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  1. gfbot

    Test server is now open

    i cant use any skills on newly created characters. edit: nvm, have to //hide off when u login.
  2. gfbot

    First days with TH

    get another weapon with a speed sa on it so u can run faster, then when u are going to start stabbing people, switch to your main dagger
  3. gfbot

    Omg rly?

    pls add n shop buff on server put exp boost in donation shop pls: put greater QHP / CP on donation shop pls: put instant self- res on donation shop pls: add this too exdee: its on official server... why no we have??? exdee exdee XDDDDD u guys are cancer. keep jerking off ncsoft's retarded balance team. we all know ncsoft's developers are lazy af and left a bunch of crappy god mechanics in classic. the only reason why u guys want this in the game, isn't because its the same as official, but so you can go around pking everyone you see with a permared character and never get caught. which is god-awfully unhealthy for the server.
  4. gfbot

    Omg rly?

    PS confirmed tier 1 summoner class
  5. Some guy on twitch chat says “party summons on classic LUL”, and you think it repels good players? Lmao. they dont even give good buffs anymore. 10% patk on cat (about as much as might level 1), pony gives mana regen. oh boy. Dont forget about my acumen level 1 buff! official gives out more custom shit with their holiday events, then all of our changes.
  6. why hasn't manton cured cancer yet???? gms?? hello??
  7. I don't understand the logic behind putting DA and Warsmith in a separate category from the rest of the summoners especially since party summons have been nerfed to utter uselessness. Not only can DA/WS utilize oethel's rune more efficiently than es/ps/wl but they can also take +12 str with little disadvantage since they have better base stats. This makes EXPing much more efficient, and they can still be wanted for parties as dds/tanks. If anyone disagrees with me, you're more than welcome to pay for a class transfer for me to DA. I would take that in a heart beat.
  8. Chose my entire class based off of knowing Id get seraphim buffs. Spent thousands of hours leveling up the appropriate buffers best suited for a es with seraphim buffs. Patch drops. Removed Seraphim buffs. WIT nerfs on top of that. Now have to relevel the appropriate buffers to accommodate for these changes in order to continue playing. Or spend 60 euros to reroll main + buffer(s). Also warlock is in the gutter now. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? lmao.
  9. lmao clown fiesta. just remove custom skills and give summoner classes a free/discounted class change. problem solved, everyone happy.
  10. It did. Which one didnt it match? Wallpaper have to contain logo. ✓ Wallpaper should match 1 of the following sizes: 1024x576 px / 1280x720 px / 1366x768 px / 1600x900 px / 1920x1080 px ✓ used 1024x576 resolution Wallpaper shouldn't contain chat/skill bars and other game windows (You can use Alt+H to turn it off/on) ✓ A skill icon is not a game window or chat bar. Alt H hides the UI for the client, you should of been more specific in your criteria. Screenshot can be edited in any graphic redactor ✓ Screenshot have to be made by you, and not taken from the Internet ✓ Also the art one was perfectly fine too. The work has to be made by the participant. ✓ Parodies are still made by the individual aka me. The work should have our server name ( on it ✓ I put the logo in it, do you want me to go edit it and put in How can I do that without a graphic redactor? If so, here is the resubmission: Pictures of the work can not be edited on any graphic redactor. ✓ (This is honestly the vaguest ruling of them all. I cant use a graphic redactor in an ART contest? Really? Does MS paint count as a graphic redactor???) Beast shots are a valid form of celebrating 2.0, so saying they aren't related to the 2.0 means that you guys should of added them in 1.0? The pictures of the icons were taken from in the 2.0 OBT. I admit my submissions were all shitposts, but they were still VALID submissions. If you didn't want shit posts, then you shouldn't of put in participation rewards.
  11. Category #3 Parody of Kanye West's album cover, The life of Pablo. Featuring two new items in 2.0, 'Beast shots' and 'Blessed Beast Spiritshots' for the art category. Category #2 I've made this simple yet elegant wallpaper for the anticipation of one of the more popular items featured in 2.0. A single beast shot taken from in game and edited in Microsoft paint. Its a single beast shot to represent the fierce power of summoners. The red background is to exhibit the blood of my enemies.
  12. I dont get it? These mobs are blue. This is the equivalent of a hawkeye grouping elphies at talking island and 1 shotting them all with a burst shot. Im so confused. p.s. still no blessed beast spiritshots 4k matk on summon < 4k matk on any mage with access to blessed spiritshots on top of that, you dont get any % increased damage from enchanting a pony, only a weapon. therefore you lose out on even more spiritshot dmg. rip.
  13. The login screen is ugly and will destroy the d grade market.
  14. Theyve been in the game for the past 10+ years for a reason