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  1. the legend says ...

    if your brains already transfered : the legend says - take a break
  2. WTS Belions +16

    i think 10b is normal price for +16 b grade.
  3. Jackals 2

    lucky dagger, what you mean. zeep is TH, Throwing dagger+trick+switch+dash, ofc he can gank better. and why i must show fails ? i'm not Jackie Chan
  4. Jackals 2

    modoy is other story
  5. Jackals 2

    dont talk about yesturday oly pls, this lose vs SE , i fucking delete my char. NO FD = NO WIN
  6. Jackals 2

  7. WTS +8sls dual's / WTB sls+12+

    WTS > dual SLS*SLS+8 or WTT for SLSword+12+ WTB > SLSword+12+ Mail or PM in game "Jackals
  8. Jackals GhostHunter fun

    Listen. i was boring , and I made a movie from what I had. just tried it. Now I know how it is . next will be better . :)))
  9. Jackals GhostHunter fun

    thnx . I'll try to collect more now . its hard without focus death and clearmovement , do like 1x5 frags
  10. Jackals GhostHunter fun

  11. CP LF Bishop 68+ LT

    ieskomas bishopas 68+ lietuvis,del info pm cia arba "Jackals arba mail
  12. WTB +6 top c

    !WTB fp gloves+6 30kk drake gloves+6 30kk fp helmet+6 30kk pm ingame jackals(or mail)
  13. [NOT BUG]othell critical damage

    without rune i hit 1.8k and crit 3.6k with rune i hit 2k and crit must be 4k then ? (its abour daggers )
  14. othell rune 6lvl gives +165 crit damage , so if i do backstabCrit ir must be 165x2=330 or no ? because here its still 165 , does not matter crit or no .
  15. reflect damage pvp ?

    reflect is good , close topic .