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  1. Crucifix of Blood (D) item indicates Soulshot x2 Spiritshot x2 usage. However, it actually uses x3 Spiritshots. Is this normal or is this wrong?
  2. Cant log in

  3. Offline Shop

    I am experiencing this issue as well but slightly different. I was able to play the entire day with no problems with chat. However, after setting up a private shop and confirming 'start sale' I encountered this issue. The first occurrence of this error is after I used global chat (!) and the following message appeared. I have tried logging out and restarting the game but the message still persists. This error message is displayed after using the [ All, !, and + ] channels. The message is not displayed if using the [#, ", @, and $] channels.
  4. Account Creation

    My friend wants to join this server but seems to not be able to make a new account. Is registration down at this moment?
  5. Did the USA proxy blow up?

    I'm having the same issue. The server has been fine all day. Suddenly, it is completely freezing, disconnecting, and preventing log-ins after inputting numerical passcode.
  6. Trojan:Win32/Pocyx.F!plock

    ​Do you have any further information about when the next updater will be implemented? I agree, along with many users, that this server must not have this problem with the updater being detected as "Trojan:Win32/Pocyx.F!plock"
  7. Thank you for your prompt reply, San0. Please update me when the status of this issue has been resolved.
  8. NPC Marius offers you items in return for Spider Skins. The amount offered is higher than what is rewarded. Is this a bug or intended?