Isnt iAxZp perkunas?
  13. ProGressive

    Deviate squad

    So deviate is people who drop watermelons, chairs and empty bottles at the ground? What about apples.
  14. ProGressive

    RavenSoul 18vs36

    Reminds 1.5 pvps with this chaos and running circles with mobs.
  15. ProGressive

    BizQQuiT's SWS

    it never leaves me.