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  1. Причина Бана?

    обращайся в тех. заходи на сайте на аакаунт ,и пиши тикет
  2. looking for emi+15

  3. class change delay

    it's no longer funny. I was planning to play on the weekends. and now I have to wait for them to do their job, for which I pay money, and have to wait more than they told me ...
  4. class change delay

    thnx you for info
  5. class change delay

    i make ticket Wednesday
  6. class change delay

    what you talking about ? its must will be done after this friday restart
  7. class change delay

    normal what ?
  8. class change delay

    26hours+ , specialist forgot about me ? ID: QFP-257-9992
  9. looking for emi+15

  10. looking for emi+15

    what ? kas cia tokio
  11. looking for emi+15

    WTT: Emi+14 +good adena for +15 pm here, or mail in game "Jackals
  12. 2.0 dagger damage

    I like you too
  13. 2.0 dagger damage

    modoy dont do this 100% , because dagger here not like l2 classic .
  14. 2.0 dagger damage

    shorter. The dagger sucks now, and he will suck at 2.0 too. and we still no have dagger on server . if glady/tyrants will be fixed,because they must be fixed , then all still archer-mages.and then its not l2classic , It's more like interlude