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  1. Pendragon


    China sm and korea 69 vs us, omg we lost castles, nice dick sucking sm, omg omg, mehemeemmehehemeh 😭
  2. Pendragon

    Report bot

    Report section > report bot But snitches get stitches, so do it at your own risk.
  3. Pendragon

    PvP Video - WS Ally

    yeaaaaaah. no.
  4. Pendragon

    PvP Video - WS Ally

    why the fuck you upload first 2 minutes you pleb?
  5. Pendragon

    Lag 22:00pm BRASIL

    Can confirm, annoying as fuck.
  6. Pendragon

    Thanks China!

    I choose to believe i was first
  7. Pendragon

    About Update 2.5??

    Thats in plan, no date.
  8. Pendragon

    Thanks China! 1st!
  9. Pendragon

    Which one you prefer?

    Holy shit, he is actually an idiot.
  10. Pendragon

    Which one you prefer?

    Cant tell if you're trying to be stupid on purpose
  11. Pendragon

    Which one you prefer?

    Typing just to type? Fucking obviously we talked about killing you, no other 'deals' after that is what im saying.
  12. Pendragon

    Which one you prefer?

    Deal usually involves both parties getting something, we didnt ask for anything. On siege i wont comment, this was back when it was 70 vs 140 with us having 5 heroes, id give it a pass.
  13. Pendragon

    Which one you prefer?

    Ex dee
  14. Pendragon

    Which one you prefer?

    Definition of sore loosers. We didnt make any deals either, for baium or cs. Same thing happened when you and nf zerged us at baium, we didnt create topics did we? Or the pretty much every other fucking siege where every side tries to take aden from us, comes at the same time and focus us, where do you see our topics? We had high chance stopping you alone aswell, we woulda tped in eitherway, people waited till 4am for that. You wanna talk about humiliation, how about you loosing against 70cc with 140 while having 3x more heroes. You were always shit and will remain so.
  15. Pendragon

    Which one you prefer?

    Im still waiting for proof that we were.