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Auction - a system of trade for real money between players. You can buy an item that you recently tried to get but didn't succeeded. Or you can sell all not needed stuff for real money, or put to auction an expensive thing for you, because of a greedy dwarf sitting inside of you. By selling items on the auction you can withdraw funds from the gaming world, into the real.


To participate in the bidding at the auction you should have Euro on the balance of your MA.

How to get Euro:


Conditions of participation in the auction


If you only want to buy lots at the auction, it's enough to have required amount of Euro  on the balance in your MA .

If you want to put items up for sale, then you need to know some rules:

- Lot is being withdrawn from the inventory of your character at the time of bidding

- Administration checks on the legitimacy of your items, and only after that they appear at the auction (the time to check items - 24-72 hours, in some cases - more)

- The time that the item will be in the auction - 24 hours (While plasing the item for auction you can select automatic extension of time. In this case - the lot will be put up for sale till it's bought, or until you will decide to remove it from the auction )

- If you accidentally put the wrong item, or made a mistake in price, or simply decided not to sell a particular item, you can return it

- Some restrictions are applied

-  You have the opportunity to bring the Euro for sold at auction items into real money to your wallet

- Commission for withdrawal of funds - 50%, that is, if you've sold lots for a total of 100 euros, in real money, you can winthdraw only 50 euros


Restrictions on trading


1. The minimum level of the character, who can place items to the auction- 20.

2. The maximum number of items from one character at a time placed at the auction - 5.

3. The redemption price can not be lower than the starting price.

4. The time of the auction for every lot - 24 hours (time extension is possible)

5. Prohibition to put to the auction certain items (quest items, time limited item, etc. - all the things that can not be exchanged in the game)

6. The minimum price for the lot - the moderator checks the auction price of the lot. If the price is very understated - Lot is being rejected (this is necessary for the safety and deliverance the auction from illegitimate gaming values)

7. Checking the legitimacy of the lots (24-72 hours, in some cases - more). It is necessary to protect against selling stolen, obtained with the help of bugs or errors of the game items.

8. Item can be placed to the auction only from the main character. Lots, placed from boxes or characters below level 20 will be rejected.

9. Open the information about the sale or purchase of lots (information about the item, seller / buyer) at the auction is strictly FORBIDDEN!

It is forbidden in any forums, chat rooms and other resources, including in the game.


Detailed instructions how to use the auction


The auction is available to all users of the project (except for banned).


1) Login to your account:




Go to the Auction section




2) Here you can place your items, bet / redeem any available lot.


On the auction, you will see a list of all the items that currently are on the market:




1. Filter by type of lot

1.1. Shows only weapon

1.2. Shows only the armor

1.3. Shows only jewelry

1.4. Shows all items (except for weapons, armor and jewelry)

2. Filter by the lot status

2.1. Displays items that you put up

2.2. Shows purchased by you lots

2.3. Shows your bets on lots

2.4. Place lot

3. Filter by Grade

4. Sort items by date, price and the level of enchant

5. Name of the lots

6. Current price of the lot

7. The redemption price of the lot

8. Step rates

9. Remaining bidding time

10. The field for the action (withdraw your lot, redeem the lot, make a bid)

11. Field with information about the item


Buying lots



1) Go to the section “All lots”



2) We see a table with lots that are now available for purchase



  1. The name and the enchant level of the lot

  2. Current bid of the lot

  3. Instant redemption price of the lot

  4. Bet steps rate

  5. Time till the end of the auction for this item

  6. Bid on this lot

  7. Buy item immediately

3) You can buy the lot in two ways:


  • Place a bet, and if till the end of auction no one will overbid you or won't buy it, the lot will pass to you. For that you need to press “Place bet” and confirm the bet:



You need to pay attention to the current price of the lot and a step rate



Bet steps rate - the amount that the current bid will be increased .

In our case starting price = 15 Euro, and step rate = 1 Eurо.

That means, you can place a bet of 16 Euros. After that, the current highest bid will be 16 Euro, and if another user will want to bet on the same lot, he should put 17 Euro and so on.

If another user will overbid you, the amount you spent on your bet will return to your balance.


  • Purchase the item immediately. To do this you need to click on the "Buy now", and confirm your purchase:



In this case, the lot will be bought immediately (without waiting for the end of the auction), but the redemption price is always higher than if you bet on this lot. In this case, the redemption price = 22 Euro.



4) Once you have bought a lot, it disappears from the auction:



Now you have to wait until the auction moderator will confirm your request. The status of the lot you can control in the section "Bought lots":




5) After moderator's confirmation, in auction section a window with information about the item and its receipt will appear:



Select a character on which you want to receive the item and press "Get item".

Done. The item is being transfered to the character's inventory and you can use it.


Selling lots


1) In the auction section click on the button "Set lot"




2) Choose a character from which you want to put the item up for auction


3) Select the right item, click on it with left mouse button and click “Auctioned”




4) In the opened window set the price and time extension function




The starting price of the lot

Instant redemption price of the lot

Price of the bid steps

Auto-time extension of the lot after it's over


5) Done, now your lot sent to the auction moderator for approvement (item is being withdrawn from the inventory of the character), it will take 48-72 hours from the moment of placing the item to the auction. You can also monitor the status of your bid in the section "My lots"




6) After checking, if the lot meets the requirements of the auction, it's being put up for auction and you can monitor its status, also you can take it back (if it has not yet been bought and there is no bids from other players):




7) If your item was purchased, as soon as buyer will receive it, your balance will be credited with the euro. You can bring them to a character in game or in real money:




Withdrawal of euro into real money


If you have sold your items by auction, you have the option to withdraw received euro into real money (it is available only for euros received from the sale of lots):





  1. Enter the amount of Euro that you want to withdraw

  2. Enter the name of the payment system, in which you want to receive the money (Now available only WMZ)

  3. Enter the number of the purse or the email

  4. Specify in the comments for more information (optional)

  5. Click on "WITHDRAW"


After that a ticket in the Support Center  will be automatically created with the information that you provided earlier:




Now wait until support manager will answer your ticket and then wait for the transfer of funds to your wallet.

It takes up to 5 days.


Important! Commission for withdrawal of funds is 50%. That is, if you sold the lot for 10 Euro, you can get only 5 Euro in real money.


Attention: you can withdraw funds only if you have in your auction balance at least 20 euro. In this case you must pay for withdraw only 50% comission.

But if you have less than 20 euro and  also want to withdraw it, you must pay additional comission - 1 euro + 1% of your funds.

For example:

1) You have 25 euro and want to withdraw it, than you will get 12,5 euro (25 euro - 12,5 euro (50% auction comission) = 12,5 euro);

2) Yoy have 5 euro and want to withdraw it, than you will get 1,475 euro (5 euro - 2,5 euro (50% auction comission) - (1 euro + 0,025 euro (1% from 2.5 euro)) (comission from G2A)

So, profitable to withdraw your funds 20 euro at least.


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Dear players!

Due to changes in G2A politics we had to apply changes in Auction money withdrawals.

From today on to withdraw funds from G2A to PayPal, mandatory verification of all PayPal accounts, where funds are being withdrawn, required.

Verification has to be made in a following way - PayPal account owner has to transfer 1 euro to the G2A account (both accounts has to be logged from the same browser), prove, that G2A account owner is the PayPal account owner. Only after this procedure funds can be withdrawn to this PayPal account.

And this makes it impossible to send money to our Auction users via PayPal.

So from today funds can be withdrawn only via WebMoney or Bitcoin.

So while making Money Withdrawal request, please provide your WebMoney (WME) or Bitcoin purse. 


Best regards,

Classic Team

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Dear friends!

Due to new G2A politics change, withdrawals to Bitcoin are no longer possible.

So the only possible way to withdraw CoLs to the real money is Webmoney.

We are working on increasing the amount of withdrawal methods.


Best regards,

Classic Team

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Dear friends!

As you know, all withdrawals are possible in Webmoney only.

Please note, that we can proceed withdrawals only on WMZ purse. 


Best regards,

Classic Team

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