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  1. Hello! Daily play, boss, siege and pvp! Welcome and enjoy! Twitch
  2. Next step, delete Tyrant from the server.
  3. This is the point that should be added. • Stop losing items to the monster. all the other changes added by the administration are welcome.
  4. We also need to deal with people like you, who are self important enough to make an ADM back on a decision they've already made. Well, I'm not here to force you to agree with what I say, my opinion has already been said, I'm here inquiring about a decision that had already been made, which was altered by people LIKE YOU.
  5. I don't have a dirty name, I'm at peace. Good game.
  6. Where's the server stand out? With 350 active players? As you said yourself then, where is the pvp of this server that stands out so much? Is this decision really the best way? Stop being arrogant, you don't play on this server alone. We are here trying to give opinions to improve the server, not to improve its individual gameplay. Years ago this proposal was viable, but TODAY it is no longer viable.
  7. When did I complain about PVP? My only point here is drop from monster, nothing more. Do you know how long I've been playing here? for you saying that? You don't know 1/3 of who I am here. Don't elevate your ego. This system only benefits rat players, If you are one of those, fuck yourself.
  8. Isn't it enough for you to participate in a pvp, make your enemys lose a spot, exp, or even drop in PK? What is the need you have to make a player drop to mob? I super agree a PK drop your items, for me it would be with only 1 PK and 100% drop. But for monster? This is ridiculous.