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  1. Pendragon

    How WS broke, bank split.

  2. Pendragon

    How WS broke, bank split.

    Can you shut the fuck up? I don't know who are you trying to convice, or even who you are, some new or in other case irrevelent pleb.
  3. Pendragon

    How WS broke, bank split.

    Everyone talks about baium rings, souls, ally wh, noone talks about othel 9 , RIP.
  4. Pendragon

    How WS broke, bank split.

    He handled it pretty well all things considered
  5. Pendragon

    How WS broke, bank split.
  6. Pendragon


    Scourge side
  7. Pendragon


    Pretty sure nonfacors are higher level on average than us and way more 3rd class skills, doesnt stop them from canceling war. And what happened to just leaving clan and joining a box clan for xp.
  8. Pendragon


    Not much competition when they all cancel wars after cs
  9. Pendragon

    Donators CP Evolution

    Whats so funny about sps 75?
  10. Pendragon

    Donators CP Evolution

    Thanks for killing me at 1:42, you should watch out for friendly fire.
  11. Pendragon

    Diversity of Olympics vol. 3

    apparently it does
  12. Pendragon

    too late to update 2.5

    they are posting alot, looks like things are going fairly quick and smooth
  13. Pendragon

    01/22 pvp event wasnt sure if it was legal at the time
  14. Pendragon

    01/22 pvp event

    I dont feel ashamed at all, im just aware its bad content. Was thinking of just making it unlisted, but some new vids aint that bad for new people.