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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all. Im thinking about playing here since NCsoft classic is a piece of shit. I'm thinking about bishop as my starter/main class. Is this good choice? Will I get problems with getting party @20+ ? My other options are necro, wl or spoiler. What would you reccommend in current server situation (deficit/supreme of healers)? Thanks for advice and see you ingame soon
  3. ohai. This one includes huehue comms especially for my nikka @ProGressive @Rizos Shameless copy of skill intro, sue me. Volume 01:
  4. Greetings ! I am experienced healer looking for active english speaking community with EU time slot. originally i used to play in retail server named Sieghart some 12-13 years ago as a Warcryer.but i have quit the game when around kameal came out and started playing World of Warcraft and this is where my experience in healing came into a place.i spend the next 6-7 years as a Holy paladin healer in semi-hardcore 25 Raid group. ( name the boss we killed it ) however as years goes by after each content Blizzard throw at us i somehow become bored in wow and decided to go back to my roots and give this classic server a try. - Flexible online time ( I could be online all day or day goes by without being online !!! depends on my RL situation ) - Currently level 42 bishop with C grade gear. started playing my bishop 3 days ago i have managed to get there pretty quickly thanks to my organisation skills in low lvl bosses groups . -I do have a BD alt ( I am able to box a BD ) -Maturity and professionalism with a lot of fun in the right time and right place ( No drama attitude ) -Character name : Zelllem Please do not send random Clan invitation without introduction.I need to know about your clan or even prefer clan with forums and application system in place. Thank you
  5. We want YOU! We are looking for 1 more Player +/- LVL: 70! What we are looking for? • Bishop (driving 74+ character - or with your own character) Setup: Average LVL in Party: 74-75 (Dont wonder: we build with 10 People to ensure we have 9/9 active in Party) • Swordsinger (✔) • Bladedancer (✔) • Warcryer (✔) • Shillien Elder (✔) • Dark Avenger (✔) • Treasure Hunter (✔) • Destroyer (✔) • Gladiator (✔) • Bishop (open - driving possible) Destroyer (✔) Elven Elder (BOX) Our Playtimes/Primetime (CET): • Monday-Thursday: 20.00 to 23:00 • Friday/Saturday: not all on (small or mixed Party) • Sunday: 18.00/20.00 to 23:00 Clan/Ally • Clan: Nonfactors (LVL: 4; Clan Hall; Castle; 10% EXP) What we can offer you: • 100% reliable and trustworthy persons • help on gearing up • Communication on Teamspeak and Discord • Players with decent English • Wars and Sieges • nearly daily EXP • Clan Hall • having a good time together What we expect from you: • LVL: +/- 70 • speak English • be active (please refer Primetime) • use Teamspeak and Discord • support CP and also Clan/Ally • Deal with daily PvP and Wars Contact us! PM or Mail Ingame: "Anytime "ErKy Mail on Forum: Anytime, ErKy
  6. Buenas tardes! CP Chilena WindOfHell está buscando nuevos integrantes para su familia, indiferente de su clase. El único requisito que estamos pidiendo es que sean latinos activos y usen TS para comunicarse. La media de la CP hoy en día es de nivel 30 y el horario en el que solemos jugar es el siguiente: Domingo a Jueves de 18:00 a 00:00 hrs GMT -03:00 Viernes y Sábado de 18:00 a las 03:00 hrs GMT -03:00 Ofrecemos un ambiente cálido y colaborativo, siendo ordenados y organizados en todo sentido. Somos players veteranos siempre con ganas de ayudar a la gente nueva! Actualmente la CP contiene 2 Dark Wizard, 1 Elven Wizard, 1 Human Wizard, 1 Human Rogue, 1 Orc Monk (Mains) 2 Shillien Oracles, 1 Orc Shaman, 1 Human Cleric, 3 Scavengers y 1 Artisan. (Pets) Nota 1: Se necesita a la brevedad 1 Tanque para Raid Bosses, indiferente de la raza. (Human Knight, Elven Knight o Palus Knight) a (Paladin, Dark Avenger, Shillien Knight o Temple Knight) Nota 2: Se ofrece atención especial a clases Support-Mid/Support de Main , ya que actualmente estamos en busca de players que jueguen de Bladedancer, SwordSinger, Bishop, Elven Elder o Shillien Elder en nuestra CP! Cualquier duda o consulta pueden preguntar por éste medio o Ingame, dándole PM a Vhalieff, Ornell o Lanaria en los horarios señalados anteriormente. Saludos!
  7. We are archer CP with average 67 lvl. We are looking for a bishop to join us 67+. We also have character that we can give if its needed. Play time: 19:00 - 00:00 GTM+2 For more info in PM in forum or "AwakenDemon in game
  8. Hi! International CP lf Bishop, last slot. We are all 64+ lvls, and under Perkunas clan tag.(top clan) We are promise you exp,equip,pvp,sieges. Also we have ready bishop(64 lvl), we can give it for you. p.s: As option we also looking EE instead bishop. Because our EE can change his role.(char) And we can give you EE. From you need only STABIL ACTIVITY. IF you have questions, or wanna join write here, or in PM UchihaItachi, Rizo, or Minior.
  9. Take It easy, It's my first video
  10. КП Магов ищет человека на Bishop 66lvl Писать в игре: KeTaMuH,Fanaxx,xWarx,4G,Taduliz,Dee Связь: TeamSpeak Прайм: 20:00 - 24:00 по МСК
  11. Clan level 3 Renaissance con bono exp +10% actualmente recluta gente con las siguientes características: -Level 45+ -Hispanohablante -Usuario de Team Speak 3 -Jugador activo (mínimo 2 hrs diarias) Necesitamos: -Tanques: Idealmente Paladin o Temple Knight. -Healers: Idealmente Bishop. -Buffers: Idealmente Warcryers. -Blade Dancers y SwordSingers. -Arqueros: Cualquier clase. Contactar a Andes, Donmago, Cerverus, AxL, FORT in game o responder a este post. Saludos!
  12. Hello, active BP lvl 4x looking for english speaking clan, cp or both. PM in game "Belle
  13. Recruto todos os tipos de healers para clan brasileiro. nosso ts: duvidas? pm> Legend
  14. Looking for friendly Russian or(and) English-speaking CP or clan with CP. Ищу дружную русскоговорящую (можно Инглиш дополнительно) КП или клан с КП. Playing as Bishop/Necromancer. Играю за биша или некра. If you have suggestions, write here or add me on skype: reduxion_777 Если есть предложения, пишите тут или в скайп: reduxion_777 Thank you.