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Found 11 results

  1. kamsky

    Launcher doesn't work

    I have a problem. My game was normally working but today I installed an antivirus and it found a trojan in Play_L2Classic.club_2.0.exe file and deleted it automatically. I deleted all the files, and downloaded them again. I turned off the antivirus, and I copied patcher and updater files into the un-zipped client folder, I checked files, clicked the START button and... nothing happened. Just an icon of l2 process appeared for a few seconds on task manager and that's all. I'm confused because today's morning it was working fine.
  2. Smoosh

    Help me

    Hey friends I have a problem and that is when I give to choose the server nothing happens, I do not know if it is because I lack files when I downloaded it. this is a image of folder the game. Image folder game image where is the problem
  3. BEM VINDOS, AMIGOS! Estou parando com as traduções pois parei de jogar lineage, foi divertido enquanto durou. Estou colocando as ultimas atualizações e os últimos acetos. espero que aproveitem. ATUALIZADO EM 14/02/2016 - Projeto suspenso. Cliente do Jogo (100%) Descrição das Skills (75%) Resto dos Arquivos do jogo (100%) * todos os links ou informações que apontam para ou truly free agora apontam para e/ou skype do suporte * links que abrem o navegador agora abre o navegador em etc. Arquivos da Pasta L2/System (Ver. 22) - (Arquivo para ver os Textos do jogo em Português + Mods (1.91 MB)) - Em andamento Acompanha os Mods: +Level/Agression/MobSkill (não está 100%) +Quant. Crystal por Cristalização +5ª Barra de Atalhos Mods meus: +Msg do chat coloridas de acordo com seu significado; (Referente a Party, Ally (Verdes), Clan (Azul), Trade (Roxo claro), Erros (Vermelhos), Loot (Amarelo) e etc) +Msg de Aviso quando alguém pega um item, (nome do char + item obtido) +Msg de aviso quando o monstro é Espoliado +Msg de aviso quando o mob resiste a magia/debuff +Quantas etapas tem a quest e qual você está Arquivo para pasta L2/SysTexture (Ver. 5) - (Arquivo necessário para ver os Mapas em Português/Inglês + Mods (90.90 MB)) - Finalizado Acompanha os Mods: +Tempo de reuso da skill Arquivo para pasta L2/SysTexture (Ver. 7b) - Mesmo que o de cima: porem o mapa contem os Teleportes (90.90 MB) - Finalizado Acompanha os Mods: +Tempo de reuso da skill Mods meus: +Teleporte para onde vai, qual o nível e quanto custa COMO ESTÁ ATUALMENTE:
  4. Hello, I am having difficulties with lounching Lineage 2 classic. When starting from system/l2 or by updater I am getting an error. It is in polish but means: Aplication wasn't correctly started 0x0000142. I am using Windows Vista 64 bit. please help
  5. Nagyn

    Full check errors

    Hi till 2days ago i was playing w/o any issue. Now i got this: I still can play from l2.exe but cannot use playl2classicclub2.0
  6. I have DirectX last version.
  7. Sonic3D

    Game closes after 1-2 min

    after 1-2 min "L2.exe has stopped working" error ,i cant play ..... I have tried everything !!!!!
  8. Hello, guys and gals, After update today, Windows 10 default antivirus/antimalware/w\e application "Windows defender" reported that your updater is infected with trojan. Image attached. Even if we do not believe you're trying to put harmful software on our computers (which i have doubts about), your client should not be treated as trojan by default security software, am I right? Putting reported trojan into "allowed items" section is not a solution also. This has happened on windows 10, which, I assume, majority of your players are using.
  9. Silverwing

    Client Translation

    Greeting, I'm trying to help my cousin to play by translating the client to our language, since Admins already said its OK to edit files translating it. My doubt is, is it possible to translate the client but maintain both English and translated language, as you can see on the image below, there is a option to change language but it just figure English. I'm using L2 File Editor BTW
  10. LowDeep

    Lineage 2 Classic RU Client

    Good day! Please tell me if I can log on to the server with a Russian game client? If so, how ?! Thanks in advance! As I understand it, the server is freely available, and the expected audience can be totally different as South America, North Korea and from the Ukraine, Russia, and every corner of the world. As a result, the server is strictly a European client (as I understand your design translation). In the setting of the game, there is a line select the language. For what it's there, if the language is still not selectable. Client Lineage 2 Classic has only the original Korean, and Russian localization. But if you run an international project, why not make one game client, which is active line "Language", and everyone can choose the language in which he like? I think it would have been convenient to everything! If not, sorry, especially my point of view. And yet, if I can play on your server to the Russian customer? It would Horo! Sorry for the text, translated Google!) Thank you for attention!)
  11. rlsquared2


    SO, I downloaded the client after extracting all files cant find a setup or install.exe. I'm missing something?