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  1. LandrarK


    There we got 70k xp in party full, now in party full where do we go? SV get 5 ~ 10k exp in full party? Forsaken Plains? TOI dominated by big ally? This update came for what reason then? Make life even easier for oldplayers. It's easier for beginners to level 75**, but what about after that?
  2. LandrarK


    Beautiful course that the server is taking, making life easier for endgame players / clans and FUCKING the lives of newcomers and clans who once hoped to play the endgame and could clash with the veterans. Now let's go back to SV UP (where the crowds are in families) or arak spot, making a meager 1% / day. Clap! That sounds like politicking, do they target their own interests and the rest? Totally outrageous, while we small players are working hard every day to get level 76, there is an update where everyone is happy that with these new areas, exp will be higher and the vision for the endgame is near, here comes a ridiculous decision to end it. with all these hopes. Why is EVERYTHING on this server focused on old players while new players always go bad?
  3. Finally, here we go on another journey!
  4. and will never be banned.
  5. LandrarK


    sold, delete this post, please.
  6. 2? Hahahahhahahahaa you're a joke, i will not mention names, but we know who are 80 and top players of the server. But without problems, monopoly is normal, exists everywhere, is part of life, i must be desperate to request such an event.? But life goes on. Along with this shit event.
  7. Interestingly, everyone against the event is already level 80, I know what you mean by that, it really should be bad to break the monopoly created by you and come across new high level players.
  8. For all who would like a real event!
  9. LandrarK

    LF CP

    Dreadnought Lv. 77 (11%) lf CP My time: 00h~04h AM (BRT)
  10. LandrarK

    Event Winter attack!

    Spawn: So we have little heads of snowflakes to savor? Death: Winter is at the end, but it always comes back. so cute aghation ??
  11. LandrarK


    Why not make an event on the XP server or something like this official opening week? The server will have a big drop these days, maybe it will help a lot to bring new players here.