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  1. LITERALLY ALL our items and epics are still used by our people and not a single thing is moved or sold, but nice try you baboon.
  2. Yeah server 'totally' didnt die because of shit competition, pvp once every 2 weeks for 2-3 months. Apart from summoners being TOTALLY busted, i enjoyed the server personally, updates were fairly quick, but everyone has their own opinion. I would play on this server again, only if my competition wouldn't be zp or ravensoul. Also, you act as if it's only you who admins don't listen to, they haven't implemented 1 thing i asked of them, but it's probably harder to do than it looks, so i get it. @Koll Thank you for the server, first 2 months were extremely fun, thank you for last server aswell, alot of the memories will stay with me till the day i fade to black. Best regards, sjeks.
  3. i think most would agree, but i doubt they will change now after they already posted patch notes, unfortunately...
  4. its already pvp/high rate server, dunno why anyone would want xp scroll.
  5. Option would be a vote like with siege times, but updates are nice regardless.
  6. Yeah you definetly went to aden for the cloaks, yeah... When everyone here played this server before and in 1.5 there were no cloaks, xp scrolls or noblesse scroll, but yet somehow you pop up with surprised pikachu face...
  7. Pretty sure this LR like we have is nothing new, i could be wrong but i think those masterwork server has it, noone is complaining about it, it rewards outplay and pvp and not who hit the raid first with lvl1 char.
  8. Far better mechanic than hitting rb for LR and then going afk for 30 minutes and refreshing it every 30 minutes.
  9. There is looting right, if you go to town, you loose damage. So you left to town with everything except 3 chars, only those 3 chars had still damage on orfen, rest of damage was nullified.
  10. lf ol, sws 8h+- daily
  11. @San0 I misunderstand this part abit - Level CAP to start is level 70. Chars will be able to reach lvl 70 and 99.99% - Lair of Antharas will be closed on start and will be open shortly after when it will have the potential to be a contested spot and with the level cap increased. So after LoA will be added, 70lvl will not be cap anymore and it will be 75 99.99? If so, Songs will remain lvl1 right, because now i see you can learn lvl 2 song of earth at 71lvl
  12. With this stupid suggestion you're already standing out