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  1. kktnxbye

    Overlord advices

    any lvl i think, ofc when party is lacking of dd or recharge u will be not taken, but gerenally ppl inv pp\ol to party np. also that depends on your communication skills
  2. kktnxbye


    archers are good if its PRs or hero archers pt. u need cov for archer pt at least (76lvl and 31 tablet on wc). mages are good with sirena+vop+reneval (93 tablets, 78lvl bd). mages can make 77lvl pretty easy with aoe.
  3. kktnxbye

    Which one you prefer?

    Are u trying to show yourself more idiotic than you are? Epic chars clans dont have clan wars. Main clans do. And also about core - jsyk 1) core\orf have moving resp - killing it with anyone to move it to your prime have sense. 2) we killed epics with CHN so many times and took drop cause we know that we will do more dmg. Its not 69 - its taking epic from war. If you are so special to not see the difference between how to farm small epics and 69 with all wars on siedge and baium - medicine is helpless here.
  4. kktnxbye

    Which one you prefer?

    Wrong. That time (as well as many the same situtation) we just attacked the boss the same time to get some value (respawn time or drop). No 1 cc, no any agreements - nothing. What big sides (which are same qty as DT) doing right now and before (just to cut castles and take baium as granted) - nothing but humiliation of themselves. Licking enemy's assess just to get smth - from the beginning of the server - nice policy. Keep yourself in delusion that is the normal way to make things happen.
  5. kktnxbye

    Overlord advices

    wynn rune in one-handed blunt for pvp\mpvp\oly. but any d weap with Iss 6+ is mandatory for ol (mp regen, OL is support in the 1st place so mp regen is more important).
  6. kktnxbye

    New to classic

    u also hydra screw with merrow + do clarity+wm if no ee in pt + u heal tank
  7. kktnxbye

    SM(Blue side) LF 4th CP in Clan

    LF 2 EUR CPs for SM clan.
  8. kktnxbye

    New to classic

    there is popular aoe spot in partisan (and in ai,ev later) - u can check there (between 2 hills) and "aoe party" of your lvl in party matching OR you can find 1 tank(knight) and make duo trains.
  9. kktnxbye

    SM(Blue side) LF 4th CP in Clan

    LF 2 EUR CPs for SM clan.
  10. kktnxbye

    New to classic

    I meant just looking for the recent threads, anyway - es is a good choice. i suggest to play as a mage with 2handed staff and regen mana from pony,aoe pts still are better > use party matching button. Classic is for aoe, for cp system, es is pretty independent and strong tho. equip is pretty cheap for es i think cause all job can be done by ponies. farm event for C and b grade, then aoe when event is over (ac>partisan>ai>ev>abg 20>75)
  11. kktnxbye

    New to classic

    the questions were already answered many many times. Quests - 25lvl moon knight for free d armor, loa enchants quest part 1 and 2, baium quest. If you are familiar with classic offi - i dunno why any questions here. Go aoe farm>> many adena for equip, use event (1b1 now) to make some additional income. About the gear the question is not clear as well - depends on which class do u play and what is GEAR for you. For example if we speak about mage 52-78 - it could be soes (30kk) or demon+12 (300kk) or demon+16 (~3.5-4kkk). Different prices , different ways to get it - farm adena\spoil\rmt(ban-able)
  12. kktnxbye

    Can you show me?

    Fixed that for you 😆
  13. kktnxbye

    SM(Blue side) LF 4th CP in Clan

    LF 2 EUR CPs in SM clan.
  14. kktnxbye


    ну так кто же мешает проявить каплю фантазии - "лф конст пати и клан для общения"