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  1. WTB +6 top c

    !WTB fp gloves+6 30kk drake gloves+6 30kk fp helmet+6 30kk pm ingame jackals(or mail)
  2. othell critical damage

    without rune i hit 1.8k and crit 3.6k with rune i hit 2k and crit must be 4k then ? (its abour daggers )
  3. othell critical damage

    othell rune 6lvl gives +165 crit damage , so if i do backstabCrit ir must be 165x2=330 or no ? because here its still 165 , does not matter crit or no .
  4. reflect damage pvp ?

    reflect is good , close topic .
  5. reflect damage pvp ?

    che che nice then . fatal counter -10k = to village for phantom ranger
  6. reflect damage pvp ?

    reflect song and warcryer's reflect chant should reflect skill damage ? i think it must reflect only basic attaks damage, not skills ? no logic if this reflect skill damage?
  7. Plains Walker?

    You can not compare TH versus AW /PW . these are almost different classes. The style of play is also different for them. the best one is - whom did you choose for yourself . and then everything depends on your style and ability to play for class . we cant talk who is better , because 1x1 win rate 50% all dagger classes. but what you can show in mass pvp or solo gang ?! we can talk about damage only , and it is AW>TH>PW till 78 , and AW>PW>TH 78+ . and about HP/CON status TH>PW>AW this class is hard to play , not F1-F2 . so no best dagger class here . better skill = win (OFC some chanses blow rate)
  8. First days with TH

    ViciousStance ON , dance of Fire ON , QA3lvl ON . without this dagger suck . but good job , nice to see dagger movie on classicclub

    another proof . i think all know who is eol69.i ask him , 2.0 crystal talisman is tradable? He answer me - yes ofcourse its tradable. so there is no point in arguing more. just make all of it tradable.
  10. Тату на ФРа

    +12str - pve +12str or +12dex or +12wit - for pvp . depends on the style you play

    Haha nice try .but realy good idea if here crystals not tradable. But i think its changes like on offi

    In 2furious video it is 2.0 Ant i see hoe he put crystal to trade store.

    Stiba im not no name.yes this game ir for clan/ally .but what you think about random ppls , you dont need bigger server online? And repeat im not random . My nick ingame Jackals. And i have clan with ch .but i want, this ne tradable.becaaus on offi it is

    here is proof , about 2.0 crystal's from ch are tradable

    hmm... its very strange, so ppls withour CH cant make talisman . interesting