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  1. Bishop                  Arziit
    Elven Elder          Afrody
    Shillien Elder       Lemer 
    Overlord              Eligoz
    BladeDancer       Veigallian
    SwordSinger       Kyoro
    SpellSinger         Kiam
    Necromancer       Trinx      
    SpellHowler        Malcriad0


  2. Post on PvP Video - Arziit in Media

    By rutra, posted
    - First fight is a bit old (september) just have free time now.
    - Fraps without ganks
    - Not focused on great editions.
    - Open to suggestions
    Hope you guys enjoy it! See you on the battlefield. 

  3. Post on Arziit Channel - Bishop PvP in Media

    By rutra, posted
    Take It easy, It's my first video 
  4. Post on Siege (2016-06-05) in Media

    By Ethanas, posted
    Defence of Giran castle and some action at Dion castle