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eu cp lf ppl 52+

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k so we're here with our core players that we've been playing together for 3 years or so atm we have:


2. SE

3. SWS


5. OL

also have sorc/prp/wl chars. What i would like to see is: wl/3x mages/bd/sws/ol/se/bp

so if you have any of these chars and are looking for quite active cp (our play time is something between 19:00 to 01:00 GMT +3 at workdays and even more on weekends) please contact me, none of us care which char to play so we can reroll.

i'll check my forum inbox every few hours, be patient.

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Oet    8

Greetings from Wolvz, my children



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Sensei    39

See this people?
That's the right way to start a cp.
This is what you shouldn't do: "Ok guys so we have 1)DD  2)DD  3)DD  4)DD ... and lf supports". 
Kudos and best of luck, guys.

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