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  1. Also instead of the mission being daily, put weekly
  2. I agree with both, my opinion is in relation to the CURRENT system, if by any chance there are improvements like the ones mentioned, the changes are welcome. When I joined the server, the runes, items dropped from the bosses helped me a lot to create a certain stability in the game, that's because I joined 3 years after the server was already open. Now without these drops, I can't see a way for the new player to make adena and hold it until the highest levels. I hope that everything is really thought out in a way that doesn't harm/limit even more players to grow in game.
  3. Well, I need to leave my opinion regarding this implementation of coins, if it's worth anything. The worst thing that happened in the club was the implementation of these coins, removing the drop from boss 70 and lower was a pretty radical decision. Other actions could be done to break the farmers, like removing only the enchantments, or something like that. The items and runes they dropped also helped new players make adena. You put that and justified that it would be a way for them to hold on to their adenas to spend at a high level, but what adena? No new players will start playing on this server, let alone now. Instead of increasing the contents, they are apparently limiting, it doesn't make any sense. Not to mention, what will happen to the runes? Will they only be obtained in high level bosses? All this after there are already millions of runes dropped, you now limit? Who is the new player who in their right mind will spend 11k coin on a weapon that not even a rune can place? I don't know what a ridiculous idea this was, soon the items will be "Imprinted" like in essence? Please review this.
  4. A little attention to the tyrant please. Thanks. 😩😢
  5. LandrarK


    WTS NM HELM +6 = 1.4b SET FP HELMET+8 / ARMOR+9 = 850KK
  6. Leaf picks up on plants inside the zone, it's not mob drop. @darksinger remember you don't earn SP
  7. @Koll @San0 @Kse any chance of this happening?
  8. In order to give new players opportunities to at least KS the boss and have a chance to get EXP, I believe it would be a good option. The current 30min delay system on ALL bosses only benefits farmers, completely taking away the chance that anyone can be part of one.