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  1. LandrarK

    Problema com a camera Lineage

  2. LandrarK

    New player questions

    1) Wizards have a very high damage 76+, and most of the players here on the server prefer AOE, but it is very relative, in the course of the game, you will see that there is everything. 2) As I said, most players prefer AOE, but there are also several single target groups in TOI / LOA / SV, always relative. 3) Yes, I always say that it's worth just playing the class you like best, because of your commitment to the preferred class, consequently you will be a requested player, not by the class, but by your fingers. 4) Supply and demand. I hope I've helped a bit.
  3. LandrarK

    Warlord - Best Choice.

    Ty for all guys!!!
  4. LandrarK

    Warlord - Best Choice.

    Guys, Orcish Poleaxe +10 or Lance +6? I see on server, is same price .-.
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    Stream ON!
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    Stream ON!
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    Stream ON!
  8. LandrarK

    drop boss bug

    Solved, thank you.
  9. LandrarK

    drop boss bug

    @Koll how i can create ticket? @Aja69 i rellog after print, but not change. @MoDoy everyone who was making the boss was the clan, everyone relogared and checked in the bag and nobody was with them, we need the staff to check the logs and tell us what happened, if it was for someone, if it was on the floor, what really happened .
  10. LandrarK

    drop boss bug

    Hello @Kse @San0 @Koll! So, i and my clan killed a boss, dropped 22 runes as shown in the chat, but it was not to the ground and neither to the backpack of any player, what could have happened? Are we going to run out of runes?
  11. LandrarK

    My nice screenshot's

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    Stream ON!
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    Stream ON!