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  1. Chest

    Add unsealing of A grade in all next events

    just make a grade and cloths in nostalgia shop for cols epics too hahahahaha
  2. Chest

    How many time max lvl ?

    i am Jackals )) just dont know how to change nick in forum
  3. Chest

    How many time max lvl ?

    No its not Jackals from server what you mean but i know about what you talk
  4. Chest

    LF LT/RU

  5. Chest

    LF LT/RU

    LF SWS & BD 70+ or drivers on our chars only Russian or Lithuanian
  6. Chest

    Special stats for weapon +16 or more

    people got some motivation to get hero weapon. +16 wep ... idk who needs it , maybe like 2nd weapon, or maybe they want clean ass with it and failed on 17 and yes, red color enought , useless custom need
  7. Chest

    Special stats for weapon +16 or more

    topic by guy with +16 weapon ? nothing will change with this boost .
  8. Chest

    LF Dagger 76+ in CP

  9. Chest

    Jackals 4

    soon ;D
  10. Chest

    Jackals 4

    mage pov 00:19 - 00:25
  11. Chest

    Jackals 4

    hide with mouse , its my secret aim training hardest part to make is intro
  12. Chest

    "My plan was to farm CRP"

    :DDDDDDD nice screenshot collection
  13. Chest

    Jackals 3