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  1. Pendragon

    Please, open a New Server

    I think you miss the point of, it has a community of 3 years and going, it stays alive because of that, players who played 3 years ago can come back whenever they want to try out something new, players who start fresh aren't set back too much because of the classic content and how it works, admins arent cancerous cash grabbing businessman. As much as I myself would like a new server aswell, it would destroy what we as a community build over 3 years and would become yet another rpg-club, l2e-global and other servers alike - yet another 1-3 month old launch and wipe cycle server.
  2. Pendragon

    LF ppl for 2.5

  3. Pendragon

    Perkunas are looking for?

  4. Pendragon

    Is this real life?

    so like 90% of l2 streamers gonna be gone now? As if l2 streams were striving as it was...
  5. Pendragon

    Is this real life?

    tldr or translate plx?
  6. Pendragon


    is all ROA coming or just you?
  7. Pendragon

    SM-Review, Antharas's Lair !!!

    Alan walker faded
  8. Pendragon


    Should prolly not expect any cp until 70+, there is alot of people 50-70 but not many cps around that level, cuz its fairly quick to reach 76+, in anycase, gl.
  9. Pendragon


    where's my money, bitch?
  10. Pendragon

    My month without hero ...

  11. Pendragon

    My month without hero ...

    very noice vidyo modoy, top content from top player.
  12. Pendragon

    Titan PoV

    sjeks sjeks123 1231238, hes not gonna expect the 8 at the end.
  13. Pendragon

    Titan PoV

    what did he actually scam? hes anything but scammer
  14. Pendragon

    Siege 04.11.18

    xddddd reminds me of this
  15. Pendragon

    Siege 04.11.18