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  1. Oet

    5th Anniversary Contest!

    Cool take your time ^^ Goodluck to all participants ~
  2. Oet

    5th Anniversary Contest!

    The results will at the same time the flash mob in aden happens ? Before ? After ?
  3. Oet

    18/10/2020 Aden Siege

    High mana consume, also a lot of chaos and couldn't make out of the dmg was physical or magical. Also that mana consumed for taking less dmg, I'd rather use it to regen my CP and also around 30 more people. Smaller scale pvp i use it more often, or when passing the castle walls.
  4. Not to be mentioned the joke the DFs pulled I was watching netflix halfway asleep when I saw the Brs entering baium. Fight wasn't even worth recording.
  5. Is streamer campaign still active ? I see the last post with rewards is from January and I find not worth it to wait if someone registers from my link and not from the game site link. Considering that if not all, most of the people would register from the game site, and not click my link. He can either be unaware of the reward I might get, or aware and not care. So. Is it worth it, or a waste of time? Let me know ^^
  6. GF. WuKong forever
  7. Oet

    Insane Baium pvp

    Had a great time, awesome fights ~
  8. Oet

    Aden Castle

    You manage to preserve a really good spectator view. Cool video.
  9. After donation to server I saw random subscription pulling my money, but I already took care of it, the bank destroyed my credit card and now is making me a new one. I think it's something to do with the EUR to RUB currency trade. They pull from my bank account 50 EUR. The bank requested it back, but I don't know if I'm getting that back. The Site that has been appearing and pulling my money after donation: http://www.plntfn.com/ But as I mentioned, the people in charge of bank already destroyed my credit card and are making me a new one. So it's okay.. I just can't use same payment method ever again. (Credit card)